Best Worldwide Brands Review in 2023: How Does It Work

In this Worldwide Brands review, I’m going to cover what Worldwide Brands isWhat Worldwide Brands is, how to find affordable, reputable wholesalers and drop-shippers using it, the pros and cons of WWB, and how to earn a $30 discount if you do decide to join.

Although Worldwide Brands is not inexpensive, it is the best listing of drop shippers and wholesalers. It is a worthwhile investment if you’re establishing a business selling online or on marketplaces like eBay.

Additionally, Worldwide Brands offers two guarantees: a 60-day money-back guarantee and a promise that only reliable suppliers are listed in their supplier directory.

Worldwide Brands Reviews:

Worldwide Brands Review

A list of drop shippers, wholesalers, and manufacturers may be found on Worldwide Brands. There are about 8,000 suppliers in their database, and from these suppliers, there are over 16 million products that you can buy at wholesale prices.

Despite listing suppliers from all around the world, the Florida-based company focuses on those that are based in or provide to the USA. Moreover, Worldwide Brands and eBay have close ties. Chris Malta, an eBay power-seller who also released a book about selling on eBay in 2006, launched WWB in 1999. It is the only directory that eBay has approved.

Worldwide brands review: Members of Worldwide Brands have the assurance that all of their suppliers are reputable and secure to deal with. They can accomplish this because all of the suppliers in their directory have been thoroughly investigated by their personnel, who have placed test orders and visited the suppliers’ warehouses to ensure they are reliable and able to fill orders.

Worldwide Brands Review – Overview

  • Product Name: Worldwide Brands
  • Type: Supplier Directory
  • Website:
  • Overall Rank: 4.4/6
  • Worldwide Brands Scam or Legit: Worldwide Brands is a genuine company. It’s a reliable resource for helping eCommerce stores identify reliable suppliers.
  • Who is it For: Whoever desires to find the top things for an online store
  • Alternative Business Model: One-Stop Shop For Launching An Affiliate Marketing Company

A wholesale directory called Worldwide Brands can assist you in avoiding supplier fraud. The comprehensive directory of suppliers maintained by WorldWide Brands allows retailers to locate goods without taking the chance of finding them elsewhere.

How does it work – Worldwide Brands Review:

Worldwide Brands Review

Once you’ve logged in, you may search the directory for local businesses by entering a brand, a product category, or even a state or city.

Following the entry of your search criteria, a list of wholesale suppliers will emerge.

These findings come from a reliable, frequently updated, and closely watched database of premier providers.

When you click on the companies, their names, complete addresses, websites, contact information, and any information related to doing business with them are displayed. It will also detail the different product categories the supplier provides.

Support and Resources: Worldwide Brands Review:

The customer care team is reachable by phone and email from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Give them a call at 1.877.376.7747 to speak with them.

You obtain access to a members-only forum where you may interact with other members of Worldwide Brands as well as the Market Research Tool. Additionally, you’ll get access to instructional videos, worksheets, and practical activities that will teach you how to sell online and establish relationships with suppliers.

The customer service team contributes value to the service overall, however, it may require some minor adjustments.

Service Details – Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands finds trustworthy wholesalers willing to cooperate with online retailers. They only accept suppliers into their directory who successfully complete a verification process. Dropshippers, light bulk wholesale, huge volumes, and importers are some examples of suppliers.

Can I Make Money With Worldwide Brands?

Although you won’t be making millions any time soon, you can get off to a good start with Worldwide Brands. Reaching millions of people globally is one of the advantages of selling online. The number of customers making online purchases has increased as a result of increased competition.

Products with high, low, zero, and negative profit margins are available from Worldwide Brands. In other words, Worldwide Brands has endless possibilities.

Since your company won’t stand out if you offer things that everyone else is offering, you are unlikely to be profitable.

Sales Venue vs Wholesale Prices- Worldwide Brands Review:

Both eBay and Amazon have historically made little money. Take into account the fact that the majority of eBay users will perform a search for what they want before using the “Sort by lowest price” option.

You barely ever get noticed if your price isn’t among the top three lowest. eBay sellers are forced to constantly undercut one another’s pricing since they are aware of this in order to appear at the top or close to it on the sorted results page. eBay sellers must reduce their pricing dollar for dollar in order to remain competitive.

This process is fueled by a large number of inexperienced eBay sellers, and as a result, you end up selling for a few dollars above wholesale in order to generate sales.

About has a list of wholesalers and drop shippers for those of you who aren’t familiar with them. Their key selling point is that they have Light Bulk Wholesalers in addition to their extensive list of dropshipping providers.

This is ideal for your business, whether you’re a novice or an experienced seller. The website is well-organized and refreshingly basic, and it has an easy-to-understand membership program that provides a lot for a single, one-time lifetime price.

Because drop shippers store, pack, and ship your items for you and there is no minimum order amount, works with a variety of vendors, saving you the headache. Neither upfront payment for the goods nor stock storage is required.

Not all vendors, however, operate in this manner, and you can unintentionally end up working with a light bulk wholesaler (one who deals in small lots as opposed to single items) or a high volume wholesaler (one who deals in large volumes).

As a result, when you discover great unit pricing for a product, be sure to find out whether there is a minimum order number (clear details are provided on the site). If so, you might find that you’ve taken on too much.

You can trust that examines and validates all drop shipping businesses before doing business with them. You can immediately access all products after signing up and begin selling online.

Unfortunately, you can’t see product information unless you register, but other than our No. 1 site, you won’t find a better selection. You can explore products by supplier or category, and there is a helpful keyword search to speed up your research and find particular products.

Why Join a Directory Though – Worldwide Brands Review?

Online, there are two ways to locate drop shippers and wholesalers:

  1. Search Google for suppliers
  2. Use a directory
The first option is fine, but it takes more time to find suppliers, you won’t find as many because not all of them optimize their websites to be found in search engines, and there’s no way to know for sure until after you’ve bought from them. This poses a risk even if you’re only placing small orders because a bad supplier can endanger your priceless eBay feedback score or business reputation.
However, there are two major benefits to using a directory:
  1. Finding suppliers is significantly quicker and simpler because they are located in one location.
  2. You can stay away from con artists and phony or shady suppliers.
It’s considerably simpler to identify suppliers for a product in a directory than it is to search on Google from scratch, as directories hunt out wholesalers and dropshippers.
There are typically numerous suppliers for each product, making it simple to compare pricing and offers. Since all the suppliers are in one location, you can search for a product and instantly see who has it in stock.
  • Salehoo and Doba both list substantially fewer products than Worldwide Brands—1.6 million and 2.0 million, respectively.
  • With an average annual addition of 500,000 new products, WWB is still expanding and current.
  • The number of drop-shippers and wholesalers at Worldwide Brands is roughly equal, and the majority of the wholesalers also sell in “light bulk.”
  • One of the main advantages of membership is that Worldwide Brands guarantees the dependability of all the providers in their directory, which is the greatest characteristic.

Finding Suppliers – Worldwide Brands Review:

You can find suppliers using an app that runs on both iPhones and Android smartphones. You can also compare items, store your favorites, and get in touch with providers using this app. Here is an iPhone screen photo of the app:
In comparison to Salehoo and Doba, Worldwide Brands has the most comprehensive product directory. More than any rival, there are over 8,000 wholesalers and drop-shippers and 16 million products listed.

Worldwide Brands Review of Dropshippers/Wholesalers

No other directory of its kind has as many real wholesalers and drop shippers as they do. If you join up for Worldwide Brands, you may anticipate receiving emails (just like anywhere else), but with resources and items that are genuinely real, effective, and in moderation. You can unsubscribe if you don’t like it. The newsletters frequently provide helpful advice, but there weren’t and aren’t many of them this time around, so I decided to keep getting them.

The Worldwide Brands Directory Review:

The wholesaler and dropshipper directory is Worldwide Brands’ main source of income. They take pride in having the best online directory of drop shippers and wholesalers. They follow the following procedure to find suppliers:

Worldwide brands review:

  1. To locate legitimate wholesalers and drop shippers, go to trade shows.
  2. Confirm their legitimacy and agreement to cooperate with internet merchants like myself
  3. Add them to their directory

The majority of the businesses in their database are distributors of both branded and generic goods that are exclusive to them. As a result, you can buy both well-known names and generic goods when you need them. There are a few more well-known wholesalers listed in their database as well, but the majority are unheard-of businesses.

Worldwide Brands Review on Wholesale Pricing:

worldwide brands dropshipping review

As is customary in wholesale, you must purchase more items in order to receive deeper discounts on wholesale rates. You won’t get anywhere close to the pricing by getting $150 worth of merchandise compared to ordering $5K or $10K worth of product. Worldwide Brands writes on the fact that they and no one else has control over this situation.

The best way to manage your wholesale pricing is to work with reputable wholesalers, which Worldwide Brands provides.

The items listed in the Directory cannot be purchased from Worldwide Brands. Additionally, you set up the account with the wholesaler directly rather than through Worldwide Brands. You use the sources that Worldwide Brands gives after that. No markups from middlemen.

It can be challenging to turn a profit when selling on third-party websites like eBay and Amazon due to eBay/Amazon, PayPal/Merchant Account fees, and delivery costs unless you’re buying in bigger quantities. You are already aware of this if you sell on Amazon or eBay.

Your subscription may be paid for in three installments if you are unable to pay the full amount up front. If you select this option, the first month will cost you $99, the second month will cost you $110, and the third month will cost you $110.

I definitely recommend Worldwide Brands if you’re an established seller trying to grow your eBay, Amazon, or online store, or if you’re just starting out in this industry.

Worldwide Brands Review –  Pros:

Because there are so many alternatives, including items, brands, and places, using the search bar was quite simple (such as Florida).

1. Vast Supplier database
2. Easy Search functionality
3. Options For Buying in Light bulk
4. Allow Making product request
5. Online Video training series from the Founder
6. Product Analysis Tool
7. Forum for networking with peers
8. The Worldwide Brands app
9. The Worldwide Brands Newsletter

Worldwide Brands Review – Cons:

Worldwide Brands is far from flawless. Before entering into Worldwide Brands, there are a few things you should be aware of.

1. Developing an eCommerce brand is challenging
2. International Brands does provide a free trial.
3. Weekend Live Chat & Customer Support are Not Available
4. You can look up vendors on Google on your own.

Worldwide Brands Review- Positive Feedback:

  • The one-time membership cost is non-refundable.
  • There is no order minimum, so you may place any number of orders without being charged more.
  • There are numerous products available in the wholesale directory.
  • Before being included in the directory, each supplier must go through a thorough verification process (removing Chinese counterfeiters and other fraudulent companies).
  • The only eBay-approved resource for information on sourcing wholesale items is Worldwide Brands.
  • New products and services are added to the list each week.
  • On one website, you can transact business with a range of vendors.

Worldwide Brands Review- Negative Feedback:

  • There are plenty of pricey things on the market.
  • Selling these things on eBay and Amazon for a profit is difficult.
  • In most cases, a resale certificate is needed when placing a larger order

Worldwide Brands Review: Is it a Scam?

We can reassure you that Worldwide Brands is a legitimate business because we are customers. Instead, it is a legitimate business that collects money from customers in exchange for a legitimate service (a wholesale directory).

The Worldwide Brands Directory’s suppliers have been highlighted in print and television publications like Entrepreneur, Brides, and National Geographic Channel.

Final Word – Worldwide Brands Review:

An upper-market wholesale database for retailers looking for suppliers is called Worldwide Brands. a pricey yet high-quality alternative.

Searching through a large supplier database is made simple by Worldwide Brands.

Although there are many wholesale vendors to pick from in Worldwide Brands’ database, other features, especially considering the cost, are relatively missing.

Wherever you look, opinions on Worldwide Brands are diverse. Some people adore it, while others think it’s overpriced and not worth it.


Is wolverine worldwide brands and worldwide brands reviewed the same?

For the men and women who are constructing the future, the Wolverine Brand offers durable and comfortable footwear, clothes, and accessories using the best materials, cutting-edge technology, and over 130 years of legacy. In the United States and Canada, Wolverine World Wide ran 42 consumer-direct eCommerce sites in addition to 80 physical stores.

Worldwide Brands VS Wholesale Central: What are the differences explained?

A directory of dropshipping suppliers is called Wholesale Central. Although there are some significant distinctions, it is comparable to Worldwide Brands.

The cost is where there is the biggest difference. While Worldwide Brands has a membership charge, Wholesale Central is free to use.

The quantity of vendors is another distinction. Compared to Worldwide Brands, Wholesale Central offers a smaller database of suppliers.

Worldwide brands review: Wholesale Central is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a free directory of dropshipping suppliers. But Worldwide Brands is the greatest option if you want access to a larger database of excellent providers.

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