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How to See Spotify Podcast Analytics: Spotify for Podcasters

You can see the statistics and insights that you need to build your following with the help of Spotify Podcast Analytics. Millions of people can find, listen to, and download your program on Spotify.

Spotify was created to help in the discovery of new musicians. You may also dig deeper into each episode by watching your following development and learning how long people listen and where they start and finish.

How to Find Podcast Analytics?

The stats, which include the number of listeners within specified timeframes, are only visible to the podcast’s creator. You’ll only be able to benefit from your podcast metrics if you know where to look for them.

There are four basic sources for tracking analytics, as well as a variety of third-party options for improving your statistics. You’ll need access to the following platforms to effectively track your podcast’s performance across all directories.

  • Podcast Hosting Platform
  • Apple Podcasts Connect
  • Spotify for Podcasters- Spotify podcast analytics
  • Google Podcast Manager
  • Third-Party Analytics Platforms
  • YouTube Studio Analytics

Spotify for Podcasters Stats:

Spotify for Podcasters Stats:

Log in to the Spotify podcast dashboard to see the stats for your show.

Spotify for Podcasters will provide you with detailed information on how well your audience is responding to your material. They provide data for the entire podcast as well as specific episodes.

Because of their unique position as a music streaming service and podcast directory, Spotify podcasts have the ability to collect additional data from your audience. They already use this capability to show podcasters which musical acts their audience has recently become interested in. This will show you the total number of downloads, the average listening time, and the music that your target audience enjoys so that you may better target them.

Spotify podcast analytics can show you: 

Number of starts and streams
Individual episode performance
Number of unique listeners and followers
Gender, age, and geography breakdowns

Podcasters get their own dashboard on Spotify.

About Spotify Podcast Analytics:

  1. They’ll show you how many Spotify streams you have, as well as a graph that records the number of listeners:
  2. Spotify keeps track of gender as well. They’ll tell you how many of your listeners are female, male, non-binary, or have no gender preference.
  3. They’ll also give you a breakdown of your Spotify listeners’ ages.

How To Sign Up on Spotify for Podcasters?

Spotify for podcasters login with Spotify podcast analytics:

1. Go to in a web browser.

  1. Click the Get Started button to begin.
  2. Enter your podcast’s RSS feed here.
  3. In the lower right corner, click ‘Next.’

2. To send an 8-digit code to the email address indicated in the show’s RSS feed, click ‘Send Code.’

3. Look for the Spotify Code in your email, then choose ‘Your Country,’ ‘Primary Language,’ and ‘Primary Category’ from the drop-down option.

4. From the drop-down menu, choose ‘Your Country,’ ‘Primary Language,’ and ‘Primary Category.’ Review the data. If everything seems good, click the ‘Submit’ button in the lower-right corner.

That’s it; you’ve been accepted! To access your Spotify Analytics, go to the Dashboard and click ‘See Stats.’

Accessing Spotify for Analytics:

After you’ve created your Spotify for Podcasters account, simply log in and then click on your podcast cover art to see your podcast’s Spotify metrics. This provides you with additional information on your Episodes and Audience, as well as some basic marketing tools.

Spotify analytics are divided into four categories:

  • Starts
  • Streams
  • Listeners
  • Followers

How often is podcast data updated?

There is no issue if Spotify podcast analytics not updating because Spotify’s podcast statistics for podcasters are updated on a daily basis.

  • When you add new podcasts or episodes to Spotify, the data takes a day to appear.
  • Anywhere you see an arrow next to the date range, you can download a CSV file with your data.
  • On Spotify, there is no minimum time requirement for a start.
  • When a podcast is streamed for more than 60 seconds, Spotify counts it as a stream.

5 Best Third-Party Analytics Platforms:

There are some best 3rd party platforms that you can link to your Spotify podcast analytics:

  1. Simplecast
  2. Transistor
  3. Captivate
  4. Chartable
  5. Podtrac

How to See Spotify Podcast Analytics on Simplecast?

Simplecast is the world’s leading podcast management and analytics platform, powering podcasts from some of the world’s most well-known creators and brands, including Dax Shepard, Facebook, Politico, Shopify, TechCrunch, Harvard, Twitter, and Fast Company, to name a few, and delivering nearly a billion audio streams each year.

You’ll see Spotify analytics in your Simplecast show dashboard if you’ve submitted your show to Spotify through their Spotify for Analytics web portals, such as the number of followers, streams, and listens, as well as the demographics of the audience.

You’ll need the following items before linking to your Spotify podcast analytics:

  • URL for your show’s RSS feed
  • Access to the email address provided in your show’s RSS feed as the owner’s email.
  • A Spotify account is required.

What do you like best?

They provide RSS feeds, and robust statistics, and make it simple to ensure that your audience never misses an episode.

What do you dislike?

There is presently a default theme with a few colors and light versus dark settings.

Essential: $35/month
Growth: $85/month
Basic: $15/month

How can I see my podcast’s stats on Spotify through Transistor!?

Even if you’ve submitted your podcast through Transistor, you may now log in to Spotify’s podcaster dashboard! Please contact Transistor to have this updated if you don’t have access to the email in the RSS feed.

How to link with Spotify podcast analytics:

  1. Log in to Spotify for Podcasters to verify your podcast on the platform.
  2. Add your podcast’s RSS feed by clicking the “Add Your Podcast” option in the sidebar.
  3. Spotify will provide the RSS feed’s email address with a verification code.
  4. Type in the verification code, confirm any extra metadata, and then click Submit!

This functionality will allow you to access many separate podcasts as long as they have access to the RSS feed’s email address.

How to check podcast analytics on Spotify through Captivate?

This smart podcast analytics tool will help us to identify listening trends, calculate average downloads per episode, and track your podcast’s success. These findings can be used to recruit new advertisers and shared with the marketing team.

You may use the free Spotify for Podcasters gateway where you can get in-depth Spotify podcast analytics, manage your program, and so much more!
Captivate’s stats, which include your Spotify performance, are among the Best Podcast Analytics Tools in the market. After you’ve uploaded your podcast to Spotify, you’ll need to register an account.
After you’ve signed up, go to the top left of the dashboard and click your username to Add/Claim your podcast.
How to link with Spotify podcast analytics:
  1. To get started, click the Get Started button. In the Link to RSS feed box, paste the URL of your Captivate RSS feed.
  2. The next screen allows you to customize how your show is displayed, as well as your major category and hosting provider.
  3. For your Primary Category, you can add up to three sub-categories. When you post your podcast to Spotify, this helps it reach a larger audience.
  4. If you’re happy with them, move on to the next step. Before submitting your episode, click this to get to the last check screen. If everything appears to be in order, click the Submit button.
A few things are different from what you’d discover on your Captivate analytics dashboard. Here’s an overview of what they all mean.
About Spotify podcast analytics:
  1. When a Spotify customer clicks play on your episode, it’s called a Start. It makes no difference how little the user pays attention.
  2. When a Spotify customer presses play on your episode and listen for at least a minute, it’s called a Stream.
  3. A Listener is the same as the one you’ll discover in your Captivate analytics: a Unique Listener.
  4. A Subscriber is someone who has hit the Follow button for your program. Someone who has clicked the Follow button for your program is referred to as a Follower.

How can I see my podcast’s stats on Spotify through Chartable?

Spotify Podcast Analytics chartable

Chartable is the latest addition to Spotify’s Megaphone, which was bolstered by a partnership with Whooshkaa, a company that lets radio stations transform their programs into podcasts. Chartable’s audience analysis and promotional tools will be integrated.

Spotify will phase out the independent Chartable platform once it is fully integrated into Megaphone. It will, however, be available to both new and existing publisher and advertiser clients until then.

SmartLinks is a tool from Chartable for Spotify podcast analytics that illustrates how much effort is still needed to make podcasts as trackable as the rest of the web.

When social media users click on a podcast link, SmartLinks combine a personalized URL with a cookie to track them. Each person’s IP address is collected by Chartable, which then compares it to the IP addresses of a show’s listeners.

Core features, such as SmartLinks, are available for free to link with Spotify podcast analytics, but key pro capabilities, such as URLs with custom domains, require a $100 per month pro subscription.

Is Spotify Podcast Analytics Accurate?

In April 2021, Spotify relaunched its podcast charts. According to their blog post, the top podcasts are determined by a combination of overall follower counts and the number of recent unique listeners. While Spotify’s listener numbers are accurate, they only include Spotify plays only.

Spotify also provides vital genre information for your show, including gender, age, geography, and music preferences.
Spotify counts listen rather than downloads. Two figures are provided by Spotify. They claim:

Starts: Any listener who has clicked on a podcast episode will be counted.

Streams: Which are the number of people who have listened to your podcast for at least 60 seconds?

Podtrac Analytics: What You Need to Know:

Podtrac is one of the most influential podcast analytics tools that provide combined data to track your audience and podcast trends in all channels where your Spotify podcast analytics is on. Podtrac is IAB Tech Lab compliant and has been free for 14 years.

You can compare stats for any podcast on Podtrac, but specific show numbers aren’t made available. It tracks downloads in a consistent manner, regardless of the podcast host or app.

Understanding Podkite, Chartable, and other third-party services:

There are a few products on the market that claim to provide podcast analytics and can link to Spotify podcast analytics. They don’t know about podcast download counts unless they’re directly integrated into your RSS feed or you’ve granted them access to your hosting account.

As a result, they’re a good record of trending charts, but they don’t allow you to compare podcasts.

Chartable offers Trackable, a service that functions in a similar fashion to Podtrac and is likewise IAB Certified can improve your Spotify podcast analytics.

Understanding podcast rankers:

They’re all run by separate firms (though many are run by Triton Digital), and they work by calculating total downloads from podcast log files.

Individual country podcast rankers only count downloads from that country; they do not count downloads from other countries, and they only count downloads from publishers who want to be included in the ranker.

Best Analytics Tools that work with Spotify Podcast Analytics:

Best Analytics Tools

There is the 10 best analytics that helps with your podcast Spotify analytics:

1. Chartable is designed for those that require professional and comprehensive podcast analytics.

2. Blubrry has IAB-certified advanced tools for podcast analytics for data-driven performance.

3. Transistor- You can look up the popularity of an episode, find out where the listeners are from and what platforms they use, and look up episode downloads.

4. Podtrac is one of the most widely used Spotify podcast analytics programs

5. Podbean: This is an appropriate tool for evaluating podcast statistics and downloading data.

6. Anchor: You can connect your podcast on key sites including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts with only one click.

7. Castos: enables you to boost engagement, deliver better content to your audience, and bring tangible benefits to your sponsors.

8. Backtracks: they can help you figure out what’s working and what’s not in your content and podcast adverts.

9. Simplecast: The IAB Tech Lab has validated it as a trustworthy analytics tool that is affordable for all podcasters.

10. Fireside: It is without a doubt one of the most dependable tools for tracking the progress of your podcasts.

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