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What is a Dynamic QR Code Generator: Dynamic vs Static QR code

You must know the difference between static and dynamic QR codes as a merchant. QR codes that are dynamic are a type of QR code that is both versatile and advanced. In comparison to their static counterparts, these codes can be edited and tracked in scanning.

Dynamic QR  are created by scanning an encoded URL link that leads to an online QR code generator that stores data. This is in contrast to static QR codes, which contain data directly within the patterns of the code itself.

Table of Content:

  1. What is a QR code Exactly?
  2. How to Create Dynamic QR Code and How it Work?
  3. Best Dynamic QR Code Generators:
  4. What are the benefits of a dynamic QR Code You need to know?

What is a QR code Exactly?

A QR code, which stands for ‘Quick Response Code,’ is created using an online QR code generator. Denso Wave designed this 2-dimensional barcode type in 1994.

QR codes are now commonly applied in a variety of industries to provide a digital layer to products, items, billboards, posters, and flyers by linking to a URL. Remember

QR codes are divided into two types: static and dynamic only

What is a Dynamic QR code?

Dynamic QR codes are gaining popularity throughout the world and are being utilized as one of the most successful marketing tactics due to their ability to make any marketing campaign a tremendous success.

Although dynamic QR codes cost the same as static QR codes, they are well worth the investment! It has become a must-have tool in the world of digital marketing.

Whether you run a retail store, an e-commerce site or any other form of business, dynamic QR codes are an effective marketing tool that provides customers with a more personalized experience, increasing the value of your company!

  1. Is a reversible QR code that allows you to change the URL even after it has been printed.
  2. possesses advanced capabilities
  3. Helps to keep track of scan data and the profiles of your scanners.
  4. The data is usually stored online for a limited period of time.
  5. URL on the QR code graphic
  6. An active subscription is required.

What features do they have:

1. Ability to Edit Landing Pages
2. Track scans analytics
3. Integration with Google Analytics
4. With the Google Tag Manager feature that allows to retarget scanners
5. Get notified of your QR code scans via email
6. Give your QR code a password.
7. Given a timeline for your QR code to expire.
8. Integration to Zapier
9. Integration with HubSpot

Four pointers to help you succeed with dynamic QR code marketing:

1. Make your QR code unique by adding colors and being inventive.
2. Always include a call to action in your dynamic QR code: Don’t forget to include a call to action in your personalized QR code.

3. Always make sure that the size of your QR code is adequate for the environment in which it will be used: The size of your QR code should be at least 2 by 2 cm. It’s usually better to be safe than sorry, so making your QR code bigger is a good idea.

4. Print your QR code in the proper location: do not print your QR codes on uneven surfaces, as this may distort and crumple the image of your code, resulting in a distorted and crumpled image.

What is the difference between Dynamic QR codes and Static Codes that you need to know?

Dynamic QR codes vs Static Codes

A short URL is encoded in dynamic QR codes, which can redirect the visitor to the destination website URL. After the QR code has been generated, the destination URL can be modified, but the short URL encoded in the code remains the same.

Because the QR code image is less dense, dynamic QR codes are easier to scan than static QR codes. Unlike Static QR Codes, Dynamic QR Codes can be password protected, you can track how many people scanned your code, and you can find out what type of devices scanned it.

Static QR codes:

In cases where the QR code does not need to be changed, static QR codes are beneficial (e.g. during one-time marketing campaigns). They have an integrated URL that points to a specific location. Because the URL is part of the QR code design, you can’t change static QR codes.

Static vs Dynamic QR code payment:

A dynamic QR code is one that allows users to make contactless payments. This is due to the fact that traditional QR codes lack the space required to hold the vast amount of data required for such a feature.

When Should You Use Static QR Codes?

For small enterprises, static QR codes are the most prevalent type of QR code. This is due to the fact that they are usually free, simple to manufacture, and effective.

Static QR codes can be quite beneficial in the following situations:

QR codes for one-time usage: If you only intend to use QR codes for a brief period of time.

Personal data: QR codes, such as email addresses and LinkedIn accounts, are usually static because they are rarely updated.

Information you don’t want to be able to change: Static QR codes are useful for storing sensitive information that should not be updated, such as employee numbers.

Static vs Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR Codes vs Static QR codes: No, even if you wish them to, static QR codes will not expire. This is due to the fact that the information contained within a static QR code is stored within the code’s pattern. A QR code must be physically damaged to the point where it can no longer be read properly by QR codes in order for it to “expire.”

When Should I Use Dynamic QR Codes?

If you want to use dynamic QR codes for your business, you’ll need to sign up with an online QR code supplier and choose a monthly plan that suits your needs.

When it comes to printed advertising, dynamic QR codes usually shine. This is due to the fact that they allow firms to operate in a much “safer” manner.

QR codes that are dynamic can also be used for:

Menu QR codes: Because menu material changes several times a year, dynamic QR codes are suitable for restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Contactless payments: A dynamic QR code is one that allows users to make contactless payments.

Tracking marketing metrics: Businesses can use dynamic QR codes to track when, where, and how often each code was scanned.

Are dynamic QR codes free?

They can be, free dynamic QR codes but they usually aren’t. free dynamic QR code.

Simply select the type of data information you want in your code, then adjust the size, pixel shape, color, and print quality accordingly.

To access dynamic QR codes, most QR code generators ask users to sign up for one of their subscription plans. Furthermore, QR codes are frequently limited e.g., a set number of dynamic QR codes.

How to Create Dynamic QR Code and How it Work?

QR codes, which come in monochromatic colors, have been widely used on product labels and packaging for some years, and they were created as a new generation marketing tool to target customers while keeping things interesting and fun.

How they function: Audiences are directed to a landing page or any URL with relevant content using dynamic QR codes. They can use a Dynamic QR code generator online to deliver new information to your intended audience on a regular basis.

How to create: 

You’ll need an online QR Code generator to make a dynamic QR Code. The majority of free QR Code generators on the internet only create static QR Codes.

  1. One of the options is to Go to www.
  2. Choose the sort of QR feature you want to use.
  3. Fill in the details with the necessary details.
  4. Select “Generate QR Code” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Test your QR code by pressing the download button.

To view or edit your data, click the Track data option after you’ve generated your dynamic QR code.

Best Dynamic QR Code Generators:

Best Dynamic QR Code Generators

It’s never been easier to locate and create QR codes, whether you need them for menus, flyers, brochures, or other marketing materials.

A QR code generator is a piece of software that creates QR codes as well as the templates for customizing them.

The majority of QR code generators will also generate landing pages and templates for you to edit.

They also create short URLs that you can use even if you don’t have any codes. Below, there are some paid and some best free dynamic QR code generators.

  1. Visme
  2. Beaconstac
  3. QRCode Monkey
  4. Logaster
  5. QRStuff
  6. Scanova
  7. Delivr
  8. Unitag
  9. Visualead
  10. QRickit
  11. ZebraQR
  12. QR Code Generator
  13. Shopify’s QR Code Generator
  14. QRTiger

1. Visme:

This is unique in that it is more than a QR code generator software. You’d be shocked at how much you can accomplish with or without QR codes. The QR code generator is snuggled within your toolbar in Visme, allowing you to add a code to an ongoing project.

2. Beaconstac:

This can be the ideal option if you want to construct mobile-friendly omnichannel campaigns. The best multi-channel and omnichannel campaign generator. They don’t just do QR codes; they also do geofencing, beacons, and NFC marketing.

They also offer a QR generation API, which allows other apps to integrate a QR generator into their system. Beaconstac is the ideal option for physical markets wishing to increase their reach beyond traditional channels through proximity marketing.

3. QRCode Monkey:

This is a free static QR code generator with a lot of features. They provide a variety of options for text, colors, logo images, and the general appearance of the code.

QRCode Studio is the program they use to make dynamic QR codes. After you’ve created them, you can edit them. There are further options for tracking and management. Any individual or small business that needs to generate static codes for free can use QRCode Monkey’s free edition and free dynamic QR code generator download.

4. Logaster::

Logaster, an online brand identity builder, offers a QR code generator as one of its free features.

Simply enter your brand name, select a business industry, paste the URL or information you wish to convey, and select a QR code type. Select “Create” from the drop-down menu. Small and micro-businesses will benefit from Logaster. It has a user interface that is clean and easy to use. This application is ideal if you need a QR code quickly and for free.

5. QRStuff:

QRStuff is a free QR code generator that offers a variety of static and dynamic code choices. Simply select the type of data information you want in your code, then adjust the size, pixel shape, color, and print quality accordingly.

QR Stuff also offers paid memberships for creating dynamic codes with unique designs and analytics tracking, in addition to their free generator. QR Stuff’s free version makes it one of the top QR generators for individuals and small enterprises with limited marketing resources.

6. Scanova:

This is a more sophisticated QR code generator that is ideally suited for large-scale QR code marketing initiatives.

They can generate and maintain high-quality QR codes. Scanova will develop dynamic code right away and give you a trial time to try it out. Scanova also provides customized mobile landing pages with a variety of template possibilities.

7. Delivr:

Delivr was a forerunner in the field of link shortening and QR codes. Delivr, like the other generators on this list, allows you to make QR codes with images behind them. Delivr also offers Motion QR, which is a QR code with an animated background.

It’s the ideal QR code generator for businesses that require high-security QR code solutions for purposes other than marketing, but not for simple QR code generating.

8. Unitag:

Unitag is a QR code generator and reader that allows you to create QR codes quickly and easily with a variety of designs. A Unitag account is required to create any form of QR code, whether static or dynamic.

Unitag, a European startup, is the best QR generator for small enterprises that handle transactions in Euros. They also include all of the essential aspects of QR code management, making them ideal for small and medium organizations.

9. Visualead:

Visualead is more than simply a QR code generator; it also provides Smart Packaging Solutions that seamlessly integrate QR codes into branded packaging.

Although you’ll need a Visualead account to develop static or dynamic code, you can do so first to see how it looks before downloading. Visualead is suitable for QR code campaigns done by small and medium businesses.

10. QRickit:

QRickit is a public QR code generator that is free to use. They offer a solution for dynamic tracking that incorporates third-party services such as and Google Analytics. It’s the greatest QR generator for casual use or firms who don’t have much of a marketing budget.

What are the benefits of a dynamic QR Code You need to know?

benefits of a dynamic QR Code

Dynamic QR Codes provide several advantages over static QR Codes, which are relatively basic and have limited usefulness. They give you the ability to:

1. Edit the encoded data whenever you want:

You can change the encoded data at any time, but your QR code will remain the same. There’s no need to publish it again.

2. Keep an eye on the scanning process:

It allows you to keep track of scanning activities using a variety of factors. It provides you with a detailed analysis of how your campaign is performing. You can set aside money in your budget to boost conversions in the future.

3. Keep the QR Code as simple as possible:

Only a short URL is stored in a dynamic QR Code. As a result, it does not become clogged. It doesn’t matter how much info you put in it. As an outcome, when compared to a static QR Code, you may keep the QR Code cleaner and smaller.

4. You can activate or deactivate the QR Code at any time:

Inactivate the QR Code. Alternatively, simply deactivate it. You can also re-activate it whenever you wish.

5. Access mobile-optimized landing pages:

You can make your own landing pages with dynamic QR codes. Listed below are a few examples:

a. Event QR Code
b. Social Media QR Code
c. App Store QR Code



What are the best QR code scanners?

QR codes may be recognized using the camera feature in photo mode on all iPhones running iOS 11. This is true for all new Android devices. QRTIGER, on the other hand, is both a QR code reader and a QR code generator in one software.

How much is a Dynamic QR code?

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, require membership because they are more complex, versatile, and excellent for long-term campaigns. Static QR Codes are free, whereas dynamic QR Codes can be had for as little as $5 per month.

What are Dynamic QR codes?

QR code Dynamic: A short URL is encoded in dynamic QR codes, which can redirect the visitor to the destination website URL. After the QR code has been generated, the destination URL can be modified, but the short URL encoded in the code remains the same. With a dynamic QR code, you can update the URL to which the QR code redirects.

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