What Is CPH Professional Liability and Malpractice Insurance?

If you’re working in areas such as mental health, wellness, or fitness, you may have heard of CPH liability insurance telehealth. CPH liability insurance for telehealth is designed to protect professionals offering telehealth services from potential liability claims or malpractice suits that may arise from providing services through virtual means. It provides coverage for risks associated with telehealth practice, ensuring that professionals have the necessary protection and peace of mind while providing remote healthcare services.

How CPH’s professional liability and malpractice insurance measure up in terms of quality and coverage is the topic that we discuss in this post.

What Is CPH Professional Liability and Malpractice Insurance?

CPH liability insurance Telehealth refers to the coverage provided by CPH & Associates, specifically for professionals offering telehealth services. With 19 years of experience, they cater to mental health professionals, life coaches, wellness practitioners, fitness trainers, and similar fields. Their coverage extends to both individual professionals and companies operating in these sectors. In addition to their focus on mental health professionals, they also offer special event insurance tailored to the specific needs of professionals within these industries. CPH & Associates is recognized for its expertise in providing insurance products to professionals in the mental health, wellness, and fitness fields.

CPH Professional Liability and Malpractice Insurance

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Does CPH liability insurance for telehealth cover all types of healthcare professionals?

CPH liability insurance for telehealth covers a wide range of healthcare professionals. While their primary focus is on mental health professionals, such as counselors and therapists, they also extend coverage to various other healthcare professionals practicing telehealth. This may include physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, social workers, and other licensed healthcare practitioners. However, it’s important to note that the specific coverage options may vary, and it is recommended to consult with CPH & Associates directly to understand the extent of coverage available for a particular healthcare profession in the context of telehealth.

What are some examples of healthcare professionals that CPH liability insurance for telehealth covers?

CPH liability insurance for telehealth covers a range of healthcare professionals providing services through remote means. Here are some examples of healthcare professionals that may be covered:

  1. Mental health professionals: This includes counselors, therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists offering therapy or counseling services remotely.
  2. Physicians: medical doctors practicing telemedicine and providing remote consultations or diagnoses.
  3. Nurse practitioners: advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) offering telehealth services, including remote assessments and prescribing medications.
  4. Physician assistants are PAs providing virtual healthcare services, including consultations, follow-ups, and treatment recommendations.
  5. Registered nurses are RNs offering telehealth services such as remote monitoring, patient education, and triage.
  6. Social workers: licensed social workers provide counseling, support, and guidance remotely.

Are there any specific requirements or qualifications for healthcare professionals to be eligible for CPH liability insurance for telehealth?

The specific requirements or qualifications for healthcare professionals to be eligible for CPH liability insurance for telehealth may vary. However, there are generally some common considerations. Here are a few factors that may affect eligibility:

  1. Licensure and Credentials: Healthcare professionals typically need to hold valid and active licenses or credentials in their respective fields. This ensures that they are qualified to provide telehealth services within their scope of practice.
  2. Compliance with Telehealth Laws and Regulations: Professionals must adhere to applicable telehealth laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where they practice. This may include obtaining any necessary permits or licenses specific to telehealth practices.
  3. Experience and Training: Some insurance providers may require healthcare professionals to have a certain level of experience or training in delivering telehealth services. This can help ensure that practitioners are knowledgeable about the unique aspects and considerations of remote healthcare delivery.
  4. Adherence to Professional Standards: Professionals seeking coverage should demonstrate a commitment to maintaining professional standards of care, ethics, and confidentiality when providing telehealth services.

What are the pros and cons of CPH Professional Liability Insurance Telehealth?

CPH Professional Liability and Malpractice Insurance

CPH & Associates is a top provider for those in the mental health and wellness fields. As a tech-savvy company, they offer online exploration and electronic coverage options.

CPH & Associates prioritizes customer service and offers a free consultation during the exploration of insurance options. They make it easy to reach a representative through online contact forms or direct phone calls, which is a notable advantage at a time when many businesses only provide online contact options.

CPH professional liability and malpractice insurance are regarded as competitively priced. However, the actual rate is influenced by factors such as location, credentials, hours worked, coverage levels, and more. Choosing Prior Acts Coverage may also impact pricing due to potential changes in the retroactive date.

CPH & Associates is highly respected and has received endorsements from prominent mental health and wellness professional organizations, including the American Mental Health Counselors Association, the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors, and the International Fitness Professionals Association, among others.

One potential drawback of CPH liability insurance telehealth is its narrow focus on a limited range of professions and fields. However, this specialization can also be seen as a strength, as it enables the company to have in-depth knowledge and tailored solutions for the specific industries it serves.

If you have an individual policy with CPH, you cannot add employees to your coverage. In such cases, any employee, including interns, would require separate coverage if your policy does not provide coverage for your entire practice as a whole.

What are CPH’s professional liability coverage options and highlights?

CPH liability insurance telehealth coverage limits are available in two options: $1,000,000 per occurrence with a $3 million aggregate limit, or $1,000,000 per occurrence with a $5 million aggregate limit.

Coverage highlights include:

  • Occurrence form lifetime coverage
  • State Licensing Board Defense Coverage
  • Unlimited Defense Coverage
  • Optional General Liability, Business Personal Property and Cyber Liability

As an advantage for policyholders, CPH includes $35,000 of state licensing board defense coverage in their base policy, which can be enhanced by paying an additional premium to increase the limit. Furthermore, they offer 2 hours of complimentary legal consultation per policy year, allowing professionals to seek guidance on unforeseen professional liability matters that may arise in their line of work.

Is there coverage for providing services internationally?

In summary, the CPH liability insurance policy provides coverage for claims that occur within the US court system. If you have a client residing in another country, it is important to verify with your state licensing board whether you are authorized to provide telehealth services in that specific country. It’s crucial to note that if an international client decides to sue or file a complaint, it must be done within the US court system, and the services provided must have been legally permissible.

3 Alternatives to CPH Liability Insurance Telehealth

cph liability insurance telehealth

1. Proliability

Proliability is a recommended option for healthcare-oriented coverage and other sectors due to its versatile programs. The company supports policies in various industries and offers competitive pricing, with potential discounts for members of specific professional associations. Students engaged in clinical work can benefit from affordable coverage, starting at around $1 per day. However, it’s important to note that Proliability does not provide business insurance beyond professional liability, which should be considered when assessing coverage needs.

2. Healthcare Providers Service Organization

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