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What is the Nebosh IGC Course in Islamabad,UK and Dubai?

NEBOSH IGC Course enables you to apply for many health and safety jobs in any industry, such as Health and Safety Officer, Advisor, Superintendent, etc.

What is the Nebosh IGC course?

The NEBOSH IGC is a job-oriented level-3 certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Management produced by an independent examination board based in the United Kingdom, and it is a globally recognized HSE qualification by many awarding organizations across the world.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety has been recognized and credited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). It sits in the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework (SCQF) at SCQF Level 6 with 11 SCQF credit points.

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Is Nebosh IGC Course accepted in the UK?

BCRSP recognizes the NEBOSH Diploma as the first UK qualification. After passing the CRST exam, holders of the NEBOSH National or International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety will be eligible for certification as a Canadian Registered Safety Technician (CRST).

What comes after Nebosh IGC?

After completing the course satisfactorily, you will be eligible for Technical Membership (Tech IOSH) of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and Associate Membership (AIIRSM) of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM).

What is the benefit of Nebosh IGC?

The following are some of the benefits of the new NEBOSH IGC:

Instill confidence, provide further practical knowledge, and emphasize job advancement. For HSE positions, in-depth expertise is essential. In basic English, I can quickly grasp concepts. The most recent workplace topics and challenges are included.

  • Boost your career prospects NEBOSH certificates are highly valued by employers worldwide
  • Meets the educational requirements for technical membership of the IOSH (Techush).
  • Entitled to IIRSM (AIIRSM) Associate Membership


NEBOSH IGC Course Content:

It consists of two units that must be completed within five years to qualify for the NEBOSH International General Certificate.

Unit IG1: Management of Health and Safety:

  • Why should we manage health and safety in the workplace?
  • How health and safety management systems work and what they look like
  • Risk Management – Understanding people and actions
  • Health and safety monitoring and measurement


Unit IG2: Risk Assessment:

  • Physical and mental health
  • Musculoskeletal health
  • Chemical and biological agents
  • Common workplace problems
  • Work equipment
  • Fire
  • Electricity



  • Unit IG1 is evaluated by a full home-based assessment. You have
  • 24 hours to complete it.
  • Unit IG2 is evaluated by three hours of practical experience at
  • your workplace (or any other suitable workplace).
  • Nebosh IGC Exams are held every 2 months of the year.

NEBOSH IGC Course in Islamabad:

Currently, NEBOSH offers certifications in four areas in Pakistan and around the world. In Islamabad, you can take a NEBOSH IGC course in one of these categories:

1. NEBOSH Awards level credentials:

Get a detailed introduction to awareness and other qualifications while participating in the NEBOSH ICG Course Awards Level Certificate.

1. Health and safety on workability
2. Environmental awareness on work efficiency
3. Qualifications in process industries in health, safety, and environment
4. NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation

2. NEBOSH Certificate level qualifications:

NEBOSH Certificate Level Certifications in Islamabad are made to verify the abilities and knowledge of influential candidates through the following NEBOSH IGC Courses.

1. Occupational Health and Safety National General Certificate
2. National Fire Safety and Risk Management Certificate
3. International Fire Safety and Risk Management Certificate
4. Construction Health and Safety National Certificate

5. International Certificate in Construction Health and Safety
6. NEBOSH HSE certificate in process safety management
7. NEBOSH HSE Certificate of Health and Safety Leadership

8. National Certificate in Health and Welfare Management at Work
9. International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety
10. Certificate in Environmental Management

3. NEBOSH IGC Course Diplomas level qualifications:

To acquire NEBOSH diplomas level qualifications in Islamabad or anywhere else in the world, you must pass the following NEBOSH diplomas level qualifications exam with flying colors.

1. National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
2. International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
3. National Diploma in Environmental Management
4. International Diploma in Environmental Management

4. NEBOSH Masters level qualifications are the several types of NEBOSH qualifications:

To be successful in the NEBOSH Masters Level credentials, you must pass the Master’s degree level programs listed below.

1. Master of Science (MSc) degrees from the NEBOSH
2. Master of Research (MRes) degrees from the NEBOSH

For more information Call now: 91-3325649993

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NEBOSH IGC Course in Abu Dhabi & UAE:

NEBOSH Virtual / live training with state-of-the-art facilities including multimedia e-learning resources and live recorded video on the go. Learners can follow NEBOSH IGC and study anywhere in the world through any digital medium such as computer/laptop / other smart devices from the internet.

NEBOSH IGC Course Key Facts:

Syllabus: 2 units – IG1 (Health and Safety Management) and IG2 (Industrial Hygiene) are the two units in the syllabus (Risk Assessment)

Assessment: IG1 is an online open-book exam with a closing interview, whereas IG2 is a practical assessment (Online Submission)

Mode of Learning: Virtual/live training (weekend and evening classes), online / e-learning, regular classroom, company training.

Who can study?: Working professionals, managers, supervisors, or any of the HSE aspirants.

Requirements: Recommend a Minimum English Standard.

Professional Membership Accreditation: Associate Membership (AIOSH), Technical Membership (Tech IOSH) of IOSH, and Associate Membership (AIIRSM) of the IIRSM are all available through the IOSH.

For More Info on NEBOSH Course in UAE:

Mr. Chaitanya
Mob: +971 557044902

Mr. Sunit Gill

Mob: +971 559949371

Mr. Russell
Mob: +971 553100292

NEBOSH IGC Course in the UK:

NEBOSH IGC Course in the UK:

It consists of two units that must be completed successfully within five years to earn the NEBOSH International General Certificate:

  • Unit IG1: Management of Health and Safety
  • Unit IG2: Risk Assessment



  • Available worldwide 24/7 in English, French, Spanish, and Turkish (Arabic coming soon)
  • Approximately 110 hours study (can be completed in 3-9 months)
  • Ideal for people whose lifestyles really require a high-quality flexible way of learning


For More Information:
Direct Line +44 (0)208 944 3100
UK Freephone 0800 756 9410

Nebosh IGC course fees:

Bottom Line:

When looking at NEBOSH courses, whichever learning style you pick, you should make some standard questions and considerations.

  • Does the course cost include exam fees?
  • Does the course cost include NEBOSH Registration?
  • Does the course cost include VAT?
  • Are there any associated costs?


Classroom-based courses:

Examine what the class course fee includes in terms of:

  • The number of days the course will last and the times for each day are listed below.
  • Any instructional resources that are supplied in hard copy
  • Lunch and refreshments are included in the price.
  • Parking is free at the venue.


Online/e-learning courses: Nebosh IGC Course

Online/e-learning courses: Nebosh IGC Course

Check for hidden charges; learn what’s included in the price you’ve been given by comprehending:

  • How long you’ll have access to the online materials and whether you’ll have to pay more if you need to extend your course.
  • The amount and type of one-on-one tutoring and IT support provided.
  • What kind of webinars, online discussion forums, and exam/revision guides will you have access to, and how many of each will you have?


Nebosh Kearber  Fees List:

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