How to Promote Medium Articles Writing: Medium Story

In this article, we’ll cover a few factors that contribute to the success of Medium articles. A post on Medium will perform better, according to experts, if it fits one or more of the following criteria:

The article is 7–8 minutes long and written for 6th graders. 12–15 words are the average length of a sentence. Sentences that are easy to grasp. Power words like Great/Top/Best should be used in the headline. Direct calls to action and articles published on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

A medium is a fantastic place for professionals to share their experiences and knowledge. Although the platform is basic and free, the tales you write on it may be spread to your followers as well as millions of people who are interested in similar themes.

Table of Content:

  1. How to Use Medium
  2. How it works—Medium for readers
  3. Should you use Medium for your writing?
  4. What are medium publications:
  5. What are ‘curation’ and ‘distributed’ on Medium?
  6. How to Tagging on Medium? 
  7. Why do you need to promote your Medium Articles?
  8. How to Make Money Writing on
  9. What does it take to be a Medium Article success story?
  10. (5) Growth Hacks for Medium

How to Use Medium:

What is Medium?
Medium is an American online writing platform launched in August 2012 by Evan Williams, according to Wikipedia. The owner is a Medium Corporation.
Medium Posts – On Medium, you may write about anything. Journalists, bloggers, companies, and brands contribute to the Medium, which ranges from short-form to long-form, light to deep.
Publications- formerly known as “Collections,” are curated collections of medium articles. There is a limit on how many times a person’s post can be published.

How to get noticed on Medium?

The most important thing about your words is that they must deliver value, write from the heart and use lots of images. Apply to become a writer for a publication, there is no formal process.

However, my best story was published in Human Parts, a publication dedicated to the human condition. It has no place in a fledgling publication. So you want to write for a specific readership, and you’re looking for outlets that cater to that audience.

How to Post an Article on Medium —Medium Articles for Readers:

On Medium, you may still comment (with a twist), recommend, and share medium posts, but there are a few additional capabilities that are only available on Medium.

Individual writers and publications can be tracked down and followed. The most recent and popular stories from the authors and publishers you’ve selected to follow are displayed on the Medium homepage.

Medium’s unique commenting system allows you to leave remarks in the story’s margins at the exact location you want.

Here are a few examples of unique ways to use notes:

Request notes before you publish: Before you publish, ask for feedback. You can ask colleagues and editors to review your Medium article before the medium publishing article. The article can then be annotated by these people.

Bonus: Anyone who helps you write your final piece will be credited at the end.

Notes can be used as footnotes: You can leave comments on your own medium articles, which will be considered as extended footnotes.

Recommend – There is a recommend button at the bottom of each medium post.

Share: You can share it on Twitter, Facebook, and via email.

Bookmark: Save a post to read later by bookmarking it. On your homepage, you’ll see a reading list.

Respond — Create a new post in response to a previously published one.

Medium Article Writing- Where good ideas find you.

medium articles

For those just starting out with a blog, Medium articles have a significant built-in readership. It alleviates the hassle of beginning and maintaining a blog, and given the mechanics and audience already in place, the potential for a viral hit appears to be great.

If you’re new to blogging, Medium is a great place to start.

There is surely more to consider for those who currently have a blogging presence online.

How do I start writing on Medium?

To begin, create a free account. Then click on your profile image in the top-right corner of the website, then “Write a Medium Story.”

How long is a Medium Article?

Medium’s data scientists discovered that a Medium story should be 7 minutes long. In practice, a story should be only as long as it is necessary. If you can’t come up with at least 5 minutes worth of ideas, reconsider your story’s premise.

How often should you post on Medium?

If you want to be successful on Medium and are unable to write a Medium Article every day, at the very least publish three to five times a week. The most important thing you should strive for is consistency. Whatever schedule you establish, be sure it is long-term viable and keep to it.

The best medium articles that are in the trending tag are:

  1. Startup (301,100 followers)
  2. Politics (239,100 followers)
  3. Life Lessons (227,100 followers)
  4. Entrepreneurship (205,100 followers)
  5. Poetry (194,100 followers)
  6. Health (187,100 followers)
  7. Business (135,100 followers)
  8. Self Improvement (134,100 followers)

What are Medium Publications:

Medium publications are collaborative venues for articles written by multiple authors on a single topic or theme. As a result, publications can be made for a wide range of purposes.

Medium owns a number of publications that are considered to be the holy grail of publishing. What’s the deal with that? Because both Medium’s own and partner publications are given top priority.

If your work is accepted for publication in one of their publications, you will be able to:

  • Be on the first page, with access to the page’s 400+ million monthly visitors.
  • Weekly and monthly emails with featured articles will be sent to subscribers.
  • You’ll appear higher in the results if you use the Medium search tool.

As a result, once you’ve been published in a Medium piece, your chances of being published again grow dramatically, resulting in an exponential increase in your views and earnings.

What are the top publications on Medium? From their open source community, interesting stories about programming and technology.

  1. The Mission
  2. Hacker Noon
  3. The Economist
  4. Personal Growth
  5. The Startup
  6. Startup Grind
  7. Twitch Blog
  8. The Washington Post
  9. The Coinbase Blog

Things to make for more successful Medium Articles.

  1. Best practices for Medium authors
  2. While stories on Medium have no set word count, those with 400 words or more have proven to be the most popular.
  3. Create a headline that captures the core of your medium story.
  4. Choose a high-quality photo for the top of the story (minimum 900 pixels, or 900×900). Horizontal images perform better than vertical images.
  5. As needed, use Medium’s formatting features like two levels of headlines, Notes for footnotes, hyperlinks, and section separators.
  6. Get feedback on your work and double-check for grammar, punctuation, and medium article formatting errors.
  7. Submit your work to the appropriate Medium collections (now known as “publications”).

What are ‘curation’ and ‘distributed’ on Medium?

To assess and curate, there is a staff of 35+ curators and 101 official topics. A few topics are allotted to each of them.

How to submit an article to a medium publication: When a user submits a medium story, it is placed in a queue right away. After that, the story is evaluated by an algorithm, which determines whether it should pass and go to human review.

Once there, a curator evaluates your article, first to ensure that it complies with the CURATION GUIDELINES and secondly to determine whether it is of high quality.

Congratulations if you were able to get curated/distributed!

You are now eligible for a ‘Top Writer’ vanity award. You’ll also have a better possibility of being discovered in the medium’s themes.

If you don’t maintain an acceptable level of quality, break the curation criteria, or produce articles about Medium, you’ll be kicked out of the algorithm’s grace faster than a politician breaks his promises (sigh).

This places you in the dreaded ‘curation jail,’ as it is referred to on Medium. You don’t want to end yourself in jail since getting out is difficult.

So, Please follow the CURATION GUIDELINES at all times and have writing your first medium article

How to Tagging on Medium?

How complicated is this platform?

Tags are used to organize stories on Medium, They are so critical that if you get published or curated, the editors are likely to modify the ones you chose (since they know more than we do!) to ones that are more appropriate.

Why do you need to promote your Medium Articles?

Writing and blogging are only half of the battle; the other half is marketing oneself.

There are multiple formats, effort levels, and return-on-investment options available. It all depends on what you want to complete and how much work you’re willing to put in.

Here are some medium article ideas for getting attention to your work:

Join Medium Facebook groups to share your work, read what others have written, ask questions, and leave comments.

Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to Medium for simple sharing and some fun tips.

Create an Instagram account and post snippets from your stories with links to your Medium articles.

Join Pinterest and start creating a following that will follow you back to Medium.

If you’re writing about the corporate sector, LinkedIn is a terrific place to get feedback.

Yes, you read that correctly: you can buy Facebook ads. I haven’t tried it myself, but you can discover examples of people who have done so.

Why do I need to use Medium to promote my work? I’m not a marketer.

How to promote medium articles: You are not required to promote your work on Medium, but it can be effective. Many people use Medium to increase the number of visitors to their website or project. If you display that you are an authority on the area that your audience cares about, they will naturally follow you outside of Medium (it can be your medium blog or something else).

How to Make Money Writing on

How to Make Money Writing on

What is If you join Medium and create fantastic medium articles of your choosing, you can make money when paying members to read your stories, similar to how you can earn money on YouTube.

Medium, like Youtube, has adopted “member reading time” as its primary statistic for generating revenue on the platform.

Additionally, if a non-member reads your content and signs up within a month, you can earn a nominal commission.

The amount of effort you put in almost entirely determines whether you make a lot or a little money (as with everything in life). To be successful in making money writing on medium, I recommend that you first decide on your expectations:

How to Write a Good Medium Article?

  1. Is it your aim to work full-time?
  2. Is it your aim to make a little extra money from coffee every month?
  3. Do you simply want to learn more about writing as a hobby?

1. If you want to make a living doing something, you must treat it as a full-time job! Alternatively, work part-time for a minimum of 10 to 20 hours each week. The most difficult and gratifying aspect of this is to be consistent over a long time – anticipate achieving great achievement after only 1 to 2 years.

Time Plus Repetition Plus Quality = Success on Medium

Great for individuals wishing to supplement their coffee income.
Try writing a few medium articles per week and focusing on what you enjoy, what you’re an expert in, or simply having fun. Aim to write for $20-$50 per month in some of the smaller to medium (fantastic) publications.

2. For those looking to make some extra coffee money, great!

Try writing a few articles per week and focusing on what you enjoy, what you’re an expert in, or simply having fun. Aim to write for $20-$50 per month in some of the smaller to medium (fantastic) publications.

3. Finally, if you’ve come to write as a hobby, get out there and start writing! You can embed almost anything in Medium stories, and they have publications and categories for just about everything imaginable – poetry, fiction, cartoons, business pieces, coding, you name it!

How to Cite Medium Article?

You can use superscripts and footnotes to add citations in the Medium. The character code is used to create superscript characters. Once you’ve finished your article, press the “Enter” key to reveal the “+” button on the left side of the page.

You do not need to cite what you write if it is common information and easily searchable, and you have written it in your own words.

How much does Medium pay per Article?

Medium pays authors based on how long their medium articles have been read. Medium effectively charges readers on the platform a $5 monthly subscription fee. This fee is split among all of the authors whose work they read.

It’s also easy to increase your monthly income to $100 or more, and some Medium writers work full-time. Most writers, however, do not earn more than $100 per month; because this is a competitive atmosphere with many writers, you will need to work hard to raise your income.

The Most Up-to-Date Official Medium Earnings Data

  • The biggest fee ever paid for a single medium story was $16,685.50.
  • The biggest amount ever paid to a single author is $49,705.40.
  • The percentage of active writers who earned more than $100 is 6.4 percent.

What does it take to be a Medium Article Success Storey?

Be patient; it will take one to two years to obtain huge figures on Medium (for example, 10,000 followers, $1000 paycheck, and posts with 1000+ views on a consistent basis).

Medium Story:

  1. Write or schedule two stories per day that will take you between 20 minutes to an hour to complete.
  2. Around 4–8 times a month, write well-researched, cited, and distinctive medium articles that could take several hours to complete.
  3. ‘Publications’ are kingmakers; go for the biggest ones first, then start with the smaller ones to get your name out there.
  4. Everything requires proper tagging of your stories. To give your algorithm a boost, check for Top Writer tags.
  5. Make sure your SEO is up to date, and promote your content in any way you can.

5 Growth Hacks for Medium Articles:

5 Growth Hacks for Medium Articles

1. Repost your content on Medium:  You reveal it to a new audience and allow it to regain traction.

2. Link back to your website or blog: One interesting method that I’ve seen used a lot is to leverage the end of your post as a place to link back and share a call-to-action or a call-to-action or a link to your medium blog.

3. Create a publication for your brand: creating a publication of content from your team, content on a particular topic, or any other theme you can imagine.

4. Explore visual content: Some of the popular content on Medium amounts to little more than a cartoon or series of images. This visual content stands out when paired with written content. It appears wonderful next to stories that are 5 to 7 minutes long, yet it is only 2 minutes long.

5. Track visits back to your website with UTM parameters: see which posts on Medium  Articles are bringing the most traffic back to your website by tracking with UTM parameters. Place tracking links on URLs that connect back to your site using Google’s UTM tool.

This may help you iterate on the content of your calls-to-action as well as locate the optimal places for links back to your website within your post (in the intro, callouts, etc.)


Medium Article

Can we read Medium articles on Kindle?

Ensure that Send to Kindle is enabled. Send to Kindle the articles or websites you want on your device. I usually bookmark articles on my PC, then move them to the app, or enter the bookmark option on the Medium website, then transfer them to the app.

What is the use of Docker Medium Article?

Docker can be seen as a technique to package your code in a small container that has all it requires to run. Docker automatically downloads and configures the dependencies required for your application to execute in the cloud. In a few words, Containerisation is the use of containers to deploy applications.

Docker overcomes the problem of dependencies by keeping them contained within containers. It brings developers together to fight project dependency.

Do I need to learn UX Articles Medium?

Learning can be done in a variety of methods, including online or private courses, reading books or blogs, and watching YouTube videos. Without sure, everyone learns in a different way, and I believe that each individual must choose the method that best suits him or her.

I would strongly advise you to follow these fantastic bloggers if you are interested in the UX/Design industry.

  1. Johny vino
  2. Nick Babich
  3. Fabricio Teixeira
  4. Tubik Studio
  5. Pablo Stanley


A medium is a fantastic place for professionals to share their experiences and knowledge. On Medium, posts can be about anything, while publications are curated collections of the medium’s content. There is a limit on how many times a person’s post can be published.

Things to make for a more successful Medium.

  • Authors on Medium should follow these guidelines.
  • Make a medium article title that summarises the main points of your medium story.
  • On Medium, tags are used to group stories.
  • Medium has selected “member reading time” as its key metric for collecting income on the platform, similar to Youtube.

Medium is an excellent place to start if you’re new to blogging.

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