Herman Miller Cosm Chair Review: Cosm vs Aeron Your Top Picks

Cosm Chair Review: The industry takes note when Herman Miller releases a new office chair. Herman Miller has established itself as a leader in the area of high-end office furniture. They’ve been around since 1923 when they were known as the Michigan Star Furniture Company.

The Cosm by Herman Miller is one of the most expensive office chairs we’ve ever seen. The model we tested has a high back, graphite frame/mesh, leaf arms, and regular 2.5″ carpet casters. The price of this setup is now $1,435.00.

The Cosm is Herman Miller’s first task chair with an automated tilt, developed by Berlin-based Studio 7.5. It features a suspension armrest, which we believe is an industry first, in addition to being the brand’s first task chair with an automated tilt.

The Cosm pushes the limits of what a task chair can do, and we are confident that it will set new standards for seating design and functionality. The features, functionality, and cutting-edge design are all worthwhile investments.

Herman Miller Cosm Chair Review

The dipped-in color approach, a design aspect that immediately sets the chair out from the surroundings, was what had us hooked on the look.

Three various back heights, three different arm options, five different finish options, and a pair of caster variants are available. The price range for the Cosm is extremely wide because there are various possible configurations. It costs between $895.00 and $1,695.00.

Studio 7.5 provides an excellent analogy for Cosm’s Auto-Harmonic TiltTM: “A tilt is to a chair what a transmission is to a car, and like transmissions, some are manual and others are automatic, such as the Cosm’s.”

Studio 7.5 was responsible for the design of the Cosm chair, which has been in operation since 1992 and is situated in Berlin, Germany. Other well-known chairs designed by them for Herman Miller include the Mirra, Mirra 2, and Setu. Studio 7.5 worked on the Cosm for years, honing it to the final version we see today.

One thing hasn’t changed as more companies go toward open workspaces and work hubs, and many employees love the option to choose their work environment based on their needs.

Product Detail- Herman Miller Cosm Review:

The innovative seat combines Auto-Harmonic Tilt, Intercept suspension, and a flexible structure to deliver immediate support and comfort as if it were built for you.

  • It was selected one of the 100 Best Inventions of 2019 by Time magazine.
  • No changes are required for total, weightless support.
  • Your every movement is promptly responded to by the flexible, robust frame.
  • At the seat and back, there’s a breathable Intercept suspension system.
    A smooth caster base supports the swivel seat.
  • A 12-year manufacturer’s warranty is included.


  • Auto-Harmonic Tilt
  • Intercept Suspension
  • Flexible Frame
  • Leaf Arms
  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment

Design Details: Cosm Chair Review

Herman Miller Cosm review

  • It’s available in a variety of “dipped-in-color” variations from top to bottom.
  • A smooth caster base supports the swivel seat.
  • No changes are required to provide total, weightless support for a variety of bodies.
  • Your every movement is promptly responded to by the Auto-Harmonic Tilt mechanism and the flexible, strong frame.
  • At the seat and back, there’s a breathable Intercept suspension system.

Policy on Returns- Cosm Chair Review:

Herman Miller has an excellent return policy. This is fantastic because the Cosm is a costly buy, so being able to check it out for free is a huge bonus. Within the first 30 days, you can return the chair for a full refund. Herman Miller will cover the return shipping charges and there are no restocking fees.

Warranty– Cosm Chair Review:

Herman Miller’s office chair warranty is undoubtedly the best in the business. They cover the Cosm for a period of 12 years. This guarantee is good for users weighing up to 350 pounds and for use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Herman Miller will cover everything if something goes wrong with your chair and you need to file a claim. If replacement components are required, they will be delivered at no cost.

ShippingCosm Chair Review:

FedEx ground delivered the Cosm chair at our location. The box was huge, but not excessively so. The box weighed a little more than 43 pounds. Herman Miller built the box with grips on the sides to make it easy to pick up if you need to transport it by yourself.

Assembly– Cosm Chair Review:

The Cosm chair was delivered completely assembled to your location. Before using the chair, it merely needed to be rolled out of the box and some plastic removed. Some online retailers, such as Amazon, may choose to ship the chair disassembled to save money on delivery. If this is the case, you will need to put the chair together.

Build Quality– Cosm Chair Review:

The Cosm is a product of the United States, and this is reflected in its 89/100 build quality score.

Support is provided by a robust but flexible framework that does not obstruct movement. It is built of lightweight materials and has a straightforward design, resulting in a chair that weighs only 40 pounds. The mechanism is constructed of high-quality aluminum, Polyamide, and polypropylene materials are used to make the chair frame, armrests, and base. Suspended Mesh is constructed of elastomeric and polyester materials and is manufactured in the United States.


  • Glass-filled polypropylene frame with injection molding
  • The polyester elastomeric seat mesh is intercepted.
  • The mechanism for tilting the seat
  • Die-cast aluminum base, powder-coated or polished
  • For carpeted floors, use nylon casters, or for carpeted and hardwood floors, use quiet-roll nylon casters.

Seat Comfort and Scope of Users: Cosm Chair Review

For tall persons, the shallow seat depth will be an issue, whereas, for shorter people, the wide arm placement will be a hindrance. Because there is no way to make the chair fit you, everyone will be affected by the absence of modifications. You must be able to sit comfortably in the chair as it is.

One disadvantage of most mesh chairs, and this is also true of the Cosm, is that the frame might be uncomfortable. The Cosm’s seat frame is much better made than models like the Aeron’s, but it’s still there, and you can feel it if you lean far enough to one side. The same can be true for the back of your legs and the front of your frame.

Backrest SupportCosm Chair Review:

The Cosm’s backrest boasts a particularly noticeable curvature, which serves to offer you good lumbar support and decent upper back support. The Cosm’s backrest now has the 2nd highest back support score we’ve given to an office chair.

The backrest of the Cosm differs from the backrests of most of the chairs we’ve tested in a few ways. The first is the design of the frame. The frame is built of polymid, which is lightweight and flexible. The frame lets you move around freely without being constrained by a hard frame construction.

The Cosm’s second distinguishing feature is that there is no gap between the seat and the back. Last but not least, the Herman miller cosm high back review design provides a comfortable headrest.

Armrest Comfort- Cosm Chair Review:

Cosm Chair Review

Standard loop arms, adjustable t arms, and leaf arms are all available for the Cosm. They give you the option of resting your elbows in a variety of positions.

There are a couple of reasons why the angle is the way it is. The first is that it allows both short and tall persons to enjoy the hammock experience. The design also has a very sleek appearance and clean lines. The angle of the leaf arms is also advantageous because it allows you to push your chair all the way under your desk or table without having to drop the arms or slam them on the desk.

Ergonomic Adjustments– Cosm Chair Review:

In our ergonomic modifications category, the Cosm performed horribly. This is to be expected, given the Cosm was created with the goal of requiring as few modifications as feasible. Only the seat height can be adjusted pneumatically. That is all there is to it. You can’t adjust the reclining tension or lock the chair in place.

Keep in mind that the Cosm will want to rock you back and forth naturally. It’s not easy to sit straight up and down or to remain fully reclined. The chair has you almost in a mid-recline position. It’s a pretty comfortable position, but it’s not the best option for folks who prefer to sit fully erect.

Depending on your body weight and shape, the chair will automatically recline and give you balanced support.

Wheel Option- Cosm Chair Review:

Two-wheel options are available for the Cosm chair. Both choices have a diameter of 2.5″. Carpet Casters are the first option. These wheels are composed of black nylon and are best used on carpets with a medium to a low pile.

Hard Floor or Carpet Casters with Quiet Roll are the second wheel option. These casters may be used on carpets with a medium to low pile as well as hard surfaces such as wood and tile. These wheels are also composed of black nylon, but they feature a soft tread that provides additional traction for the chair. On hard surfaces, this helps to reduce noise.

Auto-harmonic TiltCosm Chair Review:

The Auto-Harmonic Tilt provides constant support and fluid movement in accordance with the person’s body, posture, and sitting position, and it does so instantaneously and automatically.

Suspension material- Cosm Chair Review:

The Auto-Harmonic Tilt works in tandem with the frame and fabric suspension. Herman Miller’s new Intercept continuous suspension material conforms to each individual’s specific features, providing dynamic, uninterrupted support.

Upholstery Options- Cosm Chair Review:

White, canyon, glacier, graphite, and twilight are the only colors available for the Cosm, which is exclusively available in Suspension Mesh. The seat, back, and leaf armrests are all included. The Suspension Mesh is a grade 4 mesh that has undergone 200,000 double rubs of testing. The best way to describe a double rub is to imagine someone sitting on a chair and then standing up.

What Do You Like? Cosm Chair Review:

First Impression:

The chair has a remarkable exoskeletal design that immediately attracts your attention, and it follows Herman Miller’s mesh dominant aesthetic.

High-End Building and Designing:

The Cosm is a chair for which you pay a premium in order to get one of the best-looking chairs on the market.

Supportive Backrest:

It has a flexible structure and decent general back support.

Excellent Warranty:

You want to know that the manufacturer will stand behind their goods for many years to come, and Herman Miller does just that.

Ships Fully Assembled:

You won’t have to waste time unpacking individual parts or completing a time-consuming installation.

Return Policy That Is Good:

You can return it for a full refund if you decide it isn’t right for you.

Focus on the Environment:

Herman Miller makes attempts to limit environmental effects as much as feasible throughout the manufacturing process.

What don’t You Like? Cosm Chair Review:

Cosm Chair Review

Cosm Herman Miller Review:

High Price:

The Cosm’s major flaw is its exorbitant price, which most people cannot afford.

Seat May Be Uncomfortable:

If mesh seats haven’t worked for you in the past, you might want to consider another alternative.

Lacking Adjustments:

If you prefer to have your chair locked in place, the Cosm is not a good choice.

Arm Comfort Issues:

When worn directly on your elbow for an extended period of time, the mesh is uncomfortable, and the absence of modifications prevents you from customizing the arms to your needs.

Tasking with Leaf Arms Isn’t a Good Idea:

If you like the Cosm but need a task chair, the fully adjustable arms are the way to go.

Cosm™ Chair:  How to Care and Maintenance?

Please follow the cleaning techniques provided below to keep the quality of your Herman Miller product.

Arms, Base, and Frame: Cosm Chair Review

For Normal Cleaning:

  • Use a soft cloth dipped in mild detergent and warm water to clean the surface.
  • Rinse well enough and dry with a soft towel.
  • Avoid using abrasive kitchen cleansers or solvents.

Intercept™ Suspension Material:

For Normal Cleaning:

  • Using an upholstery attachment, vacuum the cloth as needed.
  • Vacuuming removes dust and cuts down on the need for professional cleaning.
  • Brushing the fabric or using a vacuum attachment with a rotary brush is not recommended.
  • Brushing the nap or changing the fabric’s character may cause irreversible damage.
  • Water or any other liquid solution should not be used.
  • Using any liquid solution to wet the cloth can cause irreparable damage.

Our Verdict | Cosm Chair Review

If you want the best-looking chair but don’t need it to be tasking, the leaf arms can be a great choice. The leaf arms would look wonderful in a conference or meeting room, in my opinion. If you’re going to be tasking, the fully adjustable arms are the way to go. With your new Cosm chair, you’ll have the adjustability you need to have a pleasant ergonomic tasking position.

FAQs- Cosm Chair Review:

Herman Miller Cosm vs Aeron:

Aeron vs Cosm: Aeron’s more trendy cousin is Cosm. The chair was more comfortable than the Aeron, but the new auto-tilt didn’t appear to add much to the experience.

Although they are both built for all-day sitting, the Aeron Chair offers additional user-adjustable features. While the Cosm chair is meant to provide complete spinal support, it lacks the extra adjustability and support features found in the Aeron Chair.

The most significant distinction between the Aeron and the Cosm is their adaptability.

The Aeron is built with manual adjustments in mind, including recline, back support tension, and armrests. The Cosm, on the other hand, adapts to the user on its own. If the Aeron is a one-person chair, the Cosm is a multi-person chair.

Both the Herman Miller Aeron and the Herman Miller Cosm have a 12-year warranty.

The Aeron is available in three distinct sizes for the user, whereas the Cosm is available in a variety of sizes.

The Aeron chair has it all, from back support tension to armrest adjustments to tilt control; the Cosm, on the other hand, is particularly constructed without any controls. The chair’s purpose is to adapt to your body instantaneously, without requiring manual adjustment.

The Aeron is the chair to choose if you want a highly adjustable chair with outstanding comfort and breathability. Choose the Cosm chair if you want modern elegance with an inventive clever ergonomic design.

Herman Miller Cosm vs Embody:

Many characteristics of the chair can be adjusted and controlled in the most comprehensive, truly personal way possible with Embody. Cosm provides all of the necessary ergonomic assistance and attention.

The Aeron has a wide back that is more of a mid-back height, whereas the Embody has a narrow high back design. The Embody’s arm adjustments are better suitable for a wider range of users, whilst the Aeron’s arm adjustments are better suited for typing and tasking.

Titan Cosmo Massage Chair Review:

The Titan TP-Cosmo massage chair features a sophisticated ergonomic SL-track rolling system. The TP-Cosmo is not like other 2D massage chairs. 44 inches (H) x 30 Inches (W) x 55 Inches (Overall Dimensions) (D)


  • SL-Track Massage
  • Air Massage & Back Heating
  • Side Panel Controller
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Auto Massage Programs
  • Zero Gravity
  • Space Saving
  • Extendable Footrest

Titan TP-pro cosmo zero gravity massage chair Reviews:

The TP-Cosmo has 12 different auto massage programs, three pneumatic massage modes, and three different air pressure components to choose from.


  • Voice-activation
  • 3-stage zero gravity
  • Quick-access side controller
  • SL-track massage
  • Advanced foot rollers

What is the Best Budget Gaming Chair Brands?

Gaming chairs can help you have a more pleasurable, comfortable, and secure gaming experience. You may select and choose the best budget gaming chair brands you want based on your system and gameplay requirements.

Varied brands have different prices and quality, but the higher the build quality and comfort of the chair, the more reliable the brand. If you don’t know anything about labels, picking the right one might be difficult, so here’s a rundown of which ones to look for and why. Here are some of the most well-known brands you can pick.


Herman Miller Cosm Chair Review: Cosm vs Aeron Your Top Picks

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