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Toptal vs Upwork vs Fiverr: Which Freelance Platform is Better to Hire From?

When we talked about Toptal vs Upwork, Toptal is an exclusive network of the best independent product managers, project managers, software engineers, designers, and financial experts in the world. Reputable businesses hire Toptal freelancers for their most important assignments. But Toptal lacks some of the freelance talents that Upwork has.

You will discover the distinctions between using Toptal and Upwork while recruiting independent contractors in this article. This will enable you to select the website that best suits your requirements.

Toptal vs Upwork Vs Fiverr:

Toptal vs Upwork vs fiverr

The business owners have been forced to put their “thinking caps” on and examine the platform as a result of the three-way competition between Toptal, Upwork, and Fiverr. The proprietors of the businesses should be aware that each of the three platforms is capable in its own right and has some drawbacks as well.

Toptal: In 2010, Taso Du Val, Adam D’Angelo, and Andreesen Horowitz established Toptal. The platform promises that the first applicant it presents to a busing organization will match 90% of its criteria.

Upwork: Two businesses, oDesk, and Elance made the decision to unite in 2015 rather than go to war. The niche market is made with the express purpose of connecting potential employees with businesses and vice versa.

Fiverr: Similar to Toptal, Fiverr was established in 2010 and is sometimes referred to as a general marketplace to get excellent freelancing services. Fiverr is classified as a general marketplace since it prohibits companies from posting job openings and soliciting applications from freelancers.

Toptal vs Upwork- Features:


Payment options: There are three ways to get paid: hourly, part-time, and full-time employment.

Payment methods: include bank wires, PayPal, ABA routing, and credit cards.

An hourly wage for developers of $40 to 180 on average.


Bidding process: Developers place bids and present their prices for your projects.

Options for payment include an hourly rate and a fixed price (with or without milestones).

Three premium plans: Plus, Business and the three premium plans Enterprise (monthly costs range from $49.99 to $849, with subscriptions at the enterprise level costing significantly more)

Payment options: PayPal and a credit card-The hourly wage for developers is $15-$90.

Toptal vs Upwork- Pricing and fees:


Toptal offers hourly, project-based, and fixed fee payment options.

Additionally, Upwork offers by project, by hourly rate, or by fixed price.

On Toptal, hourly prices are often $50 and above because you’re working with the best of the best. Depending on the talents you need, Upwork’s hourly prices can range from $10 and below.


No of the size of your project, Toptal asks for a $50 advance deposit. This is returnable if you decide not to hire. Unfortunately, they don’t state their rates up front and offer quotes on a case-by-case basis.

Upwork offers four business models.

  • Free – There is no monthly subscription, but any payments to freelancers you employ are subject to a 3% fee.
  • Plus- $49.99 a month includes dedicated support.
  • Business- customers pay $849 per month and receive full reporting and a dedicated account manager.
  • Enterprise – Price includes fully managed system and compliance services.

Toptal vs Upwork: What kinds of freelancers are available?

‍Toptal Freelance:

If you’re serious about expanding your company and willing to make a moderate investment in top talent, Toptal is an excellent place to start.

You might want to think about using a different freelance platform if you want to hire a freelancer with a different skill set.

Finding freelancers through Toptal can be challenging if you need assistance with a quick, little assignment. For the first job, Toptal requests a $500 investment, which is 100% refundable if the freelancer is the wrong fit.

Upwork Freelancers:

If you need freelance talent, Upwork offers it. This includes software engineers, brand designers, and Ruby on Rails developers.

If you’re seeking to dip your toe into the freelance talent pool to see what a brief, one-off assignment is like, Upwork is an excellent place to start.

The challenge of finding freelancers on Upwork is that you have to evaluate the talent. Additionally, you are relying on the freelancer to handle this for you if you don’t have a defined process in place to achieve your goals. In this area, Toptal excels.

Toptal vs UpWork: What is the Screening Process?

Toptal’s screening process:

To identify the top 3% of freelancers, Toptal employs a 5-step screening procedure:

1. Language & Personality – Toptal is looking for applicants who can read, write, and speak English proficiently throughout this stage.

2. In-depth Skill Review – A cordiality test or an automated test of one’s programming abilities is frequently used. Only 7.4% of applicants make it past this step, according to Toptal.

3. Live Screening – Following a skill assessment, Toptal conducts a live screening test. Each domain expert is provided by Toptal to conduct a video chat with the applicant.

4. Test Projects – A freelancer must finish a test project that is related to a real-world scenario over the course of 1-3 weeks. Only 3.2% of applicants make it past this step, according to Toptal.

5. Continued Excellence – Toptal freelancers are expected to continue producing high-caliber work after the test is over. Only 3% of candidates, according to Toptal, meet their strict requirements.

Upwork’s screening process:

Upwork requests that freelancers complete their profiles entirely in order to keep things simple. Freelancers must include the following in order to have a 60% full profile:

  1. Profile Photo
  2. Profile Title
  3. Profile Overview
  4. Employment History
  5. At Least 1 Skill Tag

You can add a variety of various profile items for the remaining 40%. This comprises:

  1. Portfolio Item – 5% each (max 20%)
  2. Employment History Item – 10% each (max 20%)
  3. Education – 10% each (max 20%)
  4. Profile Video – 10%
  5. Linked Account – 10% (max 10%)
  6. Certification – 5% each (max 10%)
  7. Other Experience – 5% (max 5%)

Toptal vs Upwork- Advantages:


Among the three platforms, Toptal’s screening procedure is arguably the strictest.

Toptal is a fantastic software that helps recruiters monitor and control every stage of the process.

In addition to offering the greatest platform for hiring freelancers, Toptal’s matches essentially serve as your in-house HR department.

You must make a $500 initial investment, which you may quickly withdraw if you decide to take down your job posting.

  • Five-step screening process
  • Polished hiring process
  • Fast talent matching
  • No-risk trial


In comparison to Toptal, Upwork offers employers a wider selection of talent.

One benefit of using Upwork is that it gives you access to a pool of remote job searchers and provides you with a wide range of online payment options so you can easily pay freelancers.

The projects that their employers give the developers can be bid on through Upwork.

In addition to the bidding mechanism, it guarantees the security of all platform transactions by freezing the funds before the assignment is finished.

  • Huge marketplace
  • Wide pricing range
  • Small fees
  • In-depth review system
  • Unified dashboard
  • Industry-leading payment security infrastructure
  • Dispute requisition services

Toptal vs Upwork- Disadvantages:


Hiring developers from the Toptal marketplace may be tough for startup businesses operating on shoestring budgets.

Despite having the best reviews of any freelance developer or designer in their field, Toptal offers no benefits or employment stability to its freelancers.

Large-scale projects are better suited for the skilled and qualified freelancers you can find on Toptal.

  • Higher rates
  • Limited talent pool
  • An initial fee


Employers must go through a lot of trial and error before finding the ideal developer for their business because the screening mechanism is not as thorough as Toptal.

You won’t receive superior features if you choose Upwork’s free or basic edition.

Upwork’s customer service system is of poor quality.

In contrast to Toptal, the general freelance market keeps its distance from the entire employment process.

  • Freelancing Wild West
  • Enormous fees for freelancers
  • Communication difficulties are quite common
  • Useful features are locked behind a paywall
Summarizing Toptal vs UPWORK VS Fiverr:

Toptal is an international network of the best software engineers. It works with a client to select a developer not only on the basis of what the client says but also on what the developer can do. Therefore, Toptal is more about hiring developers than it is about freelancing. Toptal is more selective than Upwork. It does not charge any fees to clients or freelancers. Clients pay for the work done by freelancers, not for the recruitment service.

Toptal freelance


Pros: Quick talent matching, real five-week screening procedure, and ultimate selection of just the best freelancers.

Cons: A small pool of expertise, a $500 initial price that may be greater for beginners, and a premium rate for developers and designers.


Pros: A larger talent pool from which to choose, a unified dashboard, a greater choice of prices, and improved payment security infrastructure

Cons: Hasty communication, cost of better features, wild west of freelancing.


Pros: Simple interface, inexpensive prices for services, superior customer service, and a wide range of projects

Cons: Scam sellers, challenging to produce consistent income, challenging for novices.

Upwork vs Toptal- What are the major differences to earn as a freelancer?

The major distinction is the number of individuals on each platform.

Toptal has a smaller viewership than UpWork, which has one of the largest.

On the plus side, it suggests that UpWork has more opportunities for freelancers to earn money. However, as a result of having more offers, there is now more competition because there are more freelancers willing to accept those offers.

If you are good at what you do, you can simply go to UpWork and dominate their freelance market. If you are unsure of your ability to compete, though, you might be better off starting from scratch (more specific platforms with fewer competitors).

The main finding in the Toptal vs Upwork comparison is that it all depends on your needs. It is simpler to select any broad market of freelance companies the better you grasp your wants. Upwork differentiates from Toptal among the typical features in that it has a larger professional market.

Toptal vs Upwork-How much can you make?

While the majority of developers on Toptal earn between $800 and $3000 per month, others earn significantly more. This is due to the fact that the usual hourly wage ranges from $60 to $90, while greater hourly rates can be found. If you double these rates by 20 hours each week, you will earn somewhere in this range.

Upwork in the United States makes an average of $20 per hour, according to a study from 2020. Web/mobile development, marketing, law, accountancy, and other specialized services pay freelancers an even higher average compensation of $28 per hour.

Which is better, Toptal or Upwork?

UpWork might be the best option if your budget is limited but you still require access to a diversified talent pool with experience in various areas of business. If you’re ready to spend a little extra, Toptal offers a large pool of expertise in dozens of different fields. You have the following options if you’re seeking to choose between Toptal vs Upwork:

  • Pick Toptal if you need to employ excellent engineers quickly.
  • Select Toptal if you are employing more seasoned engineers or require top-tier talents.
  • Choose Toptal if you wish to pick from a small pool of already qualified developers.
  • Consider Upwork if you’re hiring for a low-end project or don’t need such abilities.
  • Select Upwork if you have the time to conduct your own hiring procedure in order to discover a competent programmer.
  • Choose Upwork if you want to select from a much larger and more varied pool of candidates.
  • If you want to avoid paying any up-front fees, Upwork is going to be your best option.


toptal vs upwork

What is the Toptal cost?

The price of the job then is determined by the hourly rate of the hired developers. For part-time employment, this often varies from $60 per hour to more than $6,400 per work for full-time hires in certain high-demand industries.

Is Toptal any good: Toptal is a fantastic choice for companies wishing to work with dependable independent contractors.

Toptal vs Upwork- How do they Work?

To identify skilled individuals offering freelancing services, use Upwork and Toptal.

How does Toptal work?

A work marketplace platform called Toptal, which stands for top talent, claims to work with the “top 3%” of independent developers, designers, financial experts, project managers, and product managers.

How does Upwork work?

Getting started with Upwork is free. The platform allows you to work as a client, a freelancer, or both. Before starting work, all clients and freelancers must submit an application, register an account on the platform, and be accepted.

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