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Podcast on Spotify: Spotify for Podcasters is a feature that allows creators who use a hosting business like Megaphone to post their podcasts to Spotify to check their show’s data from a single spot. Simply put, this feature allows your team to keep track of all of your Spotify-specific performance data in one spot. In this handy article, I’ll show you how to get started podcasting on Spotify!

What is Spotify for Podcasters:

Spotify For Podcasters, a tool that helps podcasters better understand their audience, has been launched in conjunction with the addition of podcasts to Spotify’s streaming selection.

Using the strong and fresh Spotify for Podcasters brand color palette, they created an ownable, 2D animated world of Spotify consisting of podcasters, audiences, shapes, charts, typography, user interfaces, mics, speakers, smartphones, and everything in between.

How to Start a Podcast on Spotify for Podcaster?

Before going through the Spotify podcast application process, make sure your podcast meets Spotify’s requirements. Use this checklist to double-check the frames in your podcast.

a) Verify your podcast matches Spotify’s requirements

  1. In the RSS feed, you need at least one episode must have a title, cover art image, and necessary info.
  2. The cover art must be in PNG, JPEG, or TIFF format with a high resolution.
  3. An episode’s size should not exceed 200MB.
  4. Special characters necessitate HTML code. For example, “Art &
  5. “Art & Music” should be written instead of “Music.”
  6. With bitrates ranging from 96 to 320 kbps, MP3 audio must be encoded in ISO/IEC 11172-3 MPEG-1 Part 3 (MP3) format.

The approach is simple; you simply need to create an account, present your RSS feed to the supplier, and then wait for their approval.

Before you enter your portal, make sure your podcast meets the following standards/instructions:

This step sends a confirmation number to the RSS feed’s email address to verify that you are the rightful owner.

If the RSS feed contains a generic or partial email address, you will be unable to validate your account.

Multiple podcasts will be claimed by a single user.

Each user can claim the same podcast if they have access to the email address in the RSS feed.

You’ll need a Spotify account to access Spotify for Podcasters. You can sign up for a free account at

How to Start a Podcast on Spotify for Podcaster?


b) Accept all of the Terms and Conditions:

To get started, select “Get Started,” which will link you to Spotify’s Terms & Conditions page. accept the terms and conditions and consent to them Then, from the drop-down option, choose “Continue.”

podcast on spotify

c) Enter the URL: Spotify for Podcasters RSS Feed:

Keep in mind that if you type your RSS feed link wrong, you’ll get an error notice requesting you to correct it.

Setting the stage for the RSS field connection is the next step in starting a Podcast on Spotify.

Fill in the following information for your RSS feed: Look for your RSS feed connection in your podcast hosting provider. Combine the Spotify link with the “Next” option after that.

d) Make sure to Verify your Podcast:

It’s now time to proceed to the following screen. The site will then send an eight-digit code to the email address associated with your RSS feed. Locate the confirmation email in your inbox, and then input the code provided by Spotify.

When you’re finished, select “Next.”

podcast on spotify

e) Enter data about your podcast now:

Writing down some information about your podcasts, such as your country, communication language, provider name, and basic class, is the next stage to create a Podcast on Spotify.

spotify podcast

After you’ve decided on a basic class, you’ll be able to choose from three sub-categories. You can also choose from two more categories, each with its own set of sub-categories, on Spotify.

Your podcast will appear in more appropriate areas as more Spot users use the platform to post new podcasts. Select “Next” once you’ve completed each field.

f) Review your podcast and submit it:

The next step is to review all of the information you provided. You won’t be able to fill in the details again, so be careful.

podcast on Spotify

When you’re confident that everything appears to be in order, you can quickly begin creating a podcast on Spotify.

After they’ve analyzed the data and activated your podcast’s listing, your show will appear on the site in only a few hours.

How to submit your podcast to Spotify?

Spotify is a popular music streaming service, but in 2019 it made significant platform changes to cater to podcasters and their listeners. By submitting your show to the major networks first, you can improve your chances of success.

Signing up for an account, submitting your RSS feed, and waiting for approval are all steps in the process.

How to contact Spotify for podcasters?

If you need help or guidance from Spotify for Podcasters, here’s how to get in touch with them. Please get in touch with your account manager right away. Otherwise, you can reach them through our contact form.

How to start a podcast for free on Spotify?

Spotify podcast free:

It’s never been easier to start a podcast. Create and host a limitless amount of episodes, then sell them throughout the world. It’s all completely free. You can listen to millions of songs for free on Spotify. Listen to music from all across the world as well as your personal favorites.

For the first time, Spotify is allowing podcasters to promote subscriptions to their shows. Podcasters will not have to pay anything to Spotify for the first two years. Premium podcasts can be listened to using a private RSS feed in Spotify or a third-party app.

How to Create a podcast on Spotify Making it Cost?

The cost of producing a Spotify podcast is as follows:
Pricing for podcasters on Spotify — Podcasters can pay $2.99, $4.99, or $7.99 each month for their subscription. To denote paid content, a lock icon will display where a play button would ordinarily appear on Spotify. To watch the show, subscribers must go to the program’s dedicated Anchor landing page.

If a podcaster currently has a subscription service and wants to make their premium content available on Spotify, they’ll need to use Anchor in addition to their current host.

  • How to make a podcast for free?
  • How to monetize podcast on Spotify?

Are there any Podcast Analytics Tools?

Spotify is one of the most well-known podcast analytics tools for its music, but it also boasts a well-curated podcast library in the world of android podcast applications. Spotify’s podcast strategy is superior for a variety of reasons.

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