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Best Oberlo Chrome Extension Download App for Dropshipping

If you want to start a dropshipping business on Shopify, you must have the Oberlo Chrome extension (OCE) (known as Product Importer). Shopify’s dropshipping tool Oberlo enables online merchants to search for products on Aliexpress and then import them into their storefronts. Additionally, you may receive orders and update your product listing.

What is Oberlo Dropshipping?

It is an Oberlo Chrome Extention free dropshipping app where you can rapidly access Oberlo with the Chrome Extension for Oberlo.  Similar to an app shortcut. Oberlo, a dropshipping app for Shopify, makes it simple to customize the products you import into your store and allows retailers to integrate products from suppliers into their businesses. It can even be used to create websites without any programming knowledge at all. Starting is cost-free. You can modify your plan as your store expands.

How to Add Oberlo Chrome Extension?

In general, extensions are any plugins or applications you add to your software to enhance its capabilities. You can add the Oberlo Chrome extension to your Chrome browsers. Using this extension, you can easily add items from AliExpress to your online store. The addon offers access to all Oberlo capabilities.

Features Of Oberlo Chrome Extension:

Oberlo Chrome app

As you might have suspected, you’ll need to upgrade to one of Oberlo’s Grad or Boss package plans if you want to use more features or add more products than the beginner plan allows. Because of that, you’ll have access to other useful Oberlo features, such as:

  1. Research products from AliExpress with ease and import them into your Shopify store.
  2. Epacket delivery
  3. Automated inventory management update
  4. Product customization
  5. Fulfill and track orders automatically
  6. Track your sales
  7. Multiple user accounts

How do I add Oberlo Extension Chrome?

Oberlo chrome extension download: To achieve this, open your Chrome browser first.

Process of Oberlo Chrome Extension Intall

  1. When finished, select the three dots icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Go to Additional tools >> Extensions next.
  3. On the Extensions page, click the menu button in the upper-left corner.
  4. Click the Open Chrome Web Store icon at the bottom when you’re finished.
  5. On the Chrome Web Store Page, look for Oberlo. Once you’ve located it, do the following by clicking the Add to Chrome button:
  6. The Oberlo extension is now successfully installed in your Chrome browser.

10 Tips for Dropshipping Before Using Oberlo Extension Chrome:

If you have a clear plan, dropshipping will be successful for you. Here are 10 tested suggestions for successful dropshipping.

  1. Become adept at Facebook advertising
  2. You can make changes quickly because it is so simple to get something right the first time.
  3. Keep a watch on your rivals; keep in mind that even well-established companies are capable of doing this.
  4. Data mining: To find all of that information, use the Google Keyword Planner. It is unpaid!
  5. Focus on your customers
  6. Study cross-selling; if you ask your consumers to purchase insoles, they will be grateful.
  7. Make contact with the appropriate providers.
  8. By focusing on this, you will be able to comprehend your market like no one else.
  9. Google AdWords, Reddit marketing, and email marketing are examples of multi-channel sales.

How to Choose the right products for your store using Oberlo Chrome Extension?

Go to the Find Products function from the products area of your Oberlo dashboard. By adhering to certain guidelines, you can focus your product search and eventually make a better choice.

1. Order Tracking

A customer’s shipment status can be learned by setting up your shipping confirmation emails to be automatically delivered to them along with their specific tracking number as soon as their orders are fulfilled.

2. Control your Pricing:

By defining pricing rules to automatically alter your product prices in accordance with the rules you set, Oberlo enables you to exactly compute the price for your product.

3. Bulk Ordering:

Sellers must have a subscription to the Boss plan to fulfill orders in bulk in order to access this function. You can place an unlimited number of orders at once with Oberlo.

How To Use The Oberlo Chrome Extension?

Oberlo Extension Chrome

See the summary of the details below for instructions for using the Oberlo app on AliExpress.

Finding Products:

You can sort the results after entering an item into the search tool by best match, price, and order count. When you click on an item in the directory, the application will immediately transport you to a product page that resembles the website you would see on AliExpress.

There is no cap on the amount of profit you can make once you’ve introduced premium products to your selected dropshipping store.

Importing Products:

Oberlo is a fantastic solution that makes it easy to quickly and easily import products into your Shopify store. You can import products into Shopify using the following methods:

  • You, Oberlo’s Import List Administrator
  • Using the AliExpress product ID or URL, from


By changing the product data in Oberlo and Shopify, you may personalize your product listing. Verify that the items are listed in your store. if it becomes apparent in the store after you add a product to your Oberlo Import List. In that instance, you can change the product’s details, including the title, photos, and description.

You can move forward with configuring your order placement and fulfillment once you import a product, complete some customization, and touch up a few elements. Remember that only Oberlo Boss users have access to this option.

How Do You Configure Oberlo Account With Your Shopify Store?

Follow the steps below to launch your dropshipping business with Oberlo Chrome Extension:

Current Store:

Follow these steps to link an existing store to Oberlo:

  • To create or link a store, click the option on the Oberlo Admin page.
  • A pop-up window requesting the store URL will appear there.
  • Click the connect my store button after entering the information or pasting the URL into that field.
  • You will be reminded to download the Oberlo app after tapping the connect my shop button.
  • To finish integrating your Oberlo account with your Shopify or AliExpress store, confirm the installation.

New Online Store:

Oberlo can help you get started by fully launching the platform for your chosen store while having it incorporated into Oberlo right away.

  • Verify that the Oberlo Admin page is loaded before clicking the “create or link a store” button.
  • Click the link to begin your free Shopify trial under the URL fill-in box on the pop-up.
  • To create your account, click this and fill out the Shopify website’s sign-up form.
  • You can go back to the Oberlo website after the Shopify sign-up process is complete.
  • Return to the Oberlo admin panel from here, and click “create or link a store” once more.
  • You can now follow the guidelines to connect your Oberlo account to an existing online store.

How to Import Products to Shopify from AliExpress?

AliExpress dropshipping

You can: use the Oberlo Chrome Extension AliExpress.

  • Directly import merchandise from the website into your Shopify store.
  • Process product orders from AliExpress more quickly than manually. i.e., place orders and complete them.
  • Synchronize the order data between your Shopify store and AliExpress.
  • On the website for, sort products according to the desired shipping method.

You can automate the import of products with the aid of the Oberlo Chrome Extension. It enables you to add items directly from the website to your Shopify store.

-Go to the website first if you want to import products.

-Using the category filter on the left side of the page or the search function, you can look for products.

-Currently, you ought to be viewing a product listing for the category or phrase you just searched.

-The Oberlo icon will appear when you move your mouse over a product image.

-You will be directed to the particular product page if you click on one of the products. Additionally, the Oberlo icon will appear on the product page.

-You won’t be able to import products from a supplier store page since the Oberlo icon won’t appear on the supplier shop page.

-Only the product listing page and the specific product page support the Oberlo icon. To add the item to the Import List, visit one of these pages and click the Oberlo symbol.

-Log in to the Shopify account for your store. Visit Oberlo. Visit the Import List while in Oberlo.

You should now alter your products’ information. The personalization consists of:

  • Product titles, collections, types, and tags
  • Product descriptions
  • Product variants (e.g. SKU, colors, prices)
  • Product images

Click “Import to Store” once you are satisfied with the product details. Now, the items ought to show up in your Shopify store.

How to Sort Products on AliExpress with OCE?

Using the Oberlo Chrome Extension, you may sort products.

  • Go to a product category page or enter a keyword for the product in the search bar.
  • In the top right corner of your Chrome browser, click the Oberlo icon. The Oberlo Chrome Extension settings panel will then be displayed.
  • Make sure Show Shipping Info is turned on in the panel.
  • You can select your desired shipping method using “Option.”
  • The word “Country” indicates the location to which you will be shipping goods.
  • There are three currencies available: USD, EUR, and GBP. The shipping charge is displayed in the chosen currency.

Oberlo hides products from the AliExpress page that don’t have the shipping option you want when “Hide items without this option” is enabled.

The seller receives, processes, compiles, and transmits the order to the parcel shipment during the processing time, which is typically between 3 and 10 days. Simply said, “Show Processing Time” does what it says.

Import products with the Oberlo Chrome extension:

1. To find products, look via the Oberlo app.
2. Importing the products to your store
3. Analyzing the goods you just imported
4. Updating the product images
5. Categorizing the products
6. Tags and product titles feature


Oberlo Chrome Extension download

Does Oberlo Chrome Extension Work With Other Websites?

Oberlo cannot be used on independent websites or other e-commerce platforms. Oberlo is available in the Shopify app store, and Chrome extensions are available in the Chrome Store. With Oberlo’s assistance, there are already a little more than 6,500 Shopify stores active, and their total sales have topped $36,000,000.

Some goods are restricted by Oberlo. The rivalry can get more intense in the “Bestsellers” area, making it more challenging for a company to distinguish.

How Much Does The Orberlo Chrome Extension Cost?

Oberlo now offers three price tiers, each ideal for helping you launch your dropshipping business successfully or assisting seasoned drop shippers.

Free Plan Insights:

Users of Oberlo’s free plan are able to continue using the service for as long as they’d like and an unlimited amount of orders. Features of this bundle include:

  • Access to Level Up, which offers two online courses with blogs, ebooks, and instructions.
  • Dropshipping products up to 500 p/m.
  • Product limit: 500
  • Unlimited monthly orders
  • The Oberlo Chrome extension

Grad Package Plan Insights:

With the exception of the cheap plan, the graduate package is mid-level. Costs begin at $7.90 a month. All the features of the Explorer package are still present, plus:

  • Access to Level Up’s limitless courses, which include blogs, manuals, and ebooks.
  • Product limit: 500
  • A weekly discussion with reputable Oberlo advisors for members only
  • Trending product reports

Boss Package Plan Insights:

The $79.90 monthly price for the Boss package plan. It may appear expensive to pay this subscription for your Shopify add-on. To gain access to further modern dropshipping features like:

  • Access to Level Up, which offers limitless courses with blogs, guides, and ebooks.
  • Product limit: 30,000 – The ability to conduct bulk orders.
  • Shipment tracking – Variant mapping
  • Weekly members can only talk with reputed Oberlo advisors
  • Affiliate program – CAPTCHA solver.
  • Multiple staff accounts – An affiliate program.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of The Oberlo Chrome Extension?


They offer customer service and a Chrome addon that assists you at every stage. Oberlo, unfortunately, has a few drawbacks, just like any substitute.

  • High-quality Chrome addon and an excellent app
  • contemporary dashboard and simple user interface
  • There were no unreasonable hassles when signing up.
  • Automated order fulfillment and processing
  • Day-to-day product syncing.
  • Ability to scale.
  • Outstanding customer support.


  • Users are limited to importing only products from AliExpress.
  • Some goods are restricted by Oberlo.
  • The rivalry can get more intense in the “Bestsellers” area, making it more challenging for a company to distinguish.

How to install Oberlo chrome extension?

The Process of Oberlo Chrome Extension Installation is quite easy. You must connect using a laptop or desktop computer if you wish to install the Oberlo extension. Now, adhere to the instructions below to install the Oberlo Chrome Extension:

  1. opening the Google Chrome web shop quickly
  2. Once inside, enter “Oberlo” into the search box.
  3. Click the Add Extension>Add to Chrome button.
  4. Your browser bar is then updated to include the Oberlo extension.

The Oberlo extension icon has a purple-grey appearance by default. Additionally, the icon will appear as blue on specific AliExpress pages, suggesting that an action is available.

Why is My Oberlo Chrome Extension Not Working?

The Oberlo extension icon has a purple-grey appearance by default. Additionally, the icon will appear as blue on specific AliExpress pages, suggesting that an action is available.

  • Click the More Tools > Extensions option in the Chrome browser’s upper right corner.
  • Go to the details section once you’ve reached the extensions menu.
  • Whenever the Oberlo Chrome Extension is opened in incognito mode, authorize it.

Launch a private browser window on the website If it functions, one or more of the Chrome extensions you have installed are interfering with the Oberlo extension. Enter the hit to discover which one is rendering the internal problem, then try to enable and disable it.

As soon as you identify the main problem, delete it from your browser.

If you’re having issues placing orders or importing products, try updating it. You may also manually delete and reload the extension.

What are the Oberlo Chrome extension alternatives?

We encourage folks just getting started with dropshipping and importing to pick a tool that provides a basic yet useful set of functionality. If something isn’t very complex, you’ll find it easy to understand how to use it.

  • Spocket
  • AliDropship

If you want to ship goods from the US and the EU in two to five days, Spocket is a perfect Oberlo substitute. AliDropship is another choice you have.

What is Oberlo Plans for Prices?

The Oberlo Chrome Extension’s free plan has no responsibilities, which is its strongest feature. You can go all out and select one of Oberlo’s subscription plans, which can cost up to $79.90 per month if you discover that you require better features.

The basic Plan for Oberlo is only $29.90 p/m. It enables you to manage up to 500 orders per month, manage bulk orders, track shipments, and offer up to 10,000 AliExpress products on Shopify, among other things.

Oberlo’s Pro Plan: You may place an infinite number of orders, sell up to 30,000 AliExpress products, manage multiple staff accounts, and even integrate CAPTCHA for $79.90 per month.

Why Oberlo Chrome Extension for Your Shopify dropshipping business?

You might not instantly realize why Oberlo Chrome Extension is a perfect choice for new drop shippers if you’re an experienced dropshipping business owner who is knowledgeable with all the insider tips and tactics.

However, Oberlo offers new drop shippers an excellent opportunity to get started due to its extensive capabilities and incredibly user-friendly design. They can effortlessly handle shipping and fulfillment, import goods into their stores, and access learning resources.


The Oberlo Chrome Extension has several features for all levels of dropshipping vendors, including novice, experienced, and intermediate. You no longer need to switch between various tools because all functions are neatly merged on one platform.

  1. The Oberlo Chrome Extension is free to use.
  2. On the Oberlo Chrome Extension, you can browse all the popular items for sale.
  3. With the Oberlo Chrome Extension, you may navigate in six different languages.
  4. Multiple users can be added to the Oberlo Chrome Extension.
  5. On the Oberlo Chrome Extension, bulk orders can be automated.
  6. On the Oberlo Chrome Extension, you receive real-time updates.
  7. All of your listings on Oberlo Chrome Extension can be customized.
  8. With the Oberlo Chrome Extension, you can import product reviews from AliExpress to your Shopify store.
  9. With the Oberlo Chrome Extension, choosing and switching AliExpress vendors is simple.

Oberlo’s Limitations:

  1. Only Shopify stores are compatible with the Oberlo Chrome Extension.
  2. Only one Shopify store can be used with each Oberlo account.
  3. Only the Oberlo Chrome Extension may import AliExpress items.
  4. On Oberlo, you can only import products in USD.
  5. Only Google Chrome is compatible with the Oberlo Chrome Extension.

Keep in mind that the Oberlo Chrome extension is only compatible with Chrome on Windows or Apple OS-powered desktops and laptops.

By upgrading to one of the higher-end packages, you can go even further. Even while there is a cost associated with these, for the more experienced dropshipper, having the capacity to execute more orders, import more products, and have access to even more learning resources is fantastic.

Oberlo is a dropshipper’s best friend because it makes it easy to import products from AliExpress to your online store, fulfill orders quickly, and even provide customization possibilities via the Chrome extension.

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