DreamHost Affiliate: 21 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

In this article, we’ll go through the basics of the DreamHost affiliate program and how it works in practice. Whether you’re a novice blogger or an established business, the Dreamhost platform has everything you need to grow your website and offers an affiliate program to earn money. DreamHost is also a carbon-neutral host that goes to great lengths to conserve resources in its headquarters. They’re also members of the Green Chamber of Commerce in the United States. There are a plethora of methods to make money online, but providing innovative and valuable content may be a lucrative way to generate money if done correctly.

DreamHost Affiliate Program Review:

Affiliate marketing entails promoting external vendors’ products on your website. In a typical affiliate system, three or four parties are engaged. The affiliate: This is the person in charge of a website with affiliate links. The consumer: This is a visitor to the affiliate site who purchases after clicking on an affiliate link. The network: This is the internal or external platform on which the affiliate program is run. The merchant: This is a business that sells things that the affiliate promotes. 

Dreamhost Affiliate Review: How it Works

Depending on the goods ordered, the commissions for the Dreamhost affiliate program vary. Each referral has a $200 earning potential.

Getting started as a Dreamhost affiliate couldn’t be simpler. You just need to complete the registration form, and you should receive approval right away.

As long as your commissions have been approved and are past the 97-day holding period, payments are issued via PayPal every month.

The 97-day holding period is based on how long new customers have to request a refund. In comparison to many other web hosting affiliate programs, that is a lengthy holding period.

Why DreamHost Affiliate:

 Dreamhost Affiliate program


DreamHost is a partner of WordPress.org’s officially recommended managed WordPress solution. An easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to keep track of all of your profits. Advanced tracking URLs ensure that everyone who signs up after clicking on your link gets tracked. You have complete financial freedom as well as unrestricted payouts! , Your earning potential is unrestricted! and your secure payments are made on time, every time, via bank transfer. They have ready-to-use, beautiful banners that come in a variety of sizes and look excellent on any website.

How much can I earn every month?

If you can get individuals to sign up for DreamHost web hosting, you may earn up to $97 per referral, which means that just one referral per month can help you earn $1,164 in a year. The standard compensation for DreamHost affiliates is a whopping $97 per hosting purchase. Plus, you can earn exclusive benefits to boost your account balance by:

  • Earning an extra $5 for each sub-referral brought in by your referrals
  • You’ll get $50 extra on top of your standard commission for every five referrals you make in a month.

DreamHost Affiliate Payout Plan:

1. Shared Starter:

  • Monthly Plan Payout Starting at $15/referral
  • Yearly Plan Payout Starting at $50/referral

2. Shared Unlimited:

  • Monthly Plan Payout Starting at $30/referral
  • Yearly Plan Payout Starting at $100/referral

3. VPS (Virtual Private Server):

  • Monthly Plan Payout Starting at $30/referral
  • Yearly Plan Payout Starting at $100/referral

4. Dedicated Server:

  • Monthly Plan Payout Starting at $200/referral
  • Yearly Plan Payout Starting at $200/referral

5. DreamPress (WordPress Hosting):

  • Monthly Plan Payout Starting at $150/referral
  • Yearly Plan Payout Starting at $150/referral

How DreamHost Affiliate Program Benefit You?

You might be wondering how the business determines which affiliate is to blame for the purchase. That’s the easy part because each affiliate is given a unique URL that keeps track of each product they recommend. This allows the merchant to use cookies to track all referrals, ensuring that they know exactly how much money they’ve made.

Let’s look at some of the most important ways that becoming an affiliate marketer can benefit you and your website.

1. First and foremost, it is low-risk and low-cost, making it a very cost-effective way to generate money.

2. You may earn a one­time referral commission (“Reward”) as a DreamHost Recommend & Earn member (“Affiliate”) for each paying customer you refer to us who joins up for hosting.

3. If someone visits DreamHost.com using your referral link, completes the signup procedure within thirty (30) days of clicking on the affiliate tracking link, and keeps an active paid account with DreamHost for at least 97 days, you’ll get compensated.

4. If different Affiliates refer the same unique customer, only the last referrer will be credited for the referral before the buyer gets DreamHost services.

5. It allows you to be creative while also providing something of actual value to your audience. You don’t even have to worry about making, distributing, or maintaining the products yourself.

How DreamHost Affiliates Work:

An affiliate writes an article and posts it on their website. The article is a review of a pair of sneakers that the merchant sells. The affiliate offers a link to the sneakers’ product page at the bottom of the post. A customer reads the blog post and clicks on the affiliate link after being interested in the review. The customer decides to buy the sneakers after visiting the merchant’s website. The merchant makes a profit on the sale, and a percentage of that profit is split with the affiliate.

How to Create A Successful Dreamhost Affiliate Campaign:

You already know that providing good content to your visitors will enhance traffic and engagement on your site. Signing up for a DreamHost account is a great strategy to boost your website’s conversions. Here are some key points to cover in your discussion:

  • Why building a website is a good idea.
  • How to order DreamHost web hosting and a domain.
  • What is the best way to install WordPress and pick a theme? How to make a website your own.

Tips and Resources: Write it in your own words, your visitors will appreciate your voice, so use it to develop a fun, engaging guide. Include a disclaimer about affiliate ties. You’ll want to make sure you’ve covered all of your legal bases and that affiliates are aware of any fine print. Show your audience how simple it is to get started with DreamHost by going above and beyond to help them get started with a hosting plan. Best-practice actions to ensure your web campaign’s greatest success rate:

  • Whenever you mention DreamHost, include a tracking link.
  • Keep the navigational indications within the message as simple as possible.
  • Make the guide easily accessible to your visitors by including it in your site’s menu structure.

DreamHost’s Affiliate Program (TUNE) – Overview:

Dreamhost Affiliate Getting Started:

  • Go to https://partners.dreamhost.com/ and sign up for a partner account:
  • Fill in basic Info  and click the Sign-Up button
  • Set up your tax documentation & your payment method


The Dashboard provides a summary of your affiliate account; it only displays conversions that have been approved. Quick Stats: Impressions, Clicks, Conversions (approved), Payout (approved), and Year-To-Date Payout are all displayed in the Quick Stats section. Recent Notifications: Displays any updates to offers or other relevant. Featured Offers: Displays your current accessible offers. For new signups, only the DreamHost Rewards Tier 1 offer is available at this time.


All of the tools are considered advanced, and some of them may not operate with your present offer or result in tracking loss. The Tools menu has four choices, which are detailed below: Ad Groups: this allows you to manage your existing ad groups or create new ones. Mobile App: is available for download through the “Publisher Dashboard Mobile App.” APIs: this allows you to create TUNE APIs. Please see TUNE’s API Documentation for further information. Pixels/Postbacks: are only available to specific partners. For further information, please email  affiliates@dreamhost.com.

DreamHost Affiliate Restrictions and Responsibilities:

DreamHost affiliates must explicitly state on their websites that they are compensated for their evaluations or for traffic directed to DreamHost via their site. DreamHost’s affiliate network does not accept “coupon-only” websites. Before sending traffic to DreamHost’s servers, affiliates must ensure that their tracking code is working properly. You are not permitted to acquire a domain and direct it to DreamHost’s website using your affiliate link. Don’t try to be DreamHost: purchasing directory referral services, either directly or indirectly, is banned. Customers and their spouses/civil union partners are not allowed to refer each other.

Creating a DreamHost Affiliate Account:

Create an account at https://affiliates.dreamhost.com by filling out the signup form. dreamland affiliate

Finding your share links:

After you create an account, the main dashboard page appears that will provide helpful information on the dashboard page, click Share Links. Additional share links for different campaigns can be added, which can be used to track different pages and identify which links brought in the most referrals. Click the Create Share link button to make more short links.

dreamland affiliate share links

Setting up payouts:

Click the My Account icon on the dashboard page and select the ‘My Profile’ option. You can update your profile settings to publish payout information on your profile page. Add your PayPal email account address to the Payment Credentials area by scrolling down: dreamhost affiliate payouts

You must have a PayPal account, that is. Payouts may be affected if you add a non-PayPal account or if you add one that is inactive or suspended. Fill in the blanks. Campaign: ‘DreamHost Rewards’ are pre-populated in the campaign and cannot be updated. Description: a brief description of how the link should be used. Source: The source identifies where you are sharing the link. Medium: the type of material you intend to share the link with.

Holding period: 97 days

If the affiliate has opted to pay out their rewards, they will be available for redemption after the 97-day holding period. Earned incentives are paid out via PayPal on the first business day after the 10th of the month for affiliates with an earnings balance of more than $20. A 5% PayPal processing fee is applied to all rewards payments.

  • The cash from the referred customer is not available to DreamHost.
  • The order is a forgery.
  • Within the first 97 days, the customer cancels.
  • For whatever reason, the reward was not earned properly.

21 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate programs are available from most web hosting companies, each with slightly varying terms and commission rates. Making money as an affiliate through the top web hosting affiliate programs isn’t rocket science; keep up with the current specials from the web hosting provider and find the best ways to promote them. There you have it: the 21 best web hosting affiliate programs from which you may begin earning money.

Top Web Hosting Affiliate Programs are:

  1. Bluehost Affiliate Program:
  2. Hostgator Affiliate Program:
  3. WP Engine Affiliate Marketing:
  4. Kinsta Affiliate Program:
  5. Siteground Affiliate Program:
  6. Namecheap Web Hosting Affiliate Program:
  7. Hostinger Web Hosting Affiliate Program:
  8. DreamHost Affilite Program:
  9. GreenGeeks Affiliate Program
  10. Cloudways Web Hosting Affiliate Program:
  11. Liquid Web Affiliate Program:
  12. iPage Affiliate Program:
  13. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program:
  14. Scala Hosting Affiliate Program:
  15. Squarespace Web Hosting Affiliate:
  16. Flywheel Web Hosting Affiliate Program:
  17. Hostpapa Affiliate Program:
  18. Web Hosting Hub Affiliate
  19. Godaddy Web Hosting Affiliate Program:

How Do You Best Promote Dreamhost Affiliate Web Hosting?

There are numerous niches in which you can advertise web hosting services. For instance, I’ve sold site hosting by recommending a certain business for a specific piece of WordPress-based software.

Pricing Models Supported by the DreamHost Affiliate Program:

CPS (Cost Per Sale)

CPS deals are supported by the DreamHost Affiliate Program. The cost an advertiser incurs when a transaction is converted is known as the cost per sale (CPS). Calculating the cost of Sale is done as follows: Cost Per Sale = advertisement cost/number of sales (CPS). As an affiliate, it reflects the sum you will be compensated for generating sales for an advertiser through a network or affiliate program. Sometimes CPS for affiliates is referred to as PPS (Pay Per Sale).

The bottom line on Dreamhost Affiliate Review:

I think the commissions for promoting DreamHost are wonderful. WordPress also suggests them as a respectable company.

They offer a 97-day money-back guarantee when promoting their services, which can be used as an incentive.

However, the 97-day money-back guarantee also includes a 97-day waiting period before commissions are approved and paid out for each referral.

It has an extremely high waiting time compared to other web hosting companies with affiliate programs. In affiliate programs, a 30-day hold is typical.

I do suggest creating a specific website to advertise Dreamhost. This is how I got my start in affiliate marketing, and it’s how I continue to receive consistent affiliate commissions today.

DreamHost Affiliate: 21 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

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