How to Use Google Podcasts Manager & Google Podcasts Desktop

The objective of Google Podcasts Manager is to give podcasters insights about which podcasts do well, how much of each episode is listened to, and to help Google show podcasts across a variety of its services, including Google Search, and Google Home, and Android for Auto.

Why do podcasters need a Google Podcast Manager?

Google Podcasts Manager

Throughout the process of developing the final version of their podcast, the podcast manager will help and support them. As a result, podcasters have access to a variety of technologies that enable them to make their podcasts more dynamic and appealing to Internet users.

A podcast manager helps you in keeping your show organized and on track with your goals. Podcasts are a fantastic way to promote your business and grow your audience. If you’re a business owner, you may have considered establishing a podcast. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve already created one and are already releasing episodes.

A podcast manager could fulfill many responsibilities, such as scheduling guests or content, advertising negotiations, technology issues, and more.

Not all podcasters need a podcast manager. Most independent podcasters are their own podcast managers.

But some people delegate these and other tasks to someone who could be labeled as a “podcast manager.” They might do this to save time, to avoid work they shouldn’t or don’t want to do or to bring talents that they don’t have.

Conversely, if you with Google Podcasts Manager login, you can get to know your audience better and reach out to new listeners.

What Types of Analytic Information Does Google Podcasts Manager Offer?

Google Podcasts Manager gives you statistics on how popular your podcasts are with listeners.

What are the features of the new Google Podcasts Manager tool?

Not only does Podcasts Manager provide listener statistics, but it also supports podcasters in optimizing their podcasts for Google search.

Here are some features of the Google Podcasts Manager Tool:

  • How many people listen to each show?
  • How many people have listened to each episode segment?
  • Percentage of people who listened to a podcast per show

How Google Podcasts Manager Is Helpful

It’s a terrific deal to be able to manage a podcast in Google and improve how it’s shown throughout all of Google because it will help the podcast attract more listeners. Additionally, the service will assist podcasters in better understanding which podcasts perform well and which do not, allowing them to provide their followers with the information they need.

How do I manage google podcast manager?

Taking care of podcasts

Add a podcast to your Google account. Check to see whether your podcast has already been listed on Google
Google’s podcast information needs to be updated.
Change the feed that’s being served.
Remove a podcast from Google’s search results.
Change your podcasting hosts or move your feed.
Get your podcast listed in the search engines.
Add or change an episode.
Remove an episode from the list.

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