How to Write Social Media Strategy Proposal:

In a social media strategy proposal, you outline the social media marketing services you would provide for a potential client and how those services would help them to reach their objectives.

A business Social media strategy proposal can help you distinguish yourself from the competition and demonstrate to them why you are the best choice to meet their demands.

What is a social media proposal?

Social media strategy proposals are a crucial tool for expanding your company, therefore you best be ready to master them. A compelling social media proposal is necessary if you want to succeed as a social media marketer.

You’ll also establish your subject-matter expertise and argue for yourself (or your business) throughout the proposal. A social media proposal, after all, isn’t just about what a business should do—also it’s about who should do it. (You! You’ve always been the one!

What’s a Social Media Strategy Proposal Example?

Social Media Strategy Proposal Example

Say you want to update the appearance of your study room. You have a basic notion of what you want, but you lack the skills to design the study room of your dreams. The logical next step is to engage an interior designer, and if you do your research, you can locate a few candidates that may have the required expertise. After requesting proposals and reviewing the responses, you will decide what to do.

How to create a social media strategy proposal?

You must include some crucial components in your social media marketing proposal in order to convince your potential client that you comprehend their issues and, more importantly, know how to address them.

  1. Analysis of needs and issues
  2. Establishing business aims and goals
  3. Set measurable objectives for social media
  4. Define the project’s goals and deliverables.
  5. A schedule and a budget
  6. Evaluation (KPIs)
  7. Endorsements
  8. Conclusion and Analysis
  9. Appendix

Analysis of needs and issues

Determine the needs, difficulties, and goals of the organization based on your investigation. Make careful to include both the project’s specific goals and the organization’s overall requirements.

Everything you suggest should relate to the social media goals from the earlier chapter.

Your social media scope of work description could state:

Establishing business aims and goals:

Set three to five S.M.A.R.T. goals for your social media presence. Always keep in mind that S.M.A.R.T. goals are time-bound, relevant, measurable, attainable, and strategic. When to measure the goal, the success metric, and how it relates to the overarching brand goals must all be made clear.

Each objective should specify:

  • the platform(s) being used
  • the metric(s)
  • an end date

Define the project’s goals and deliverables:

Everything you suggest should relate to the social media goals from the earlier chapter.

Your social media scope of work description could state:

  • Social media promotions and campaigns
  • Content creation
  • A strategic publishing schedule
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social media engagement
  • Social selling
  • Lead generation

Make it very clear to the client what is expected of them and who is responsible for what. This is an important place to describe the exact deliverables you will give the client.

A schedule and a budget:

Whether wide picture or intensely focused, it all depends on how involved the customer wants to be, but make sure your timetable matches the timing specified in the goals.

Include check-ins and milestones in the schedule so that everyone can see if progress is being made. Give a breakdown of how you would spend the client’s entire budget in the way that the client prefers.

Next Steps- Evaluation (KPIs) & Endorsements:

It will be possible to ensure that successes are appropriately appreciated and expectations remain acceptable if you have an objective, measurable technique to monitor your development.

You’ve demonstrated to the potential client throughout the proposal that you comprehend their industry and have worked hard to develop a unique strategy to assist them be successful on social media. It’s a good idea to highlight some of your prior successes.

Clearly state what happens next. What steps must the client take before the proposal can be implemented? Doing so on a contract? Add more details, please?

Executive Summary & Analysis:

We strongly advise writing this section last. After you’ve streamlined all the other specifics, it might be simpler to understand the most crucial items to include here. Identify the issue, describe the desired outcomes, and specify the financial and resource needs.


It’s a good spot for anything that requires more justification or explanation. After all, you want to maintain this document looking professional and organized. Store your trash in the trunk.

Having a proposal prepared for your client should be a core part of your workflow for freelancers and businesses that offer social media services.

Prior to creating a social media strategy proposal, it’s vital to speak with prospective clients to ascertain their wants and objectives.

You can begin preparing your proposal and explaining how you can assist in achieving necessary goals and milestones once you have a better knowledge of the client’s demands.

How to write a successful social media strategy proposal?

How to write a successful social media strategy

Writing a proposal might be challenging since you have to convince the client of your abilities without explaining every step.

The following are some of the key proposed elements:

1. Analysis:

Managing a client’s expectations is crucial to a successful client relationship. You should start off with an analysis that pinpoints the client’s issues. You should be able to discern from the client consultation what their needs are for social media and how you can assist them.

2. Scope of Work:

The proposal’s main component, which can be divided into smaller parts, is this. Work for social media proposals frequently consists of any of the following:

Schedule for posting: If a posting approval procedure is required, be careful to describe it in detail.

  • Content creation and curation
  • Brand keyword monitoring
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Social media management details

3. Project Milestones & Deadlines:

Impression counts and repost counts will probably be included in your metrics if the customer wants their business to receive more exposure on social media. You’ll be able to create sensible, quantifiable targets in the proposal using their present numbers and growth rate as a guide.

4. Proof of Work:

Here is where you show how your background might be a match for their requirements. It may take the form of client references or illustrations of how you’ve handled clients with comparable objectives successfully.

5. Terms of Agreement:

The part should make it crystal clear how you operate and what the contract’s conditions are.

It might contain significant things like:

  • Project-based, hourly, or retainer fees
  • Billing procedures: the manner in which you issue invoices, your payment conditions, and whether you demand a deposit
  • How you work: whether you do it from home or in the client’s office, and when are you available to take calls
  • Termination: what to do if either partner determines the project is not for them.

What information is required to write a social media proposal?

Either a face-to-face meeting or a video conference call is preferred. At this point, putting a face to a name personalizes the process and fosters relationships. It also saves time compared to sending and receiving emails.

  • Prior to writing a proposal, you must know the requirements of your possible client:
  • What benefits do they anticipate from using social media as a marketing tool?
  • Which demographics and distribution channels are best to focus on right now?
  • How can you help them, exactly?

A discovery session’s objectives are to listen and ask questions of your potential client. Inquire about:

  • Their present difficulties.
  • Their overarching objectives and what they intend to accomplish.
  • The status of their social media marketing, including what has and hasn’t so far worked.

Additionally, keep in mind that an exploration session benefits in determining whether you are a suitable fit. For instance, you can learn that your prospective client doesn’t have the necessary funds or needs a service you don’t offer.

The Best Time to Send a social media strategy Proposal:

We haven’t found a trend for how business proposals are sent out. For proposals sent on Monday, there is a very tiny 0.9% increase in conversion, which is not large enough to inspire the development of any best practices. Sending ideas as soon as possible after a meeting, as opposed to waiting 3–4 days, improves your chances of getting a yes by 14%.

A social media strategy proposal demands work from you, just like any other proposal, starting with a thorough and well-prepared discovery session, asking the proper questions, and getting to the heart of the issue.

Social Media Strategy Proposal Template:

Social media strategy proposal template:

It’s time to put your newfound information into practice now that you are aware of the components of a successful social media proposal.

Use a free Google Docs template or start from scratch to save time (which, as you probably know, equates to savings).

The best thing is that you may duplicate the proposal template, make any necessary edits to it, and then reuse it as often as you like!

About Social Media Strategy Example PDF:

You can find a comprehensive infographic on how to develop a social media strategy for your business here. To download this PDF format, click here.

Wrapping up:

To gain more clients and expand your agency, you must develop a social media strategy proposal for potential customers.

Create templates whenever you can. They’ll make you more productive, and efficient, and ensure you don’t miss anything crucial.

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