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How to Create WIX Login Page Design-Wix Free Website Hosting

Wix login page: Wix is a cloud-based website development company. You should be aware that your site may have two separate login windows before proceeding to how to add a login page on Wix. The first concerns the Members Area, whereas the second concerns Password-Protected Pages.

Wix is a user-friendly platform that uses a drag-and-drop interface to allow users to construct websites. So you didn’t know how to code when you made your website. The Wix application will start automatically once you’ve decided to take action. In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the Wix login page, including how to log in, price, hosting, and whether or not Wix is a free website, as well as how to make money, so you can determine whether or not Wix is right for you.

Wix Login – How to create member login page in wix:

Before you can access your Wix account, you’ll need to create one if you don’t already have one. There are two login windows: one for the Members Area and another for the Password-Protected Pages.

Your Wix Account Login- How to Create WIX Login Page Design:

To use your website’s Dashboard or the Wix Editor, you must first log in to your Wix account. Simply go to and enter your username in the Wix login page box.

  • First Sign In.
  • Enter your email address & your password.
  • By clicking the Log In button, you may also log in.

There must be three reasons why you are unable to sign in to your account:

  • You’ve forgotten your password or email address,
  • or you’ve lost access to your email address.
  • We’ll post instructions on how to correct them in our FAQ area later.

Returning to the Wix login page, here’s how to sign in to your Wix account step by step:

How to Wix website login Step by Step – Follow this process :

Step # 1: login wix

Go to the login to Wix website by searching for and clicking on that link.

Wix login


Step # 2:

Once the page has loaded, click the Get Started button to begin building your website.

Step # 3:

To finish your registration, go to the Wix login page and click the signup link. You can log in with your email address or a Google or Facebook account if you’ve already signed up.

Wix login page

Step # 4:

On this screen, you must now design your website. To do so, go to Create Your First Site and use the drop-down menu to select Create New Site.

Step # 5:

It’s time to figure out what kind of company you have and what kind of website you want to create. Select your favorite category and continue.

wix login page

Step # 6:

This section has two sections for creating a Wix website.

  • Allow Wix ADI to build your website for you.
  • With the Wix Editor, you can make your own website.

Choose any of the alternatives based on your degree of knowledge. If you’re a complete novice, go with option 1, and if you’re familiar with certain website editor tools or have some technical skills, go with option 2.

wix login

Click the “Start Now” option if you want the Wix ADI login page to construct your website for you. What web page would you like to create? you’ll be asked in a message. on the following screen. Fill in the blanks with your category. Then simply tap the Next button at the bottom.

Wix upload theme

Design of the Wix login page: Now is the time to choose a theme. Then click the “Continue” button after selecting your closable design (color and font style).

You must now select your preferred homepage design from the available choices.

Now that your website is up and running, that’s all there is to it. You can update, change, and delete your website’s content from the Dashboard.

With the Wix Editor, you can make your own website.

If you wish to design your website with the Wix editor, go to “Choose a Template” and follow the steps. Here you’ll find a lot of Wix library templates. So, select your preferred template from the list and click it. You can see how simple it is to join Wix and create a website.

Step # 7:

Choose a template for your website and edit it. You can write posts as well as additional pages to your website. Wix provides you with website-creation tools. You can use this tool to make modifications to your website.

Step # 8:

As a result, make sure your website is compatible with mobile devices. Keep in mind that for better SEO results, mobile-optimized settings should always be checked.

Step # 9:

Before you publish your website, double-check that your domain is connected. As a result, you go to the dashboard and use the drop-down menu to pick Connect domain. Finally, you will launch your website.

These steps will almost certainly assist you with the Wix login page method. All of these are prerequisites for using Wix to build a free website for your company. 

How to Login to Your Wix Member Login Account:

Because there are two different Wix login page windows, you may add a Member’s Area to any Wix website to create private sections that are only viewable to your members. Wix Stores, Wix Bookings, and Wix Forum all come with a Member’s Area, so you won’t need to add one.

How to create a member login page in Wix?

Follow these steps to create a Member’s Area:

  • From the Editor’s left-hand menu, choose Add.
  • Members who have been chosen
  • From the drop-down menu, choose to Add to Site.

There are four sections in the Member’s Area:
The login bar will display in the header when you’ve placed the Member’s Area on your site. It can be used by members to join up for your site as well as log in and out of Wix.

  • New members are registered using signup forms.
  • Existing members can log in using the login forms.
  • After logging in, members can access member pages.

For more info about Wix support go to Member’s Areas 

How to login to Your Password-Protected Page:

The second Wix login page window is Password-Protected: If you have a password-protected page on your Wix website, a password window will display. When a visitor sees a password-protected page on your site, this popup opens. Only those with the password are able to access the page.

To password-protect, a page, perform the following: Wix com login page

Select Menus & Pages from the Editor’s left side.
Choose the correct page.
From the drop-down menu, select the Show More icon.
From the drop-down box, choose Settings.
From the drop-down option, choose Permissions.
Select Password Holders
Enter the page’s password here.
Choose the language for your login screen.

How to create a custom Wix login page:

Existing members can use the Member Login box to return to your site. You may personalize this page by altering the following:

1. Click the Pages icon on the Editor’s left side.

2. Select Member Signup and then Member Login Form from the drop-down menus.

3. Next, from the drop-down menu, choose Custom Form.

4. Choose which choice your members should see first on the Wix login page form: Create a new account or log in if you currently have one.

5. Finally, click Edit Custom Sign In Form to access the form and change it to your liking.

Mind: When you log in, it’s just a regular login, not a Wix User Login, where you can acquire specific capabilities like commenting on blogs, viewing member pages, and so on.

Wix Free Website Hosting

Wix comes with everything you’ll need to create a stunning website, including free hosting. You may get even more rewards and features by upgrading to one of their Premium Plans.

The free plan includes a subdomain, access to website templates, 500 MB of storage, and 500 MB of bandwidth. To help fund your free website, ads and branding are placed on it.

Note: It’s worth noting that when you make a free website with Wix advertisements, you don’t get your own domain name.

Wix Pricing:

Totally free: Wix Login Page

Price $0: Your own domain name is not included in this option.

Domain Connection:

Price $5: Connect your Wix site to your own domain. Wix advertising will continue to appear on your site. (Not all countries have this plan.)


Priced at $14, this theme is best suited for professional websites with a modest audience. There are no commercials, and there is plenty of space.


Price $18: This is the bundle for you if you need a lot of site space (up to 10 GB included).

Business & eCommerce:

Price $23: The best solutions are to create an online store or to use premium apps like Wix Bookings or Wix Hotels. There are additional higher-level programs (VIP and Unlimited) available.

Prices are per month for one-year contracts, and certain packages include a domain.

Wix Pricing

Which of the options should I take?

For as long as you wish to use Wix, it is entirely free. If you need professional features like your own domain name or e-commerce, you’ll have to choose from one of their premium plans, which vary from “Combo” to “Business VIP.” The most basic ad-free option costs $14 per month and includes a personalized domain name.

Is Wix Logo Maker Free:

Wix login page design: The Wix Logo Maker is a web-based design tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you create and edit a professional logo for your business when you use your Wix login page account.

First and foremost, Wix Logo Maker is completely free to use. To get started, you’ll need to create a free Wix login account, but you won’t require any kind of premium Wix subscription to create your logo.

Go to My Logos after you’ve completed designing your logo, hover over a saved logo, and click Download. Choose one of the choices below: Select Get Your Logo + A Beautiful Website or Get Your Logo to proceed to the next page. Select Download the free version of your logo from the drop-down menu as you scroll down.

FAQ: Wix login Page

How to access the Wix login logo:

Wix Logo Maker allows you to create a logo that looks precisely the way you want it to. You may also alter the font, color, size, and other features of each logo, among other things.

Follow these steps to use the logo maker in the dashboard:

  • Go to your website’s dashboard.
  • Select the Marketing and SEO tab on the left.
  • Scroll down to the left-hand panel’s bottom.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the Logo Maker option.
  • Choose the course of action you want to take: Select a New
  • Logo to begin developing a new logo.

How to Create a Wix login bar:

Members use the login bar to access your website. You can personalize the design to make it unique.

To get to the Wix login page bar, go to the Editor, choose the Wix Blog app from the drop-down menu, and then select Settings from the drop-down menu, then toggle to the Display tab. Finally, choose the Blog option from the drop-down menu.

Is my domain name owned by Wix?

Once you’ve logged in to Wix, you’ll be able to get your own domain name! You can still use a domain that you purchased from another domain host to connect to your Wix site. You can also switch your domain to Wix and handle anything domain-related through your Wix account.

What if You forgot your password:

If you forget your password and are unable to access your Wix login account, you can request a password reset link to be sent to your email address. You’ll need to establish a new password to access your Wix account.

Follow these steps to get a password reset link in your email:
Click the Forgot Password or Email? option on the Wix login page window.

  • Choose from the menu option, I forgot my password.
  • Choose an email address.
  • You should get instructions on how to establish a new password in your email.

What if I Forgot the Email of my Wix Account?

If you can’t remember or have lost access to the email address you used to create your Wix login account, there are two ways to get it back. You can use our email locator tool to find your email address if you’re not sure what it is. If you’ve added a recovery phone number, you can use it to recover your account.

How to Recover Your Wix Login Email Using the Wix Email Locator:

You can use the Wix email locator to retrieve your login email if you know your website’s URL but don’t have a recovery phone number.

Using Your Recovery Phone Number to Recover Your Account:

If you have a recovery phone number in your Wix account and have lost access to your email, a one-time SMS code can be sent to your phone to allow you to enter your account.

What if I can’t Access my Email Account?

You can have a one-time SMS code sent to your phone to unlock your account if you have a Recovery Phone Number in your Wix login page account and you’ve lost access to your email.

If you don’t have a recovery phone number, you can reclaim access to your account by completing the Wix ownership verification form, which verifies that you are the rightful owner of the account.

Tip: If you’ve forgotten your email address rather than lost access, you can use the Wix email locate for the Wix login page.

Wix login page Mobile: How to make a login page in Wix?

To get started, Wix login page to your Wix account, personalize the layout of your site on the app, and begin inviting contacts to do all of this on the go: Start a conversation Share posts, photographs, and other media, as well as reply to what others have to say. Please RSVP to the following events: Get event updates, RSVP, and purchase tickets.

Your Blog Is Being Read Comment on your most recent blog posts, share them, and connect with them. The Wix Mobile Editor makes it simple to further customize your mobile site.

How to change the Wix login screen?

By default, the Wix login screen is produced based on the existing theme of your website. Simply follow the steps below to replace the login screen/page with a lightbox or a custom page.

  1. Open your website editor by going to your website dashboard and clicking the edit site icon.
  2. On the left, click the Signup & Login Button under the Menus/Pages menu.
  3. To change the settings for the member login form, click the icon.
  4. “Which member login form do your visitors see?” you’ll be asked. The option “default” is used by default to respond to this question. Set it to a custom form.
  5. Design that lightbox by clicking the “edit custom login form” button.

Note: You must log in to your Wix account in order to access your website’s Dashboard or the Wix Editor. For Wix site login- visit: www.Wix.Com.

How do I create a Wix custom login page?

Instead of using the default login form, you may develop a custom login form to provide a more personalized experience for your members.

Existing members can log back into your site using the Member Login box.

Wix login page:

  • On the left side of the Editor, click the Pages icon.
  • To sign up and log in, go to Signup & Login.
  • Select Member Login Form from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Custom Form from the drop-down option.
  • Choose which option in the login form your members should see first
  • To open the form, click Edit Custom Log In Form.

How to add login page in Wix?

Visitors to your site can read, like, and share blog posts, but they must sign up to follow and comment on them.

On the left side of the Editor, click Add. Select Members from the drop-down menu. Select Add to Site from the drop-down menu. Tip: To change the design of the login button, open the Editor and click the button. Then personalize it with the available options.

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