Pet Supplies Plus Dog Food Return Policy:

Natural pet meals and a range of made-in-the-USA pet consumables, such as food, snacks, rawhide, and chews, are both available from Pet Supplies Plus dog food. Every store’s Pet Supplies Plus staff members get to know their neighbors and pets by name because of the stores’ warm neighborhood settings. Numerous stores also provide in-store full-service grooming, self-serve pet wash facilities, and fresh bakery delights. Now, neighbors can order high-quality drugs and specific diets online and have them delivered to their homes. It’s simple to choose local whether you’re buying offline or online. Visit for more info.

About Pet Supplies Plus Dog Food:

Everything you need for your feathered, scaly, and furry companions may be found at your neighborhood Pet Supplies Plus. We have the correct things on our shelves, including a large assortment of natural and American-made goods. Whether you buy with us in-person or online pet supplies plus dog food, using a free curbside pickup, same-day delivery, or Autoship, you can easily locate all their favorites at rates you love. Prescriptions for your pets can be filled out online and delivered right to your door to help keep them happy and healthy. We make shopping locally simple as the biggest independent pet retailer in the US with over 620 stores across 40 states and counting. Visit for additional details.

LIVONIA: Most Trusted Pet Supplies Plus Dog Food Retail Franchise

LIVONIA pet supply store

MICHIGAN: LIVONIA—(BUSINESS WIRE)— Following a successful product launch, Pet Supplies Plus, the most reputable pet retail chain in the country, is adding a new line of Limited Ingredient Diet (LID) recipes to its Redford Naturals’TM lineup of dry dog food. The LID dry dog food formulas are grain-free and refined for animals that perform better on a controlled diet due to food allergies or digestion issues, and they are scheduled to be on sale in March at all of its more than 390 sites nationally.

Redford Naturals is expanding its array of dry dog food Limited Ingredient Diet (LID) products. Redford Naturals is a Livonia-based company with 390 sites in 29 states.

About Redford Naturals:

Redford Naturals

The development of domestic pets and the meals that support their natural instincts and adventures served as the inspiration for Redford Naturals. The original recipes were created in small batches in the USA using healthful, ethically sourced ingredients. Real meat is the first ingredient in each unique balanced formula, including Natural, Grain-Devoid, and Limited Ingredient Diet (LID), which also never contains corn, soy, or wheat and is free of chemical preservatives, colors, and flavors.

Pet Supplies Plus Dog Food Return Policy:

They provide a warranty on all food goods. Call Vetsource at (877) 684-3294 for a replacement or refund if your product is delivered damaged or defective, or if your pet won’t consume the food. You can safely dispose of the item or donate it if you don’t want to return it.

Usually, Pet Supplies Plus Dog Food returns can be made within 30 days after the initial purchase. In order to make the return or exchange process as simple as possible, it is best to have your original receipt on hand. Some retailers might allow returns without a receipt, but this will depend on the management of that particular retailer.

Can You return a live fish to Pet Supplies Plus?

You can, indeed. Depending on the store’s policy, Pet Supplies Plus accepts refunds and exchanges for deceased fish within 7 to 30 days of purchase.

About Bush, DeLozier, and Pet supplies plus dog food:

pet supplies plus dog food

With more than 60 years of combined experience in the Pet Supplies Plus franchise, Bush, DeLozier, and Young today own and run 49 retail locations in Alabama, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. These sites collectively employ almost 800 employees.

After working as the retail store manager at Kroger for almost 20 years, DeLozier started his career with Pet Supplies Plus. DeLozier claims that the franchise’s grocery-store layout and extensive selection of pet food, goods, and services for tiny companion animals, such as fish, reptiles, and birds, attracted him to it.

About DTC Pet Food Brands:

One of the first companies to contact PetPlate with a desire to learn more about the fresh-cooked market was Pet Supplies Plus dog food. They began speaking with Pet Supplies Plus in the third or fourth quarter of 2020, and They were prepared to launch by July 2021, according to Webb.

By integrating our physical and online presence, they were able to create an unusual synergy where they can now take advantage of our technological know-how to promote their retail partners as well. The independent pet channel is thrilled to work with partners who are forthright, sincere, and eager to work together on both of their enterprises.

Lucy Pet Food vs Pet Supplies Plus Dog Food:

The American company Lucy Pet Products sells pet food and accessories. Joey Herrick, the owner of the larger and better-known pet food brand Natural Balance, which has been in business for more than thirty years, created Lucy Pet Products in 2013. Recipes from Lucy Pet Products are available in a few retail outlets but are not extensively distributed across the country. To help with your search for a nearby retailer, we’d advise using their store locator tool.


Pet Supplies Plus, the third-largest pet specialty retailer in the United States, offers comprehensive pet care. They offer a wide range of pet supplies, services, and animal expertise to assist meet your pet’s needs at every stage of their life.

With the goal of providing the pet food and supply industry with convenience and value akin to a supermarket, Pet Supplies Plus first opened its doors in 1988. From cozy dog beds to the best food for his age, we’ve examined the top-rated goods available.

Services offered are:

  • Pet supply plus grooming is one of the excellent services
  • Self-Serve pet wash
  • Clinic services
  • Pet supplies plus dog food
  • Treats and toys

Pet Supplies Plus also charges less than its competitors. Despite not being cheap, the business prioritizes value while determining its prices while still providing high-quality products.

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