How Do I Find My Yacht Club Burgees: Yacht Club Burgees for Sale

A “Burgee” is a flag that is still used today to represent a Yacht Club Burgees or sailing organization. It is typically tiny and swallow-tailed. Burgees got their start in the nineteenth century when shipowners created their own “private signal” that was often flown from the top of the tallest mast of the ship.

Regardless of shape, a Burgee is the distinctive flag of a recreational sailing organization. They typically take the form of a pennant.

What are Burgees?

In order to facilitate reciprocal rights, almost every Yacht Club carries a distinctive Burgee (flag) that distinguishes their members’ vessels. There has been a lot written about proper Burgee etiquette, depending on the type of vessel. The burgee is flown by contemporary sailing vessels from a lanyard attached to the main mast’s port spreader. The burgee is flown from the main masthead on antique sailing vessels. Power boats use a short staff on the bow to fly their Burgee. When they get to showcase their yachts and fly their Burgees, yachties like “Opening Day.”

In order to help yacht clubs secure their copyright to their burgee, the International Burgee Registry distributes yacht club burgees as a free service to them. They lessen the likelihood that other groups will use their design by displaying their burgee here.

A burgee, a little flag used to identify a yacht club affiliation, can be seen on many boats. Although yacht club burgees can take on a variety of forms, they are most frequently either triangular or swallow-tailed. Most clubs have distinctive burgees that make it easy to recognize the boats of their members.

How Do I Find My Yacht Club Burgees?

Every yacht club has a club burgee, which is often a triangular pennant and is displayed in accordance with club regulations at the clubhouse and aboard members’ boats.

About Visiting Yacht Club Burgees:


For more than 70 years, Beaver Flags has been designing and producing personalized maritime burgees, guidons, personal signals, and pennants, either as sewed appliques or digitally printed items. For many years, They have also offered marina flags, yacht club burgees, and yacht burgees! Call them if you need help creating your own boat signal or burgee.

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Yacht club burgees for sale:

The “nautical guide” or “burgee,” which is used by almost all Yacht Clubs and sailing clubs to identify the boats that belong to them, is its own flag. Depending on the type of ship exhibiting it, there are numerous texts regarding the label that describe how one should display their boat. Through a cord attached to the main shaft to the starboard side, contemporary ships lift the nautical guide. The guide is raised from the mast in the oldest sailing ships. From the top masthead, fly the ravine.

Instead, motorboats hoist the guide from the same boat’s bow. Purchase your boating company’s guides.

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About – Yacht Club Burgee:

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They sell hand-sewn and printed National Yacht Club burgees, both of which are produced in-house in North Yorkshire, England.

Their hand-sewn National Yacht Club Burgees are created from our 155gsm woven polyester flag fabric, which has been authorized by the Ministry of Defense and is the best material for manufacturing outdoor flags. A robust and long-lasting end product is produced by manually cutting the various pieces of fabric to MoD & Flag institute patterns and sewing them together with a flat felled seam.

Any appliqué work is hand stitched into the flag’s design using our 115gsm knitted polyester flag fabric, which has been approved by the Ministry of Defense. Depending on the complexity of the pattern, the appliquéd part might be printed; if you’d like to be sure, give us a call.

All of their National Yacht Club Burgees come standard with their red, white, and blue stitch polypropylene headband tape, rope, and wooden toggle and are hemmed on the three exposed sides with a sturdy double hem (triple hem on fly, on flags over 2.5 yards). On request, additional fittings are available.


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What differentiates a pennant from a burgee?

A pennant is a flag that is triangular, tapering, or swallow-tailed in shape and is larger at the hoist than at the fly. The flag that designates a recreational boating organization is called a burgee.

When can you fly a yacht club burgee?

Yacht clubs are permitted to fly their burgees while in motion and at anchor, day or night, and so are their members. The burgee can be flown from the main masthead or from a halyard running beneath the lowermost starboard spreader on sailing vessels.

Can a yacht club flag fly higher than the American flag?

A yacht club-style flagpole’s gaff is its highest point of pride, just like the gaff of the gaff-rigged ship it represents. There, just the American ensign is flown.

What Yacht Clubs can fly a blue ensign?

If they have a permit given by that Club, members of some clubs are allowed to fly the plain blue ensign at the stern of their yachts. The Royal Cruising Club (RCC), the Royal Naval Sailing Association (RNSA), and the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Yacht Club are some of those organizations (RNVRYC).

How Big is a Burgee?

Powerboat Length Burgee Size Sailboat Mast Height
up to 24′ 10×15″ burgee up to 30′
25′ to 28′ 12×18″ burgee 31′ to 36′
29′ to 33′ 14×21″ burgee 37′ to 42′
34′ to 38′ 16×24″ burgee 43′ to 48′


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