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How to Get Twitter Profile Link and 5 Top Twitter Trends

Twitter is a place where influencers, bloggers, and journalists find fans, brands, and company stories. When they look for something in your industry or vertical, you want to make sure your business is visible.

More than 330 million people use Twitter every month, and more than 350,000 tweets are sent every minute. There’s no denying that potential customers and clients are present, and if they are, your company should be as well.

Table of Content:

  1. How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile for Better Visibility in 8 Steps:
  2. How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business in 4 Steps:
  3. How to Use Twitter for Business – 8 Ways:
  4. Five Ways to Improve the Visibility of Your Twitter Profile:
  5. How to Make Your Tweets Searchable
  6. How to Backlink With Twitter
  7. How to Find Top Twitter Trends Worldwide Today

Ways to Optimize Your Twitter Profile

How to Get Twitter Profile link for Better Visibility in 8 Steps:

What is Twitter profile link:
Professional Twitter Profiles allow you to publish specialized information about your brand or business right on your profile. For the first time, a Professional Profile will allow you to have a distinct and well-defined presence on the platform, apart from the broader public.
In your account settings, you can see your URL. Log in to Twitter’s website, then select “Settings” from the gear icon. In this format, your whole Twitter URL appears just below the Username box: [username] on Twitter: When you save the settings, your Twitter URL changes.
You can view your URL in your account settings. Log in to Twitter’s website, click the gear icon and then click “Settings.” Your full Twitter URL appears immediately below the Username box in this format:[username]. … Your Twitter URL updates when you save the settings.

The first step to Twitter’s success is to create the correct kind of profile.

1. Read your Twitter bio carefully:

You just have 160 characters to wow your potential followers. If you use hashtags, keep in mind that they will be clickable and may detract from your bio, so make sure you choose relevant keywords and hashtags.

2. Use an image as a header:

Your Twitter profile header image is similar to a magazine cover, so change it frequently and use the area to promote your company.

You can use your header image to highlight the following for the Twitter profile link:

  • Products that are brand new
  • Products and services that are in high demand
  • Publication of the book
  • A group shot
  • Your business or workplace
  • At a trade fair, you can promote your company.
  • A unique occasion

Keep in mind that the suggested Twitter profile picture size is 1500×1500 pixels, which allows you to do a lot more with it.

Regardless of the photo you choose, make sure to save all of your photographs with branded keywords in the filename. This improves your chances of getting discovered through an image search.

3. Choose Your Profile Image Carefully Twitter profile link:

The logo of your company or brand is a simple way to recognize and represent it.

Consider the image’s size, color, and how it will appear on a mobile device. A file size of 400 by 400 pixels is recommended. JPEG, GIF, and PNG files up to 2 megabytes are supported by Twitter.

4. Get People to Twitter Profile visits and Your Website:

The number of times people have looked at your profile page.

You need to mention:

  • The total number of times your @username has been mentioned in a Tweet.
  • A number of new followers: The total number of new followers you’ve gained.
  • Links to you on Twitter Profile: The number of times you and/or others have Tweeted your Twitter Card(s).

Unlike LinkedIn, which gives you the option to view who clicks on your profile, Twitter does not offer this feature to see Twitter profile viewers. Direct engagement is the only way to determine whether or not someone has seen your tweets.

You can direct folks to your home page by using the link space in your Twitter profile bio. Instead of the default homepage, direct Twitter followers to specific pages on your website.

You can direct your followers to download a free eBook or checklist, subscribe to your email list, or register for a webinar by connecting to your blog or company newsroom.

5. Add a location to Your Profile:

If you’re a local business, make sure to fill out the location section of your Twitter profile; if you’re not, you can still provide the address of your corporate office.

6. Make sure you have a public profile:

Your business or brand will not be noticed if you do not have public tweets, so make sure they are public.

7. Pin a Tweet to Your Profile:

It provides you with a platform to display material. The pinned tweet is your highlighted story if you compare your Twitter profile cover image to a magazine cover.

Include a strong visual with a clear call-to-action and relevant keywords, as well as strategically placed hashtags and a link to your website or blog for further information.

Just like your cover image, you may change it up on a frequent basis to draw attention to whatever you want to promote.

8. Make it simple for people to send you direct messages:

Remove the privacy from your direct messages to improve your accessibility and make your brand more friendly on your Twitter profile. Go to the “Privacy and Safety” section of the settings menu. Look for the direct message option at the bottom of the page. “Receive Direct Messages from Anyone” should be checked.

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business:

How to Use Twitter Profile to Promote Your Business in 4 Steps:

Your business may already have advanced business goals, and Twitter is a channel that can help you reach those goals.

First, you need to develop your own Twitter marketing strategy. It focuses on content that is created, published, and distributed to engage your followers.

The following tips will help you develop a strong Twitter marketing strategy.

1. Do some research on your competitors:

Gathering information about what your competitors are doing will help inform your own strategy.

By asking questions about your competitors, you can start your highly developed strategy.

  • Are they doing what you are doing?
  • Looks like their customer service on the platform.

2. Audit your account:

You must be organized in order for Twitter to be a useful marketing tool. When it comes to strategy, the importance of auditing cannot be overstated, thus you must audit your account as soon as possible.

3. Research best practices:

Keeping up with best practices as Twitter evolves and is updated is critical to maintaining high impressions and engagements.

4. Determine your target audience:

You should have a description of your personas in mind while establishing your strategy, and even while writing specific pieces of content.

  • Who are you attempting to contact?
  • What are their passions? Will this pique their interest?

How to Use Twitter Profile for Business – 8 Ways:

Let’s look at some key measures you can take to make the most of Twitter’s power for your business.

1. Create an eye-catching profile:

First and foremost, you must customize your profile to ensure your success. Make sure your banner and profile photo are both visually appealing.

If you’re new to Twitter or have a new business, you’ll want to make your Twitter profile username as relevant to your firm as possible.

You might also add “HQ” to the end of your moniker, as seen on Slack’s Twitter profile account. Another thing to remember is to update your pinned tweet on a regular basis; it’ll be the first thing your audience sees because it’ll be at the top of your feed.

It’s also critical that you fine-tune your description, website link, and location so that your followers have more information about your company, and they should be updated and checked regularly.

2. Make your content valuable:

Making your readers feel as if you’re speaking directly to them is the key to developing successful inbound content.

Nobody wants to see the same “text, CTA, link” tweet with an image preview on their feed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Try incorporating emoticons and GIPHs into your photos and videos.

Twitter chats are an excellent method to engage with your followers and ask them questions about your company or industry.

3. Make your content more optimized:

You may use a few different ways to optimize your content on your Twitter profile.

Hashtags are a simple and frequent technique to promote your material, but you should limit the number of times you utilize them. Per the tweet, limit yourself to one or two relevant hashtags.

Determine which hashtags your target demographic is already using to discuss your business, and then use them yourself.

Finally, think about how often you tweet – your audience isn’t likely on Twitter only to listen to your brand, so don’t load their feeds with irrelevant stuff.

4. Involve your audience:

It’s vital that you interact with your Twitter audience on a frequent basis, whether by tagging them in tweets, responding to their comments, or even arranging exciting giveaways.

5. Keep an eye on your brand:

You may use social listening to develop the type of material that your followers desire, come up with new ideas based on industry trends, improve your customer experience by connecting directly with customers, and adjust your strategy to meet the demands of your audience.

6. Evaluate the outcomes:

Once you’ve established your aims and goals, you can quickly track your progress on any social networking platform. When you click on your profile in the top right corner of your Twitter dashboard, you’ll see a drop-down menu with Twitter profile stats.

A basic recommendation for evaluating your Twitter performance is to focus less on vanity metrics. They are frequently large statistics that appear good on paper but do not assist you in achieving your business objectives.

7. Make Use of a Twitter tool:

There are several applications available that allow you to schedule your postings in advance, so you don’t have to click “Tweet” 30 times a week.

8. Try paid media on Twitter:

There are two ways to try paid media on Twitter:

  • Promoted tweets
  • Twitter ads

A promoted tweet appears and works exactly like a regular tweet; Twitter will include your promoted tweets in a daily campaign targeting the audience you choose in your settings.

Twitter ads – If you want to promote a variety of tweets to achieve a specific goal or advance a campaign, Twitter advertising is a smart choice.

Improve the Visibility of Your Twitter Profile:

Five Ways to Improve the Visibility of Your Twitter Profile:

In this part, you’ll discover a few strategies for increasing your Twitter profile’s visibility.

1. Make sure your cover image is up to date:

You might not spend much time on your Twitter profile if you utilize a Twitter management service like Hootsuite or Buffer.

TIP: Make a note on your calendar when it’s time to update time-sensitive cover images so you don’t forget.

2. Create your cover image with critical information info is not covered by your profile photo:

Use a template (I use Canva) to position your copy and images so that nothing is covered or unintelligible when creating the cover picture. 1500 x 500 pixels is the suggested image size.

TIP: Check your new cover image on your laptop, tablet, and phone once you’ve uploaded it to make sure your message is getting through to your followers.

3. Optimize your bio:

Although you only have 160 characters for your bio, you can be creative if you put some effort into it.

Consider using a URL, hashtags, and emojis in your bio (in addition to the link below your bio). Emojis have the ability to express a story with just one character. Including a few hashtags gives your followers more options for finding your tweets. Adding a URL to a landing page also helps you build your list and give your followers more value.

Tip: Don’t lose the URL posted under your bio. Sending people to your site’s homepage can give visitors a lot of options, leaving them wondering what to do, or worse when they click through to your site.

4. Maximize the value of your pinned tweets:

Create an image, especially for a Twitter post and upload it: The best resolution is 1024 x 512 pixels. When viewing your profile and Twitter feed, the majority of your post with a square or vertical image will be cut off.

Instead of using a customized hashtag, it is recommended that you use a popular hashtag like #caturday.

TIP: Emojis can be used in your pinned tweets, just like in your bio. This also makes tweets stand out more in the Twitter feed. Use prominent hashtags to ensure the tweet appears in searches, and make sure the tweet explains exactly what the viewer will get if they click the link in the tweet.

5. Use the most appropriate hashtags in your tweet:

Identify hashtags that are related to your tweets

How to Make Your Tweets Searchable

How to Make Your Tweets Searchable

You can improve the chances of your Twitter account appearing in both Twitter and Google searches using a few simple tactics.

Start With Relevant Keywords:

Your website keywords may not translate completely to Twitter profile, but you’ll have a good set to try if you mix them with popular hashtags and subjects that work well in your content.

Keywords that you already use in your website’s metadata are a smart place to start.

Make the list as long as every word is relevant to your brand, and keep this list up to date.

#1: Make Your Account Searchable on Twitter profile:

Long-term searchability can be achieved by optimizing your Twitter account for search. Make sure your handle and username are consistent with the name of your company and website.

Your handle (for example, is also included in your unique Twitter URL. For all of your tweets, your username appears next to your profile pic.

Use as few numbers as possible in your username to avoid being flagged as spam by Google.

Bio, Link, and Photo:

They are the locations where adjustments and updates can be made to promote campaigns or events. Because Twitter indexes your bio on a daily basis, any modifications have an impact on your search relevance score.

The main aim of your bio is to explain to potential followers what you generally tweet about and why they should follow you, so keep it updated.

When you use relevant keywords and hashtags in your bio, you will appear more frequently on Twitter and Google when people search for such terms.

When all of the parts of an SEO strategy are functioning together, it’s the most effective. So, before you upload the photo, add important keywords to the filename, separated by dashes (for example, social-media-optimizer.jpeg). For optimal loading speed, make sure your photo is precisely 200 × 200 pixels. And get a branded link shortener if you wish to shorten your URL.

Most SEO authority is usually found on the home page of your company’s website. Consider where your Twitter followers will be directed if they click on your bio link. Special landing pages can be used for homepage campaigns, but only if they are more relevant to your followers.

Remember to include a link to your Twitter profile account on your website; this offers your account more authority and traffic, as well as more followers.

#2: Add Google’s Markup Code to Your Site:

Google allows you to embed code on your website to indicate which social accounts, such as Twitter, you want to appear in search results.
Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, Myspace, Pinterest, SoundCloud, and Tumblr profiles may all be customized. Simply copy some code from the Google Developers site and paste it into your website.

#3: Add keywords to your tweets:

Make sure you’re testing and modifying your content all the time to see what works. Because every time you tweet, you have the chance to appear in Google search results for a topic that interests your customers and prospects.

You can use Twitter analytics to review your tweets and determine which ones are most effective. Increase the number of ways you can tweet about that topic by expanding your content strategy.

On Google, the text in your tweet will appear, but on your Twitter profile, the photos and links in your tweet will appear at the top of the search results.

Put yourself in the position of those who are looking for something and consider why they are looking. Whether or not people are looking into an event. Make every tweet as informative as possible for your readers; the more work you put in, the better your results will be – Rich media works better for Twitter search because of this.

#4: Encourage Retweets:

Retweets are the most effective approach to increase the reach of your tweets. There are no penalties for requesting others to share your work on Twitter profile, unlike on Facebook. A clear call to action appears at the end of some of the most effective organic tweets.

Make sure your tweets aren’t too long for people to retweet. Less than 120 characters are the ideal tweet length for retweetability. This frees up space in retweets for the handles of other Twitter users.



Whenever you do a Google search, you are creating a search stream just like Twitter does via Twitter chats. Putting these two types of searches together is a natural fit, especially since Twitter tracks keywords and hashtags in the Trends feed.

The greatest approaches to achieving a strong overall reach on Twitter are to post retweet-worthy content, have high-quality followers, and tweet at times when you have the most followers.

Always put your following first, followed by SEO. Algorithms change frequently, so always write for the humans, not the machines, who are reading your tweets.

You’ll need a lot of high-quality backlinks, or websites that link to your website, to appear in Google’s top results, among other things.

Twitter is one of the platforms that might help you to get many backlinks. All you have to do is write a catchy tweet, including a link to your website, and maybe a hashtag or two, and hope that people share it with their friends.

How to Backlink With Twitter

get Twitter backlinks

You’ll need a lot of high-quality backlinks, or websites that link to your website, to appear in Google’s top results, among other things.

Twitter is one of the platforms that might help you to get many backlinks. All you have to do is write a catchy tweet, including a link to your website, and maybe a hashtag or two, and hope that people share it with their friends.

How to Backlink With Twitter

  1. Log into your Twitter profile account and send your link to your followers.
  2. Before crucial keywords in your tweets, use the “#” symbol (hashtag key)
  3. Invite your followers to retweet your original tweet as well as the link to it.

How to Find Top Twitter Trends Worldwide Today:

Trends are listed in numerous locations on Twitter’s mobile apps, including the Home timeline, Notifications, search results, and profile pages. When signed in on a desktop or laptop computer, These are listed in several areas, including the Trends part of the Explore tab.

If you can not see what is trending on Twitter then there one of the most common problems is the cache problem, in which certain systems cache outdated trend data, preventing us from seeing the most up-to-date trends. In most cases, manual intervention is required to invalidate the cache. Isn’t it true that the trends aren’t changing? Then you should tweet @twitter to let them know about it so they can solve it.

Sometimes you will see your trend differently, all because Trends is based on an algorithm and are customized for you by default based on your interests, location, and who you follow. When sorting and defining trends, the algorithm considers a variety of parameters, including the number of Tweets that are connected to the trend.

Best Way to Find Twitter Trends Worldwide:

Twitter for iOS app, and for Android app, and all have trending topics.

Trends are listed in numerous locations on Twitter’s mobile apps, including the Home timeline, Notifications, search results, and profile pages. When signed in to on a desktop or laptop computer, Trends are listed in several areas, including the Trends part of the Explore tab.

Top Twitter Trends in the United States:

  • TheBookOfBobaFett- 21.8K tweets
  • Wordle221- Less than 10K tweets
  • Mandalorian- Less than 10K tweets
  • WednesdayWisdom- Less than 10K tweets

Trends for a specific location:

Click Change in your box to get Trends for a certain place. You can opt to Keep personalized trends based on your area and who you follow, change to a neighboring location, or search for new locations.

If you want to see USA topics click here: Twitter trends the USA:

What is the Twitter Trends hashtag?

Some trends contain a # indicator before the word or phrase. This is known as a hashtag, and it is used in Tweets to identify them as belonging to a specific topic so that others may search for them.

A hashtag by the pound (#) symbol is a word or phrase prefixed.  It shows activity based on hashtag usage in real-time, rather than topics that have been popular for a long time.

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