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Free Hootsuite Dashboard Login: Best Social Media Dashboard

Hootsuite Dashboard is a free social media management tool,
and anyone can use HootSuite’s feature-rich app to post changes to their social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Your company can use this solution to manage multiple networks from a single interface. Hootsuite makes it easy to engage your audience so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business and brand.

The HootSuite App Directory is a collection of extensions and applications that HootSuite users can use to personalize their dashboard. These apps are created and maintained by third-party developers and companies, and they help to grow the HootSuite dashboard’s social content ecosystem.

Table of Content:

  1. The Hootsuite Dashboard
  2. How to Find the Social Media Analytics Dashboard in Hootsuite?
  3. How to Get Started with HootSuite Social Media Dashboard?
  4. How To Make Your Social Media Effortless With Hootsuite’s Free Plan?
  5. How Can Hootsuite Help You Engage Your Audience?
  6. How to Integrate HootSuite with Twitter and Facebook?

The Hootsuite Dashboard:

hootsuite dashboard

You may then set up streams to monitor conversations and communicate with your audience once you’ve optimized your profile and linked your social networks. The streams dashboard is Hootsuite’s major hub, and it’s where you’ll keep track of your social networks.

How to schedule posts:

At any time, you can post to one or more networks. These articles can be published right away or planned for a later date.

1. To schedule posts, go to the left-hand navigation bar’s ‘Publisher’ tab.

2. Then, at the top, click the green ‘New Post’ button to bring up a posting box.

3. Choose one or more social media channels to use for your post.

4. After that, add your text and any links you like.

  • To save on character count, Hootsuite will provide you the option to ‘Shorten with’
  • Don’t forget to use emojis and hashtags that are relevant!

5. You can also use “@” to tag additional accounts and then choose from a drop-down menu.

6. Including material (pictures, videos, or graphics) in your social post will increase interaction. You can use your computer to upload images or videos or use Hootsuite’s media library.

7. Choose a date, then choose a time slot, and then click schedule!

Publisher Tab and Planner Page:

The publisher tab allows you to see all of your planned posts in one place, as well as any manuscripts (those that have already been delivered). The planner page displays a summary of everything you’ve planned across all platforms.

You can review, modify, or delete any scheduled posts from before they go live:

  1. Simply select the post you wish to evaluate and click on it.
  2. To modify, click the pencil icon.
  3. Alternatively, you can delete, duplicate, or move that exact post into your draughts folder by clicking the three dots.
  4. Remember to save any changes you make!

Content Page and Promote Page:

On the content page, you can see any draughts or planned articles from the past, as well as any that need approval, and on the promote page, you may boost Facebook posts and sponsor LinkedIn posts to reach a broader audience.

The Key Features of HootSuite Dashboard:

HootSuite allows you to manage all of your social media accounts from a single location. You can access and manage all of your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin accounts from your HootSuite dashboard, rather than logging in to each one separately.

Manage Multiple Accounts:

You may connect the following social media tools with HootSuite:

  • Twitter:
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+ Pages
  • WordPress
  • App Directory

Message Scheduling:

HootSuite allows you to plan posts across many social media accounts. This is particularly beneficial for publishing when you are unable to be physically present on social media.

Monitoring Conversations:

HootSuite can be used to keep track of one or more of your Twitter accounts. From the HootSuite dashboard, you can execute and store searches, as well as create and manage Twitter lists and follows.

  • Make a search stream
  • @mentions can be used to narrow your search.
  • Use the hashtag as a search term.
  • Create keyword-based search streams.

How to Find the Social Media Analytics Dashboard in Hootsuite?

It goes without saying that you should evaluate which postings are successful and which are not. I’ll show you how to go into Hootsuite’s analytics dashboard and how to use the information there.

To access the Social Media Analytics Hootsuite Dashboard, drag your mouse over the left-hand menu in Hootsuite to get a list of the platform’s primary sites.

Social Media Analytics Dashboard in Hootsuite

This opens a new page with some pre-populated metrics. This is necessary if you wish to differentiate across different channels or brands.

If it takes a long to load, don’t worry.

For Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you’ll need to select the appropriate account separately. I’d suggest focusing on one platform at a time to gain a deeper understanding of each.

What Hootsuite’s Analytics Tell You:

When you start probing around the statistics page, Hootsuite takes you to the Overview dashboard. These analytics provide you with the omnichannel dashboard I discussed previously, which includes the following:

  • How many articles have you written?
  • How many new followers you’ve gotten and how many you’ve lost?
  • How many people interacted with your posts and shared them?
  • The amount of traffic generated by short links

How to Get Started with HootSuite Social Media Dashboard?

As beneficial as social media tools can be for connecting and engaging with your target audiences, they can also be time-demanding and labor involved. Interacting and engaging with others online requires time and effort, but there are numerous tools, communication approaches, and styles for creating and posting material.

Hootsuite, a social media management software, allows marketers to stay on top of their social media activity by allowing them to manage all of their networks from one location.

To begin, you’ll need to sign up for a Hootsuite account. Fill in your information at Hootsuite will next ask you to connect your social profiles and give you permission to publish and plan content as well as monitor engagement.

Hootsuite Dashboard Example:

Users having several business pages on Facebook, for example, will have to manually select the pages they want to add to Hootsuite. To use the platform, you’ll need to add a minimum of two accounts.

Finally, Hootsuite will ask you to provide information about your firm, like its size and industry, as well as your phone number.

Hootsuite Mobile Apps:

HootSuite offers free iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) and Android mobile apps. The apps can be downloaded at

The HootSuite App Directory allows you to expand your dashboard with even more social networks and features. Tumblr, YouTube, Flickr, and many others are examples of social media sites. Find out more.

The Hootsuite App – Manage with  Freshdesk:

With the Hootsuite App for Freshdesk, you can monitor your helpdesk and respond to requests alongside your social media messages. It allows organizations to instantly consume material from many sites, track public perception of their brand, and communicate with customers if necessary.

Installation Steps:

  • Now go to your Hootsuite account and login in.
  • Go to App Directory + All Apps + Freshdesk
  • Choose “Add to New Stream” and fill out the appropriate fields.
  • And that’s it.

You can manage your helpdesk right from your Hootsuite dashboard with this app. You may also use the ticket stream to search for individual tickets and filter them as needed.

How To Make Your Social Media Effortless With Hootsuite’s Free Plan?

The Hootsuite free version is good for small businesses that are on a budget. Hootsuite costs roughly £25 per month and gives you ten social accounts, automated post scheduling, crucial performance analytics, and a £400 monthly ad spend limit to promote your postings. There are some alternatives to Hootsuite are Buffer and Recurpost.

You can start your free 30 days Trail here:

Free Hootsuite Dashboard:

HootSuite offers a free version that allows you to manage up to five accounts, as well as subscription editions that allow you to manage an unlimited number of accounts and teams.

HootSuite is already used by several Algonquin College departments and staff to manage their College-related social media activity.

Plan your content

During the week, you can focus on customer service commenting and platform interaction. This is a critical component of your marketing strategy.

Social Monitoring

It allows you to see how competition social marketing is changing and dig further into your customer’s persona.


The monitoring capabilities of Hootsuite’s free edition are somewhat limited.


The monitoring capabilities of Hootsuite’s free edition are somewhat limited, including; ZenDesk, Canva, Salesforce, and Google my Business.

As a result, you’ll be able to improve the workflow between your social media scheduler and content generation or customer care.

Here are some pros and cons of the  free plan for Hootsuite Dashboard;


  • Most free plans do not allow video uploads, but Hootsuite does.
  • Following relevant hashtags to see what’s trending or being said is known as social listening.
  • You can also use it to reply to channel messages.
  • It’s very beneficial for uploading to Instagram.
  • Hootsuite’s free plan includes a basic statistical report, which is fantastic.


  • To begin with, the system can be tedious.
  • You can’t see your content in a weekly format.
  • 30 pieces of material – If you wish to schedule content for more than 10 days across three channels, this is a major issue.

How Can Hootsuite Help You Engage Your Audience?

Any social media marketer will tell you that engaging effectively with your audience is difficult, but Hootsuite makes it a little easier. Within your dashboard, you may like, react, and reply to posts and comments, as well as respond to private messages and moderate comments on your company articles.

To leave a comment on a blog article or video, use the following format:

  • Select the appropriate stream, then select the tab that contains the stream.
  • Below the post, click ‘leave a comment,’ input your comment, and then press enter.

To respond to a comment, write:

  • Below the comment, click ‘leave a reply or more actions.’
  • Click’reply,’ type your response, and then hit enter.

To send a private message in response to a Facebook comment:

Admins on a Facebook business page can respond to comments with private messages, but this must be enabled when creating the Hootsuite Facebook profile.

  1. Next to the comment, click more actions,’ and then
  2. ‘Reply with a message should be selected.
  3. After that, click Send to send your response.
  4. Your Messages stream will display these messages.
  5. To hide or reveal comments, click more actions next to the comment or reply, then ‘hide.’

How to Use Hootlet:

You may use Hootlet, a free chrome plugin, to write and schedule posts from any website. Simply go to to get it.

To share something, simply highlight it, right-click it, and choose share via Hootlet.’ The plugin will show you what people are saying about your search on social media.

Hootsuite mobile:

The Hootsuite mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices and includes all of the capabilities of the desktop version, allowing marketers to work on the go.

Pocket Insights- Hootsuite Dashboard

In your Hootsuite dashboard, you may use Pocket to save, view, and share content more quickly. Adding the power of Pocket to your Hootsuite Dashboard allows you to manage and share outstanding web content.

With Pocket integrated, you’ll be able to find, store, review, and share material in a seamless and integrated manner.

You may do the following with Pocket in your Hootsuite Dashboard:

  • View all of the stuff you’ve saved to Pocket, including articles, videos, and photographs that you’ve saved.
  • Hootsuite allows you to save Twitter and Facebook posts to Pocket.
  • Favorite, archive, tag, or delete saves to organize content.
  • With powerful search tools, you can rapidly find saved information.
  • Easily share Pocket material across all of your social media accounts.

Hootsuite dashboard

Here are a few more ways to include Pocket in your Hootsuite dashboard:

Use Pocket in Hootsuite to make a content library of pre-screened articles, videos, and web pages whether you’re a Social Media Manager or operate a small business.

Create a Twitter List in Hootsuite of thought leaders and influencers you follow so you can save intriguing articles to Pocket on a regular basis.

How to Add Youtube Analytics to Your Hootsuite Dashboard Using Channelview Insights:

You can quickly build and export analytical reports for your YouTube channels and videos with Channelview Insights. Views, engagement, subscription activity, subscriber demographics, and more can all be analyzed using reports.

If you’re looking for a Hootsuite app to monitor YouTube videos and manage your channel, check out Channelview App: https://

How to Integrate HootSuite with Twitter and Facebook?

HootSuite includes a lot of functions, including the ability to schedule tweets, attach files, and shorten long web names so they fit on Twitter’s 140-character limit.

The following are the steps for linking HootSuite to Twitter and a Facebook Page.

Step 1: Register or Login
Step 2: Go to HootSuite’s dashboard and look for the owl.
Step 3: Social Networks
Step 4: Add a social network
Step 5: Let’s start with Twitter
Step 6: Allow HootSuite access to Twitter

Hootsuite Dashboard Login or Register:

If you are new to the dashboard, please register by hitting the big green “Sign up Now” button.

Find the owl on HootSuite’s dashboard:

The owl can be found near the top, to the left. Go ahead and press the button. When you move your mouse over Settings, a submenu will emerge. Then select Social Networks from the menu.

Allow HootSuite access to Twitter:

Click Connect with Twitter when the ‘Add Social Network’ dashboard displays. To access the Twitter profile, HootSuite requires permission. The username (or email address) must be entered first, followed by the password, and then the blue button Allow must be clicked.

 Connect to a Facebook Page:

Click Add Social Network from the Settings dashboard. It’s ideal to build a Facebook Page if your company is using a personal profile. The usage of personal profiles for business is prohibited per Facebook’s policy. Let’s get started — on the left, click on Facebook Page. Then select Connect with Facebook from the drop-down menu.

Allow HootSuite access to Facebook:

Fill in your Facebook email address as well as your password. Then, at the bottom, click Login. The ‘Your pages on Facebook’ dashboard will display once HootSuite has been granted access. Add your Facebook Page to HootSuite by going to your Facebook Page and clicking the Add to HootSuite button.

Finish, Review, and Exit:

The Settings dashboard will show after you click Finished. It should have been possible to add the Facebook Page. While you’re here, have a peek around to see what else is available. To close it, click the X in the top right corner.

Summary: Hootsuite Dashboard

While there’s no denying that Hootsuite may help you organize your marketing efforts by allowing you to schedule communications ahead of time, there are a few common blunders to avoid. Make sure you’re checking the dashboard on a frequent basis for any mentions, trends, or activity. After all, we’re talking about social media here, and audiences have come to demand rapid responses.

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