Gaming Affiliate Programs for Gamers – How to Promote

Affiliate links for Affiliate Programs For Gamers are a place where you link to a product for sale on an affiliate site that you put to your channel. Recommend the gear and accessories that you use and enjoy as an easy approach to prompt a purchase. You’ll earn a commission every time a viewer clicks on one of your links and makes a purchase.

Gamers can choose from a variety of affiliate programs, including Amazon Associates, NewEgg, and GearBest.

Gaming Affiliate Programs for Gamers are an excellent method to begin earning money from home without having to pay anything. You don’t have to produce your own stuff if you use affiliate marketing. Instead, you can just earn a commission from a well-known and reputable retailer.

Before I join any affiliate program, I usually think about what the product is, who uses it, how they use it, how much they spend, how important it is that people use it, and whether or not it is a high-priced affiliate program.

1. Affiliate Programs For Gamers by Merchandising Your Brand:

Because PUBG is so popular, you can make money by selling physical products such as branded mugs, t-shirts, apparel, stickers, and anything else related to the game if you have a large enough audience.

It’s a fantastic technique to turn your fans into paying clients. You will not only generate more money, but you will also strengthen your relationship with your viewers.

Streamlabs Merch and Teespring, for example, handle the entire process for you. If you already have a design in mind, Merch by Amazon is also an excellent alternative because they handle everything else.

2. Esports Affiliate Programs For Gamers:

Affiliate Programs For Gamers

A good competition can be exhilarating, and winning—especially when it’s a difficult challenge—provides a rush of endorphins unlike any other.

Despite the fact that esports is played in front of a screen rather than on a field, they can bring feel-good moments, a sense of community, and, in some cases, a source of income. Esports is expected to reach 454 million viewers and generate more than $1 billion in revenue.

eSports refers to a group of individuals who participate in virtual electronic games, either as a team or individually, in a $BN+ industry.

Tips: Professional gamers can surely make money, but you don’t have to be an excellent player to profit from this trend.

To make money playing PUBG in esports, you must be exceptional! To be good, you must be devoted, driven, practice (a lot), purchase the proper equipment, join a gaming community, form a team, and compete in tournaments! Once you’ve established a name for yourself, you should be able to secure sponsorship through brand promotion or an esports franchise.

1. Brand sponsorship: earn from esports by promoting their products and content in exchange for funding

2. Team sponsorship: It’s not shocking that these teams pay pro gamers an average of $60k per year, which is merely a small portion of their total income.

10 Best Esports Affiliate Programs:

Hopefully, by looking at the following list of the top 10 esports affiliate programs, you’ll be able to see how you may include these programs into your niche blink market tactics.

1. GameStop
2. Epulze
3. DX Racer
4. ULT Esports
5. Rivalry
6. Humble Bundle
7. Go2Games
8. Razer
10. Microsoft

3. Make money streaming with subscriptions –

One of the best affiliate programs for gamers to earn money with Subscriptions and channel subscriptions are another effective way, as they are a more secure technique of earning money than other options.

Patreon is a dedicated subscription site that many gamers use. Patreon is a subscription-based platform that allows streamers to provide unique content to paying subscribers. Twitch and YouTube each have subscription systems of their own.

Affiliates and Partners on Twitch get a subscription button added to their channel by default. You can also add channel membership once you’ve become a YouTube Partner.

4. Nerd or Die – Affiliate Programs For Gamers:

Streaming is the new thing, and for lack of a better term, seeming real is a sure-fire method to stand out. With their inventive and economical designs, Nerd or Die assists your audience in this.

Affiliates are paid per sale, with the first tier receiving a 10% commission, the second 15%, the third 20%, and the highest tier receiving a 30% commission.

The streamer’s best friend is Nerd or Die. They provide bespoke themes for gaming streams to players all around the world. Overlays, alerts, and even some tutorials are available if you want to make it yourself.

Their system has four tiers, with affiliates leveling up based on certain criteria. Everyone starts at the beginning. They advance to Experienced after ten referrals. They advance to professionals after they accomplish a certain income target.

Commission Rate/ Percentage: 10% – 30% per sale: Link to Program:

5. Zygor Guides – Affiliate Programs For Gamers:

They’re a TOS-friendly system designed to help you get the most out of your characters and gameplay. In World of Warcraft, more assistance is always welcome, thus this is ideal for gamers.

Their affiliate program is also among the best in the industry. For every sale you refer, you’ll earn an unbeatable 50% commission. You’ll also get a percentage of your referral’s membership on a regular basis. Simply for directing a member their way, you may earn up to $42.99 every month!

Zygor Guides has one of the most competitive gaming affiliate programs on the market. The commission is substantial, and the cookie term is equally so. What do you have to lose?

Affiliates earn 50% commission on each sale, with monthly earnings determined by the number of subscriptions they suggested. Link to Program.

6. Twitch Affiliate Programs for Gamers:

Twitch is a video-streaming website where affiliates can earn money while following their passion and building their audience. Simply upload or display the referral link while broadcasting on Twitch, and visitors or viewers will be directed to the merchant’s website if they click on it.

On the website, affiliates can choose from a number of subscription rates, including $24.99, $4.99, $9.99,  and a free Twitch subscription. You can also make money as an affiliate by providing in-game help or selling games. You must have a minimum of 50 followers, 500 minutes of broadcast every month, and an average of 3 viewers.

7. Razer Affiliate Programs for Gamers:

Razer Affiliate Programs

Razer is a company that offers gaming hardware, software, and systems, as well as having an Esports division. Laptops, mice, and game boosters are among the items available.

Customers may learn about Seoul Dynasty, Alliance, Mouse Sports, Panda Cute, LA Valiant, and other esports teams via the Razer website, which also has its own esports squad.

The Razer Affiliate Program on impact radius allows you to earn income by referring users to RazerStore via banners or links on your website. You can earn up to a 12% commission on Razer products sold through these links.

The products are primarily gaming peripherals for gamers who want to go above and beyond the competition. The commission is hefty, especially considering the free sign-up option.

8. Astro Gaming Affiliate Programs for Gamers:

Astro Gaming is transforming is one of the ways where we play games As the new standard for professional computer game sound. It sells a variety of high-end products, such as wired and wireless earphones, earbuds, gaming bags, and clothes.

As a member of the Astro Gaming Affiliate Program, you will be able to earn a 5% commission on all sales of sound systems, headsets, and peripherals while also being linked to a company that is at the forefront of modern gaming audio

9. Mobile Game Affiliate Program:

Mobile games can now be downloaded from both an app store and a mobile operator’s portal. A video game that is played on a mobile device is known as a mobile game. All games played on any portable device, including mobile phones (feature phones or smartphones), tablets, PDAs, handheld gaming consoles, portable media players, or graphing calculators, with or without network availability, are included in this category.

Mobile Gaming Affiliate Programs for Gamers:

CrakRevenue is a CPA-based advertising network that connects advertisers and publishers. Affiliates can choose from three different plans (Active Affiliate, VIP Affiliate, and Elite Club), each of which includes a Help Desk, hundreds of offers, and a 5% lifetime referral program. Furthermore, it provides a specialized affiliate manager, exclusive offers and promotions, annual compensation spikes, and more for the second and third plans.

Key features:

  • Android and iOS are mobile platforms. OS
  • Types of campaigns: CPA, CPI, CPL, and CPS
  • Dating, cam, health, and adult gaming are examples of offer types.

5 Best Mobile Gaming Affiliate Programs for Gamers you can join:

  1. Microsoft Affiliate Program
  2. Twitch Affiliate Program
  3. Roblox Affiliate Program
  4. Epic Games Affiliate Program
  5. Steam Affiliate Program

How to Promote Gaming Affiliate Programs for Gamers:

Gaming Affiliate Programs for Gamers

The creation, development, and launch of your game are only the beginning of your journey. If you don’t have a solid video game marketing strategy in place, your game will fade into obscurity, wasting all of your time, money, and effort. The challenge is in making your game stand out from the crowd and convincing users to download it to their devices.

Whether you’ve just released a new game, want to relaunch an old one, or are simply looking for more players, there are a number of video game marketing initiatives that you can start implementing yourself – some of which are even free or relatively inexpensive – without having to hire celebrities or produce TV commercials.

Here are 11 video game marketing methods you can use right now to assist increase your game’s download rate and get people talking about it.

  • YouTube game promotion
  • Game marketing through blogging
  • App store optimization for games
  • Branch out to multiple app stores
  • Game marketing on Facebook and Instagram
  • Participate in gaming podcasts
  • Game marketing on Reddit
  • Game marketing through review websites
  • Game influencer marketing
  • Your Facebook page for game marketing
  • Feel like you’re part of a game marketing stunt?

YouTube game promotion – Affiliate Programs For Gamers

You can also use one of YouTube’s advertising providers, which will show your teaser as a video ad before the requested video is played.
YouTube game promotion

Game marketing through blogging:

Because you want your blog posts to be shared on social media and bring new people to your game, they should constantly be enjoyable, informative, and innovative.

App store optimization for games:

App store optimization (ASO) is a video game marketing approach that allows you to position your game to improve its ranking and visibility by implementing a number of tactics.

Branch out to multiple app stores:

Consider submitting your Android game to a few different retailers that cater to different countries or markets than the Play Store.

Game marketing on Facebook and Instagram:

The beauty of Facebook and Instagram advertising is that you can tailor your ads to potential clients who fit a specific demographic and have specific interests and behaviors.

Participate in gaming podcasts:

You might be in luck if you already know someone who operates a podcast. Otherwise, you could contact a few video game podcasts to see if they’d like to collaborate with you.

Game marketing on Reddit:

A subreddit on is a type of theme or area where you may publish stuff about your game, but it’s not as simple as posting anywhere.

Game marketing through review websites:

While it may appear to be a time-consuming process, submitting your game to as many renowned gaming or app review websites as possible is an important aspect of video game promotion.

Game influencer marketing- Affiliate Programs For Gamers

When it comes to marketing to younger audiences, influencers reign supreme, and getting your game in front of the proper person may lead to exposure to hundreds, if not millions, of potential buyers.

Your Facebook page for game marketing:

Make it a point to communicate with your supporters on a frequent basis and to respond to their questions. Alternatively, pose questions and like or respond to responses that pique your interest.

Feel like you’re part of a game marketing stunt:

People enjoy a good marketing stunt, so this is your chance to think outside the box about how to get people to notice your game. Consider how you may generate interest and drive traffic to your website or app store by creating a buzz.

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