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Get the Best Blocks & Instant Offers with Flex-Grabber!

Flex Grabber is a well-known bot used by Amazon Flex drivers to efficiently claim blocks. Like other bots, it offers customization of search parameters and the option to grab instant offers, leading to higher earnings. It operates without requiring the user’s password and simulates the phone and device during use. While it provides a two-day free trial, Flex-Grabber has a cost of $69 every two weeks, positioning it as one of the more expensive choices among Amazon Flex bots.

What are Amazon Flex Bots?

Amazon Flex bots are automated software tools that Amazon Flex drivers use to enhance their chances of getting more shifts, or “blocks,” in a more efficient manner than manually selecting them. These bots automate the process of refreshing, swiping, and tapping within the Amazon Flex app to claim available shifts.

Although these bots provide a substantial benefit in obtaining additional work, their usage goes against Amazon Flex’s terms of service and can lead to penalties, such as having their accounts deactivated.

Why do Amazon Flex drivers use bots?

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Amazon Flex drivers employ bots because these tools offer a fast and automated method to secure delivery blocks within the Amazon Flex app. This is particularly important due to the intense competition among drivers for a limited number of available shifts.

The bots can manage the app on behalf of the drivers, claiming shifts without requiring constant manual refreshing and swiping. This is especially beneficial when drivers are occupied with activities such as driving or other tasks that make it difficult to actively monitor and interact with the app.

What is Flex-Grabber?

Flex Grabber is an Amazon Flex bot.

Flex-Grabber can search for “instant offers” in various locations. Users can choose their preferred locations by accessing the Settings / Locations page.

Now you can receive instant offers from any desired location. By setting your geolocation to your preferred Amazon location, you can start the search in the “Instant offers” tab. As a bonus, you can even select multiple locations to further increase your earning potential. Join Flex Grabber today and enjoy a trial period of 3 days to experience its benefits firsthand.

If any issues arise, it is recommended to reach out to support through the Facebook chat widget.

It includes the following features:

  1. Unlimited blocks search
    Multiple locations Instant offers search.
    I’ve arrived, feature.
    SMS notifications.
    Unique virtual machine.
    Captcha bypass
    Selfie bypass

Flex Grabber Cost.

Flex-Grabber price: $69 for 2 weeks

Using the I’ve featured.

  • The “I’ve arrived” button can be located within the schedule section of the Amazon Flex app.
  • It becomes accessible 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of a block.
  • By utilizing this feature, you can indicate your arrival at a designated location, and it will be recorded in the Amazon system.
  • The “I’ve arrived” feature ensures that you will never be considered late for your assigned block.

Is Flex Grabber free?

Yes, the company provides a 2-day free trial. Introducing the referral program! You can now invite your friends and receive 7 free days. Simply visit the profile section in the settings to learn more and participate in the program.

How do I start using the Flex bot?

To create an account with them, follow these steps:

  1. Configure bot settings:
    • Set up the search settings:
      • Specify the search type.
      • Define the minimum base pay.
    • Configure search settings by location.
    • Determine the minimum number of minutes before a block for searching.
  2. Choose the location for standard blocks / instant offers.
  3. Navigate to the Search or Instant Offers page.
  4. Initiate the search to find a block.
  5. Repeat step 3 as needed to continue searching for blocks.

On the schedule page, it is possible to cancel a block if desired.

Why choose Flex Grabber?

Unique virtual machine.

Create a simulated phone environment to prevent your account from being deactivated.

Flex Grabber doesn`t need your password.

With this straightforward method, you can effectively protect your account and ensure its security.

Captcha bypass.

With the Amazon Flex bot, there is no need to be concerned about solving captchas anymore. The bot takes care of this task on your behalf.

  • Secure instant delivery block offers from multiple locations.
  • Receive notifications regarding accepted blocks and search status.
  • Avoid the inconvenience of taking selfies for verification.
  • Minimize the possibility of being late or missing scheduled or instant blocks.

Flex Grabber offers convenience and efficiency, but the use of such bots carries risks, including account deactivation and legal consequences. Amazon strictly prohibits the use of bots, and drivers should consider the potential consequences before deciding to use them.

Top Amazon Flex Block Grabber Apps: Maximizing Your Earnings

flex grabber free

Amazon Flex block grabber apps have transformed the process of securing delivery blocks and maximizing earnings for drivers. These apps provide real-time notifications, automation, and historical data to help drivers outperform the competition. It’s crucial to note that these apps are not foolproof and should be used as supplemental tools. By utilizing these top block grabber apps, drivers can enhance their chances of obtaining high-paying delivery opportunities and optimize their earnings as Amazon Flex drivers.

1. Flex Utility:

The app offers real-time notifications for available delivery blocks in your area, along with features like auto-tap. It also allows you to set filters based on your preferences, ensuring that you receive notifications for blocks that align with your desired criteria.

2. BlockRabbit
This is an app with real-time notifications and a user-friendly interface that excels with its intelligent scheduling algorithm. Providing historical data on block availability helps in strategizing and maximizing earnings.

3. Flexer:

Flexer is a feature-rich app designed to enhance your earnings. With real-time notifications and customizable filters, it ensures you receive relevant block notifications. Its auto-swipe feature automatically accepts blocks. Furthermore, Flexer provides valuable analytics and historical data on block availability, enabling informed decision-making.

4. Blocker:

Blocker, a popular app among Amazon Flex drivers, provides real-time notifications for available blocks and customizable filters. Its auto-tap feature enhances the likelihood of securing blocks quickly. With its user-friendly interface and dependable performance, Blocker has gained significant popularity among drivers.


Flex Grabber is an Amazon Flex bot that is widely used by drivers to streamline the process of claiming delivery blocks. It offers features such as customized search criteria, the ability to grab instant offers, and notifications for accepted blocks and search status. Flex Grabber eliminates the need for manual tasks like solving captchas and taking verification selfies. However, it’s important to note that using bots like Flex Grabber carries the risk of account deactivation and should be used with caution.


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What are some other risks or consequences of using bots like Flex Grabber?

Using bots like Flex Grabber for Amazon Flex can have several risks and consequences:

  1. Account Deactivation: Amazon strictly prohibits the use of bots, and if caught, your Amazon Flex account may be deactivated permanently. This would result in the loss of your gig and potential earnings.
  2. Legal Issues: Engaging in bot usage violates the terms of service of Amazon Flex and may also violate applicable laws. This can lead to legal consequences and potential penalties.
  3. Ethical Concerns: Using bots can be seen as unfair competition and may negatively impact other drivers who follow the rules. It goes against the principles of fair play and can harm the overall ecosystem of Amazon Flex.
  4. Reputation Damage: If your use of bots becomes known among other drivers or Amazon Flex management, it may harm your reputation within the community. This can lead to mistrust and make it difficult to collaborate or receive support from fellow drivers.
  5. Loss of Trust: Amazon values the trust of its customers, and any behavior that undermines that trust, such as using bots, can result in a loss of trust in the platform and its drivers.

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