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Innovative Development Solutions (IDS) is a development consulting firm located in the Horn of Africa. IDS focuses on creating and implementing customized development and business solutions. They aim to earn the trust and preference of government institutions, international agencies, corporations, private entities, and aspiring entrepreneurs. IDS achieves this through its commitment to delivering trustworthy, high-quality, and reliable services that assist clients in achieving their established objectives or redefining their goals within a broader strategic framework.

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Innovative Development Solutions (IDS) is a development consulting firm operating in Somalia. IDS focuses on creating and providing personalized development solutions. The company’s headquarters are located in Hargeisa, Somalia. IDS primarily operates in the business consulting sector. To get in touch with IDS employees, you can register on SignalHire.

Qaalib Business Centre, Jig-Jiga Yar, Hargeisa/Somaliland
+252 63 7077779

IDS provides a wide range of services in various sectors to help its clients achieve notable and enduring enhancements in their performance. These services include research, monitoring and evaluation, knowledge management, program design and implementation, strategy and capacity development, and strategic communications. IDS aims to assist clients in making distinct and significant improvements across these areas to drive their success.

Innovative Development Solutions collaborates with clients to tackle their most complex challenges, relying on extensive industry and functional expertise. They dedicate substantial resources to building and refreshing a knowledge base that provides exclusive perspectives and insights to their clients. IDS is backed by a team of highly educated and experienced professionals who have held diverse roles in various organizations. They possess comprehensive academic and professional knowledge in their respective areas of expertise. In addition to their in-house consultants, IDS has access to a network of external consultants spanning their core professional domains and related fields of practice.

At IDS, the utmost priority is given to meeting the needs and goals of their clients. The company is guided by a set of shared values that serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, propelling them toward success on a daily basis. IDS places great importance on building long-term relationships, upholding service integrity, and maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality and reliability in their professional services. Their philosophy revolves around their esteemed team of specialists and professionals, as well as their cutting-edge processes, which empower clients to reach their full potential.

What they offer


2. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Through Innovative Development Solutions, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Services, IDS helps clients measure program impact, implement evidence-based strategies, and achieve measurable outcomes. Their services include progress monitoring, contextual analysis, and providing actionable data to inform decision-making and program design.

Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

IDS’s expertise lies in designing, developing, and implementing comprehensive monitoring, evaluation, and learning systems that measure program performance and outcomes. This includes performance measurement, reporting, database development and management, the M&E framework, and performance monitoring plan development.

Third-Party Monitoring

Innovative Development Solutions provides independent and impartial verification and appraisal services to clients facing access challenges. Using innovative techniques, we assess program achievements in hard-to-reach areas. Their services encompass monitoring, verification, documenting success and lessons, and organizing learning events for development programs.

Media Monitoring

IDS provides media monitoring services to ensure accurate broadcasting of clients’ media outputs and offers media and marketing intelligence services.

Performance Evaluations

At IDS, they employ rigorous and effective methodologies and tools to conduct evaluations that assess the impact, outcomes, processes, and economic aspects of development programs and policies. Innovative Development Solutions’ evaluation services cover all stages of the program cycle, including baseline, midterm, and final evaluations. They adhere to international standards to ensure evaluations are useful, practical, ethical, and accurate. Key evaluations they offer include baselines, mid-term assessments, and end-line evaluations.

3. Program Design, Management and Implementation

Innovative Development Solutions uses a smart and evidence-based approach to develop and implement programs that are effective, adaptive, and capable of creating lasting impact. Their programs are shaped by our extensive knowledge of the local context, their clients, and the evidence-based insights derived from their research and evaluation services. In their commitment to enhancing the impact of development programs and policies, they prioritize understanding the local context and delivering high-quality outcomes.

4. Research and Analysis

Innovative Development Solutions employs innovative, rigorous, and efficient methods and tools to design and conduct research that uncovers the truth and realities on the ground. Their research services offer powerful insights and credible evidence to support informed decision-making by our clients. Through a combination of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods approaches, IDS conducts carefully planned and technically sound research to improve program quality, inform evidence-based program design, shape policy and practice, and drive innovation. The research areas include participatory action research, perception surveys, market research, impact evaluations, political economy analysis, and stakeholder mapping. Their reports provide meaningful analysis, valid and reliable results, and actionable recommendations, offering practical solutions.

5. Strategic Communications

Innovative Development Solutions specializes in offering capacity-building services to enhance the competency, performance, and service delivery of both public sector institutions and civil society organizations. Their services encompass capacity needs assessments, the development and strengthening of institutional policies and procedures, organization development, systems building, technical assistance, and sector-specific training. Additionally, IDS provides IT consulting services, which encompass technical assessments of existing systems and the design of effective and innovative IT solutions.

6. Strategy and Capacity Development

Innovative Development Solutions offers capacity-building services to enhance the competency, performance, and service delivery of public sector institutions and civil society organizations. We provide capacity needs assessments, develop and strengthen institutional policies and procedures, support organization development, build systems, offer technical assistance, and deliver technical and functional training across various sectors. Additionally, IDS provides IT consulting services, including technical reviews of existing systems and the design of effective and innovative IT solutions.

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