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The NEBOSH Diploma is the organization’s highest level of certification. It’s a degree-level qualification that meets the academic requirements for Graduate IOSH membership, and it’s aimed at people who want to work as professional health and safety consultants.

What is the NEBOSH Diploma?

The NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety is designed for health and safety professionals who desire to develop their careers or pursue postgraduate education. Employers from a variety of industries are eager to hire you.

The NEBOSH is an independent examination board that acknowledges professionals in the fields of health, safety, and the environment for their skills and knowledge. Currently, NEBOSH offers certifications in four areas in Pakistan and around the world.

Nebosh International diploma

What level is the NEBOSH Diploma?

The Diploma level is regarded as equivalent to an Honours Degree level. However, because it is a vocational certification, it cannot be referred to as a degree. Degrees can only be awarded by institutions with degree-granting authority, such as universities. In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the Diploma is similar to SCQF Level 10, which is comparable to NQF/QCF Level 6.

The Diploma is a degree-level vocational certificate that takes 477 hours to complete. The good news is that you can complete it in just over a year.

Is the NEBOSH Diploma the same price as a bachelor’s degree?

The good news is that the Diploma is typically less expensive than pursuing an Honours Degree. Full-time university programs can cost tens of thousands of pounds in tuition fees. The Diploma, on the other hand, is available for as little as £1200. As a result, the Diploma offers a high level of academic study for a fraction of the cost of a typical degree.

What is Nebosh diploma equivalent to?

The NEBOSH National General Certificate and the NEBOSH International General Certificate do not require any prior health and safety training, however, they are a useful starting point for anyone interested in pursuing a NEBOSH National Diploma. The National Diploma is a Level 6 qualification that is equal to a bachelor’s degree with honors.

How much is the Nebosh diploma?

For an online/distance learning course, the Diploma costs roughly £1,200. This, however, is dependent on where you’re going and which service you choose. The Diploma is a degree-level certification, so don’t be scared off by the price.

How long does the Nebosh diploma take?

The length of time it takes to obtain a Diploma is determined by the course provider’s deadlines, however, learners taking a face-to-face course may typically anticipate receiving their diploma in six to nine months. Candidates for the Diploma must complete a total of seven weeks of classroom instruction.

What comes after the Nebosh diploma?

After completing your Diploma, you can apply for IOSH Graduate membership. You must also enroll in the IOSH Initial Professional Development (IPD) plan in addition to completing your CPD. IPD is a procedure that ensures your abilities are being developed in order for you to achieve Chartered status.

Nebosh Intertnational diploma

Should I do a Nebosh diploma?

The Diploma’s major purpose is to help you build your professional competence so that you can improve workplace health and safety. You’ll also be able to develop a health and safety strategy and promote change across your organization.

Can I Nebosh diploma without IGC?

Although the NEBOSH International Diploma has no formal requirements, the course itself expands on the topics covered in the NEBOSH International General Certificate, so it is always recommended that you complete the International General Certificate before beginning the NEBOSH International Diploma.

What’s covered in the NEBOSH International Diploma?

The risk management strategy taken by the Diploma is based on international best practices, including the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) rules of practice. It is divided into four sections and covers the following topics:

  • Management of health and safety (Unit IA)
  • Hazardous Agents in the Workplace (Unit IB)
  • Safety in the workplace and with work equipment (Unit IC)
  • Theoretical and practical applications of health and safety (Unit DNI)

Who is the NEBOSH International Diploma course for?

The course is for those who work in the field of health and safety and want to advance their skills and knowledge. Before taking the course, you must have completed the NEBOSH International General Certificate or have at least 5 years of experience.

Astutis is the sole source of health and safety training that offers the NEBOSH International Diploma in the following formats:

With a NEBOSH qualification, what kinds of employment can I get?

  • Officer/Adviser on Health and Safety.
  • Officer in Charge of Fire Safety.
  • Assessor of Risk.
  • Engineer in charge of quality and safety.
  • Manager of a warehouse.
  • Supervisor on the job.
  • Construction Site Supervisor.

The following are some of the advantages of having a NEBOSH International Diploma:

  • Employers value Diploma holders, and they earn more money.
  • Nebosh Diploma holders are in high demand, which will help you advance your profession.
  • Allows you to write your name with the letters ‘IDipNEBOSH’ following it.
  • Graduate membership of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) (GradIOSH) is the first step toward becoming a
  • Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner.
  • Entitles you to full membership in the International Institute of Risk Management (MIIRSM).

Nebosh diploma

NEBOSH International Diploma Course in Islamabad:

NEW 2021 Syllabus for the NEBOSH National Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals

The Diploma is the leading professional qualification, designed for those looking to become qualified health and safety practitioners in Pakistan, UAE, and the UK.

  • Online: 475 hours of study – worldwide
  • Live Online: 30 Days + private study & assessment
  • Classroom: 6 weeks (30 Days) + private study & assessment
  • Blended Learning: 3 weeks + private study & assessment – Live Online & Classes
  • Live Online Workshops – 1 Day Per Unit Revision

Professionals in Occupational Health and Safety Management NEBOSH International Diploma –

The Diploma is the world’s most widely recognized international health and safety qualification, and it is designed for those who want to work as senior safety professionals.

  • Online: 469 hours of study – worldwide
  • Live Online: 30 Days + private study & assessment
  • Blended Learning: 3 weeks + private study & assessment – Live Online & Classes
  • Classroom: 6 weeks (30 Days) + private study & assessment
  • Live Online Workshops – 1 Day Per Unit Revision

NEBOSH National Diploma in Environmental Management

This course is a must-have for managers who are taking on environmental responsibilities or looking to expand their expertise. It is designed for those in charge of risk management in the environment.

  • Online: 235 hours of study – worldwide
  • Live Online & Classroom: 3 weeks (15 days) + exam
    • For NEBOSH Env Certificate holders, the top-up period is 2 weeks (10 days).
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