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How to Find Your Comments On YouTube You’ve Ever Posted

Looking for how to find your comments on youtube! When someone loves your comment, it means they either share your opinions or at the very least find it amusing, thoughtful, or even motivating. It makes sense to desire to learn more about these folks, even if it’s simply their names and location information.

I Hope, by the end of this post, you will be able to understand all about:

  1. How to View your comments on Youtube
  2. How to Turn on comments on Youtube on iPhone step by step
  3. How to See Comments on Youtube App Android
  4. How to View comments on Youtube app
  5. How to Find comments on Youtube

What is Youtube Search Comment:

Let’s have a quick view before knowing How to Find Your Comments On YouTube: A free browser add-on called YouTube Comment Search makes it simpler to search through YouTube comments. After installation, a search bar will show up above the YouTube video comments.

Using a Google Chrome browser plugin, you can search every YouTube remark on a particular video or the comments for the entire channel. By searching for specific terms, the “Comments Search for YouTube” extension enables you to rapidly browse through all of the comments on a particular video or even an entire YouTube channel.

How To Find Your YouTube Comment History:

Find Your Comments On YouTube

What Motivates You to View Your Previous YouTube Comments? If you watch a lot of YouTube videos, it’s likely that you’ve left hundreds or perhaps thousands of comments on different channels. You may wish to:

If you’re unsure of what you said or want to share a funny statement with someone else, don’t be afraid to look up previous comments on YouTube because it makes it simple to find any comment you’ve ever left on videos.

Whatever the scenario, it’s simple to know how to find your comments on YouTube you’ve ever posted and modify or delete them as necessary.

How To Find Your YouTube Comment History in a Browser:

Regardless of whether you use Windows, macOS, Linux, or any other OS, the method is the same because changes are made using any browser.

  1. Log into your Google or YouTube account after opening a browser.
  2. Click the “hamburger icon” on the homepage (three horizontal)
  3. The most popular videos of the day, your subscriptions, and your settings are all listed in a dropdown menu that appears.
  4. The “Commented on…” link must be clicked in order to update a comment. “Highlighted comment” labeled
  5. Click the “vertical ellipsis” to edit your remark (three vertical dots)
  6. To modify your comment, click “Edit.”
  7. Make the necessary changes, then select “Save.”

How to Review YouTube Live Stream Comments:

Knowing how to find your comments on YouTube, let’s go over the ones you’ve left running live.

1. Go back to the history type panel (follow the steps above), then select Live Chat.

2. Review the chat messages you have already sent. The same as you would with a typical YouTube remark, delete or edit them.

How to find your most liked comment on Youtube step by step:

How to find your most liked comment on Youtube

Sadly, there is currently no way to see who liked your YouTube remark. When someone likes your comment on YouTube, you receive a notification, but the identity of the liker is kept a secret.

YouTube seems to take the subject of privacy very seriously. The company’s policy states that they do not exchange user data, and much work is done to ensure that users cannot be readily exploited.

Additionally, the organizational structure of YouTube doesn’t appear to place much importance on likes or comments.

However, there is more than just a list of comments for each video on the YouTube mobile app.

As Creators Can Learn From YouTube Comments

  • When the YouTube commenter first started.
  • When the commenter becomes a channel subscriber.
  • How many channel subscribers the commenter has?
  • How to find your comments on youtube

How to find your comments on youtube Mobile?

Your mobile, tablet, or computer may all be used to quickly find your YouTube comments. Your previous YouTube comments can likewise be edited or removed in a matter of seconds.

For both desktop and mobile, the procedures for viewing your YouTube comment history are the same. Launch the YouTube Comment History website first by launching a web browser on your desktop or mobile device.

After logging in, you will see a “YouTube Comments” page with a list of all the YouTube comments you have ever left.

How to find your comments on YouTube (Android & iOS):

You can edit or delete your comments after finding them if necessary. Let’s learn how to view your YouTube comments.

Launch the YouTube mobile app, select your profile, select Settings, and then select History & privacy.

Tap Manage all activity under History & privacy. After clicking this, you can select the INTERACTIONS tab on your YouTube History page.

Locate the YouTube Comments section under the INTERACTIONS tab and select View Comments.

You may browse and examine your whole history of YouTube comments on your Google My Activity (YouTube Comments) page by clicking this, which will take you there.

How to Find Your Comments on YouTube History on Desktop:

Let’s first go over how to find your YouTube comments using your preferred browser and sign in to your account at

  • Select History by clicking the hamburger icon (the three lines).
  • Now Click Comments under Manage All History on the right-side menu.

Your location will change to your Comment History. Your account’s whole history of YouTube comments will be displayed here. To view any remark, simply scroll up or down.

How to Find Your Comments on YouTube App?

How to Find Your Comments on YouTube App

Just finding your comments on youtube is not enough, you also need to know how to view, edit, or delete comments on the YouTube app step by step. You can manage your comments using the YouTube app as well. All you have to do is keep to the procedures below:

How to find your comments on youtube for App:

  1. On your smartphone, launch the YouTube app, tap your profile, then choose Your data on YouTube.
  2. To see the comments you’ve made, press More under Your YouTube dashboard.
  3. Click on the comments. By doing this, you may access all of your comments in your YouTube Comment History.
  4. When you tap the video or article you desire, your highlighted comment will be shown. Hit “More” (the three dots on the right).
  5. To edit or remove your comment, click Edit or Delete. That’s it.

How to Find Your Comments on YouTube by Username?

You can also find your or someone’s YouTube comments by Username. So it makes sense to delegate the task to an effective application.

You may do this with the use of a program, namely a Google Chrome extension called YCS – YouTube Comment Search. Installing the extension, going to the video, and searching for the remark by the user’s name is all that is needed. Following are the detailed instructions on how to do this:

  1. Get YouTube Comment Search (YCS) installed.
  2. Bring Up All Comments
  3. Find Comments from a Specific User

FAQs – How to Find Your Comments On YouTube


Why can’t I see the comments I posted?

In this situation, it is advisable that you hold off on publishing your comment until the appropriate person has approved it. Another option is that the owner or moderator adds your name to the list of “hidden users” for some reason. Even in this situation, unless you are taken off that list, your comment won’t be shown.

What is the Best Youtube First Comment Finder?

If you have the correct tools, finding YouTube comments doesn’t have to take much effort. To make your life as a YouTube creator or viewer simpler and more fun, add and use these free tools. Find your first comment finder here:

  1. YouTube first Comment
  2. Hadzy
  3. YTComment Finder
  4. YouTube Comment Search Extension Firefox
  5. YouTube Comment Finder

How to Find Your First YouTube Comment Finder by User Quick?

Identifying specific YouTube comments that you or others have written might be necessary. If you are having problems coming up with a viable solution, the information below may be of assistance.

How to find your comments on youtube:


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