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How to Sell eBooks online and Make Money: Best 5 Tips

You can resell/sell eBooks online like many other digital products and make respectful profits online. For various categories of eBooks, there are millions of buyers around the world. To become a reseller, all you have to do is understand what you need to know.

So to become a Successful eBook Reseller you should be a master of three things, Knowing your audience, Researching keywords, and Knowing where to sell, that’s it.

Table of Content:

  1. What You Should Know to Become a Successful eBook Reseller
  2. Learning About Resell eBooks Online Rights
  3. Understand regular resell rights
  4. How to Find resell eBooks online Material to make money
  5. Making Money with Ebook Resell Rights
  6. Tips to resell eBooks online
  7. Best eBook reseller
  8. How  to buy resell ebooks online for making money

resell ebooks online

What You Should Know to Become a Successful eBook Reseller

Through’s Kindle Direct Publishing Platform, you can sell your books If you have master resale rights, you should use them. You can resell ebooks online at any price you like with this publishing option, but Amazon will take a percentage of the sale as a commission for providing the service.

Knowing your audience:

Finding a strong market requires narrowing down the audience to a certain sector. If you do this incorrectly, it could undermine your plan, especially if you want this to be a source of passive income.

Researching keywords:

To identify the most relevant keyword, you’ll need to do some more research. Finding out how many people look for your niche on the internet is beneficial.

Know where to sell:

You have done everything now time to sell but where? First, make sure you’ve identified a place to acquire the eBooks, and then double-check that each item has Resell Rights before selling it. You can’t resell eBooks online with the terms “Give Away Rights Only” and “Personal Use Only” on them.

Learning About Resell eBooks Online Rights:

Before we start to resell ebooks, lets first understand the basics:

  • Understand regular resell rights
  • Understand master resell rights
  • Understand Advanced to private label rights
  • Understand Considering rebranding rights
  • Recognize material in the public domain
  • What is the difference between PLR and MRR?

Understand Regular Resell Rights:

The ability to resell ebooks online means that once someone has purchased a product, they will be able to resell it to others. The Resell Right (RR) gives you the ability to resell the product to other people. Master Resale Rights (MRR) give you the ability to resell the goods as well as sell them to others.

Understand Master Resell Rights:

master resell right

What MRR means is you may sell resell your rights to the product you’re marketing, whereas RR means you may not sell you resell rights and must instead sell the products to the customer.

Master resell rights (MRR) are similar to standard resell rights in that they allow you to sell the book legally. You can also sell resell rights to your consumers. In this manner, you can supposedly charge more, and those who buy from you can probably earn by selling the ebook to new buyers.

Understand Advance to private label rights:

Someone with private label rights can change existing content, such as articles or films, and resell it as their own. PLR is a type of resell right that is a subset of master resell rights (MRR). Master resale rights are a sort of resell rights that allow a buyer to resell both the product and its rights.

When you buy private label rights (PLR), you get the freedom to change the ebook to fit your needs before reselling it. Before reselling the product, you can update it, make changes to the content, and even claim authorship.

You’d have “limited PLR” in this scenario. You have “unrestricted PLR” if you acquire PLR without any restrictions.

Understand Considering rebranding rights:

PLR does not include rebranding rights. You will be able to incorporate your own online links inside the ebook, redirect readers to your website, and persuade them to buy further products from you if you purchase rebranding rights.

Recognize material in the public domain:

Because the original copyrights on works published before 1923 have expired, they are now in the public domain. If anything was published and copyrighted between 1923 and 1964, and the copyright was renewed in its 28th year, it is copyrighted for 95 years.

When a book is in the public domain, it can be used, revised, controlled, and even sold by anybody.

What is the difference between PLR and MRR?

PLR, MRR, and RR all refer to specific license rights to products that you can purchase and resell eBooks online. Private label rights, or PLR, are a type of intellectual property that allows you to use your own name The letters MRR and RR stand for master resell rights and resale rights, respectively. You are not permitted to edit it in any way, and you are not permitted to claim authorship or copyright to the product.

How to Find Resell eBooks Online Material to Make Money:

There are a few main sources to find eBook Materials to Resell:

  • Search for direct purchase content
  • Look for ebook packs
  • Join an ebook membership group

Search for direct purchase content.

To begin, choose a topic that you are interested in. Then, using the phrase “resell rights,” conduct an online search for that subject. You will be given a list of websites where you may purchase ebooks. You can look over those links and the products they’re selling. Pay attention to the type of rights you’re buying along with the ebooks as you look through those listings.

You might be buying ebook membership, the right to resell ebooks online and sell resale rights to your own clients (MRR), and the opportunity to customize the images, for example, and the ability to add it to premium membership sites, or you might not be able to edit the content of a book or add it to free membership sites.

Look for ebook packs:

For the customer, there is simply one purchase and download. Single author box-set including numerous novels in one series, priced lower than buying the books separately but yet providing a significant income for the author.

Purchasing an ebook pack will typically cost more than purchasing an individual ebook, but you will have more options and the job of locating them will be done for you.

Join an ebook membership group:

You can join the club for a one-time charge. In return, you get access to an ebook library with resell eBooks online rights that the membership possesses, as well as the rights to those materials. These groups frequently offer training or other resources to help you get started with your resale business.

Online Book Clubs You Can Join Now

  • Andrew Luck Book Club
  • The Girlfriend Book Club
  • Goodreads Choice Awards Book Club
  • WNYC Virtual Book Club with the New York Public Library

Making Money with Ebook Resell Rights:

To resell eBooks online, you must first learn how to create your own money-making system by reselling resell rights ebooks, private label rights articles, and other niche products with resell rights so that you may make residual revenue for a long time.

Make use of training materials:

The majority of ebook resellers provide some form of support or training. This is especially true if you become a member of one of the member clubs. You should make use of these opportunities and take advantage of the instruction they provide to resell eBooks online.

Market your products:

You’ll need to be skilled at establishing websites and promoting your products to make the most of reselling ebooks. You can integrate your own links into the content of the product with rebranding rights and PLR, which will help you attract even more customers to your site.

You might be able to construct a mailing list, start a blog, or start a newsletter that you can send out to your potential clients on a regular basis.

Create a consistent brand for yourself:

If you have rebranding rights or private label rights, you should update the ebooks so that they all have the same look and feel. This will establish a sense of consistency, which will attract more clients to your other products.

  • To develop client confidence, you should choose a logo and font style and stick to it.
  • Create a unified look for all of your slides and webinar materials.
  • Consistently use document templates

Tips and Warning to Resell eBooks Online:

1. Understand that resell rights will expire after a certain period of time. You must understand that if you purchase an ebook on fitness and health, for example, many other people are also purchasing and attempting to resell the same book. Make sure the ebook you buy is something you think you’ll be able to resale frequently enough to recoup your investment.

2. Any ebook membership sites should be thoroughly researched. Know exactly what you’re getting out of your membership. Visit the site carefully to determine whether you are making a one-time purchase or agreeing to monthly payments.

3. Purchase your own domain name with private WhoIs if you haven’t already. This will appear more professional, and no one will be able to determine your location by checking up your domain name. However, don’t go looking for a domain name until you’re ready to acquire one. Otherwise, someone else will see that it is a desirable domain name and will be able to purchase it before you.

4. Take note of the Ebook bundles. When you split the cost by the number of Ebooks you receive, buying the resell rights to a pack of Ebooks might be a better deal, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to secure resell Ebooks online rights.

5. Web providers can impose restrictions on the use of the websites they host. Check to see whether the web server you’re considering has any restrictions on your business model.

Best eBook Reseller: is a website that allows you to pay for things (Recommended) Payhip is the site I use for hosting and selling eBooks, and I highly suggest it.

Sellfy is a website that allows you to sell your (Recommended) The second outlet I recommend for selling your eBooks is Sellfy.

  • Google Play

How  to Buy Resell eBooks Online for Making Money:

resell eBooks onlineEven if you don’t make your own product, you can start earning money right away and continue to do so for a long time. … Digital products that can be easily downloaded, such as e-books and software, are the most frequent types of resell rights products.

Free eBook Affiliate Program – Earn Money and Have Fun Reading:

Making money through the eBook affiliate network is not difficult, but you should follow some best practices to ensure that your ebook attracts readers and generates sales.

There are a few platforms where you can easily sell your ebook:

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing service.

As you may be aware, Amazon is the most popular online marketplace for buying and selling various things like resell eBooks online. is an e-commerce service that allows you to sell e-books.

Affiliate Program for Blue Rocket Books:

Blue Rocket Books buys and sells a variety of books, e-books, and e-textbooks, as well as provides a rental book comparison.

How profitable is it to write and resell eBooks online on Amazon?

You can self-publish eBooks for free on Amazon and reach millions of people. You can also provide in-depth training, assistance, and education to your customers via eBooks and Audiobook.

Kindle Direct Publishing and Audible, Amazon’s audiobook marketplace, are two options for self-publishing your digital items. Both are available for Free.

Consider two things before writing an eBook

How to sell eBooks online & Make Money:

  1. It’s just as vital to research titles, keywords, and price strategies for digital products like ebooks and audiobooks as it is for blog content when intending to market them on Amazon.
  2. Spending a little sufficient time on titles, subtitles, and descriptions could mean the difference between a constant flow of money and one that fizzles out before it really gets started.

Resell on Amazon & Make Money: Niche Blink Tips:

According to Penguin Random House, eBooks account for 22% of all book purchases and resell eBooks online purchases account for 42% of all book purchases.

  1. Do your homework before deciding on a book topic.
  2. Look up the most popular Amazon book keywords.
  3. Hire the services of a professional graphic designer to create your eBook cover.
  4. Devote time to creating the title and subtitle for your eBook.
  5. Create a book description on Amazon that sells
  6. Give eBooks away for free to make money selling them.
  7. Use Facebook Groups and Blogs to promote your eBook.
  8. Don’t read your own eBook aloud.

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