What is Blink Meaning in Hindi/Urdu and How to use in Digital Market

What is Blink meaning in Hindi/Urdu: Especially for involuntary opening and closing of the eye. Blink quickly and repeatedly. To see with blinking or half-closed eyes: I saw the bright morning light. permanently, dim, or intermittently shine; Brightness: Light on the boy shining in the distance.

خاص طور پر غیر ارادی طور پر آنکھ کھولنے اور بند کرنے کے لئے۔ تیزی سے اور بار بار پلکیں جھپکائیں۔ جھپکتی ہوئی یا آدھی بند آنکھوں سے دیکھنے کے ل:: میں نے صبح کی سخت روشنی کو دیکھا۔  مستقل طور پر ، مدھم ، یا وقفے وقفے سے چمکنا؛ چمک: فاصلے پر چمکتے بوائے پر روشنی۔

आंख खोलना और बंद करना, विशेष रूप से अनैच्छिक रूप से; तेजी से और बार-बार पलक झपकना। पलक झपकते या आधी बंद आँखों से देखने के लिए: मैं कठोर सुबह की रोशनी में झपका। अस्थिर, मंद, या रुक-रुक कर चमकने के लिए; टिमटिमाना: बुआ पर प्रकाश दूरी में झपकाता है।

Learning the word what is blink meaning in Hindi with this amazing online English to Hindi dictionary. Blink is an English word that is translated into Hindi and brings up a lot more information on this page. Blink mean झपकी in Hindi and can be written as Jhapki in Roman. In addition to the Hindi meaning of blink, various definitions also state that they provide the full meaning of blink.

blink meaning Urdu

Blink meaning in Hindi in a simple way:

  • Quickly close and open your eyes.
  •  Shining with a light that seems to move and move.

1. Blink (noun) blink (plural blinks)

blink (plural blinks)

1. an act of abruptly closing and opening one’s eyes –
  • آنکھیں بند کرنے اور کھولنے کا ایک کام۔
  • जल्दी से आँखें बंद करने और खोलने की क्रिया।
use in a sentence –
“he was observing her every blink”
  • “وہ اسے ہر پلک جھلک رہا ہے”
  • “वह उसे हर पलक देख रहा था”

2. A momentary gleam of light.

  • روشنی کا ایک لمحہ فکریہ۔
  • प्रकाश की एक क्षणिक चमक।

use in a sentence –

“There was a blink of light out on the marshes”

  • “دلدل پر ایک چمکتی ہوئی روشنی تھی۔”
  • “दलदल पर बाहर रोशनी की एक झलक थी”

2. Blink (verb)

shut and open the eyes quickly.
  • آنکھ بند کرو اور جلدی سے۔
  • बंद करो और जल्दी से आँखें खोलो।

use in a sentence –

“he blinked his eyes nervously”

  • “اس نے گھبرا کر آنکھیں جھپکائیں”
  • “उसने घबरा कर आँखें मूँद लीं”

3. Blinking (adjective)

Definition, pictures, pronunciation, and usage notes

What is Niche Blink meaning in Hindi/Urdu:

Basically, Niche Blink is a Highly Specialized Marketing website (www.nicheblink.com):

Niche Blink:

Niche Blink means: blinking when you see something suddenly.

  • جب آپ کو اچانک کچھ نظر آتا ہے تو پلک جھپکتے ہیں or جب آپ کو اچانک کوئی چیز نظر آتی ہے تو حیرت زدہ ہوجاتے ہیں
  • जब आप अचानक कुछ देखते हैं तो पलक झपकाएं या अचानक कुछ देखकर चौंक जाएं

The Use of Blink In Digital Market:

The word Blink is used a lot in digital marketing often such as Blink for Home, Blink Fitness, Blink Outdoor, etc. Let’s have a quick look at some prominent websites that use the word Blink with their business.

blink for home

What is Blink Home:

Blink for Home: (Blink meaning in Hindi)

  • گھر کے لئے پلک جھپکانا
  • घर के लिए ब्लिंक

Blink for home is a domestic automation company that manufactures battery-powered home security cameras.

What is a blink device? (Blink meaning in Hindi)

  • حیران کن آلہ
  • आश्चर्यजनक उपकरण

Blink is a motion-activated home security system that sends warnings and HD video to your smartphone.

What is the blink home monitor app:

  • حیرت زدہ گھر مانیٹر ایپ
  • आश्चर्यजनक होम मॉनिटर ऐप

Check in on what’s going on at home with the Blink Home Monitor app from anywhere at any time. The software sends HD video from your house to your phone, allowing you to monitor and protect what matters most to you.

blink fitness

What is Blink Fitness – meaning in Hindi/Urdu:

Blink Fitness: (Blink meaning in Hindi)

  • متاثر کن فٹنس
  • प्रेरक फिटनेस

Blink Fitness is the gym that keeps the mood above the muscles. We have the latest equipment that other gyms offer. Including resistance training gear.

What is Blink Industries:

Blink Industries: (Blink meaning in Hindi)

  • بڑھتی ہوئی صنعتوں
  • बढ़ते उद्योग

Blink Industries is the multi-award-winning London-based production business Blink Productions’ BAFTA-nominated entertainment arm and development studio.

What is Blink Book – (Blink meaning in Hindi/Urdu)

Blink Book:

  • متجسس کتاب
  • जिज्ञासु पुस्तक

BLINK Psychotherapist Malcolm Gladwell writes, to his credit are four other well-known contributions such as Tipping Point, Outliers, and more.

BLINK is a plain book on how we think without thinking and what happens when we do. The author demonstrates how the decisions we make in an instant—in the blink of an eye—aren’t always as straightforward as they appear. As a result, this book unlocks the mysteries of mind-reading—an power that the reader discovers within themselves after finishing the book.

What is blink led –  meaning in Hindi/Urdu:

Blink Led: Blink meaning in Hindi

  • مقبول قیادت
  • लोकप्रिय चलो

Blink is a little USB light that lets you see what’s going on on your computer or on the internet. Blink makes it simple to connect data sources in the cloud or on your computer to a full-color RGB LED, allowing you to see what’s going on without having to open any windows, visit any websites, or type any commands.

It’s a way for Android to provide you with information even if your screen is turned off. A flickering blue light could indicate that you have a Facebook notice pending, while a blinking red light could indicate that your battery is running low. (Blink meaning in Hindi)

blink health

What is Blink Health –  meaning in Hindi/Urdu:

Blink Health:

  • فوری صحت
  • शीघ्र स्वास्थ्य

Blink Health is a discounted prescription service that offers discounts on 15,000 different medications and carries the savings with you. You use it as an app on your phone and/or as a website on your desktop computer.

Orders for home delivery are normally delivered within 3-5 business days. UPS and USPS have disclosed significant service disruptions as a result of COVID-19, which may affect how quickly you receive your items.

What is blink art – meaning in Hindi/Urdu:

Blink Art:

  • درست فن
  • सटीक कला

Blink Art is a nationally distributed resource that puts your work in front of buyers, galleries, designers, and other industry professionals. BLINK is an art market and a resource for artists looking to exhibit in a competitive art market.

Blink Art Resource is a beautifully designed print sourcebook book that includes your artwork in stunning environments, editorial content, and your contact information, and is distributed to interior designers, art galleries, and art consultants nationwide. It’s a cross between a portfolio, an artist directory, and a trends reference.

Blinks Synonyms: (Blink meaning in Hindi)

Blinking-  Flash – Nictate – Nictation and Nictitate

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