Console Tables with Storage: Decorators’ Guide and Best Ideas

Putting Console with Storage Baskets, Stools, Shelves, Doors, is ideal for narrow spaces such as entryways and hallways because of their unobtrusive nature. In any room of the house, a console table provides both functionality and flair.

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Console tables have come a long way since their introduction in France in the 17th century as rectangular slabs backed by wall-mounted brackets. They’re usually 30 to 36 inches tall with large, shallow tops; they’re usually square or rectangular, but demi-lunes are a lovely alternative.

Console Table Heights:

Console tables are built to be high enough to reach for items so they are often positioned at the back of a sofa.

They are typically a normal height (around 33 inches), allowing them to be placed against a wall, while sofa tables are low enough to fit behind your sofa.

They should be the same height as the back of the sofa or slightly lower. Make a budget, especially if you’re decorating a whole space. Knowing how much money you have will help you narrow down your options, making the final decision easier. Choose your console table’s style accordingly.


Its main purpose is to keep valuable items close at hand. The best place for a side table is next to a sofa or chair. The low height allows for easy access to things such as beverages, books, and phones. The ideal side table is 20 to 24 inches tall and 16 to 22 inches high.

Is There a Difference Between a Console and a Side Table?

Side tables and console tables have very different purposes. Side tables serve primarily as a surface for placing objects within easy reach of people seated on couches, benches, or beds. A console table is typically the focal point of a room and is often as decorative as it is practical.

Console Table Features:

They can be used in a lot more places than you think with a little imagination.


This feature provides a dedicated location to put away tiny items that you don’t want to be seen.


Display books and a potted plant on this shelf, or use baskets to store items you want to be hidden yet close at hand.

Magazine Racks:

Try this style in your living room, workplace, or den, or anywhere else you spend time relaxing.


These types are popular because of their industrial design, but they also have wheel locks to keep them in place.


When positioned at the end of a hallway, this element looks extremely exquisite and makes a strong statement.

Tray Top:

This feature is also great for landing zone areas where little items tend to accumulate over time.

console table

How (and Why!) to Use Console Tables:

They also known as sofa tables, are among the most versatile items in the furniture catalog. They’re extremely flexible players due to their wide range of sizes and functions. They can be used as storage, staging areas for antiques, buffet tables for your next brunch, or bar carts.

Small Console Table

They’re perfect perches for a lovely bowl or tray that will house your keys and phone.

High and Low:

By day, this versatile player can be a quiet staging spot, but by night, it can be the life of the group. A series of pillar candles or lanterns on the upper shelf complements a pair of stacks of art and travel books underneath.

Parsons Table:

These clean-lined, squared-off geometrics work particularly well between two sofas placed back-to-back, making them both modern and versatile.

Desk Doppelgänger:

When you’re sitting in your favorite chair, make sure there’s enough space for you to swing your legs under the tabletop.

Plastic Fantastic:

They reflect and absorb light, making them magical when topped with a couple of pretty lamps.

Room Jewelry:

Room Jewelry: Since highly decorative styles, especially vintage tables, attract so much attention, you can leave them alone.



Before you even consider a console table, consider where it would go and how you want it to look – both as a standalone function and about the rest of the space.

After you’ve decided on the purpose, you can decorate it to suit that purpose. If you don’t want it to have a practical reason, I don’t think it has to have one.

The console can be used solely for decoration, or it can be used as storage or simply as a convenient surface when needed. Of course, where you put it in your house would greatly impact both its function and how you use it.

Instead, if you didn’t see the trend when shopping for a table, keep an eye out for it and consider placing a small basket on an entry table.

Using a console as an entrance table is a perfect way to greet visitors as soon as they reach your house.

The console is ideal for narrow spaces like hallways, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. When arranging pieces on your console, think about height, width, and color.

A console with a mirrored, glass, or reflective surface may also help to expand the room. Glass tables are ideal for circumstances where you don’t want the console to take up too much space.

When it comes to selecting a console table, wood is the best option; it’s a timeless and natural material that complements a wide range of styles.

If you don’t want a storage solution built into the console, you can still use the space underneath a regular console for storage by filling it with attractive baskets or boxes.

Common items to feature on a console table:

They are available in a wide range of materials to fit any type of home decor or interior design, making them a must-have for any home.

  • Flower vases
  • Ornaments
  • Lamps
  • Photo frames
  • Candles
  • Potpourri

Console Table Decor Ideas:

Console Table Decor Ideas:

You might be wondering what a console is and why you might need one. It’s a decorative item that’s typically very narrow and is mostly used to display objects. They are usually small and placed against a wall. They’re typically found in hallways, entryways, inconvenient niches, and near stairwells.

Nowadays, They are commonly used to store keys, luggage, and tablets. Modern console tables are straightforward and practical. Some of them come with drawers, while others can be converted into dining tables.

Console Table Ideas:

They come in a variety of designs and appearances, ranging from simple to ornate, making them ideal for any room. We’ve compiled a list of 11 console ideas to assist you in deciding where to put one and how to decorate it.

1. By the Entry Door:

We suggest hanging a wall mirror above your entryway console table to fill the space above the table and to give you a spot to touch up your look before leaving the building.

These tables are available in a wide range of exclusive designs and types, as well as a variety of materials and sizes.

2. As a Bar Cart:

They function well as bar carts in small spaces. On the top, place delicate drinkware and your best cocktails, and on the bottom, place additional drinks and dinnerware.

3. Glitz & Glam:

A gleaming gold console table will add another layer of luxe sparkle to your house, and a gold-accented console can be just the piece your glam living room has been waiting for.

4. Behind the Sofa:

This console concept is particularly useful if you need to fill space behind a sofa or expand the open floor plan of your living room.

5. Well-dressed farmhouse:

The farmhouse is currently one of the most common models. Make it your own with the aid of a console table. Since the farmhouse style includes so many decorative items, it can easily overcrowd a coffee table, kitchen counter, or dining room table.

6. Curated Coastal:

Place a large wall mirror or a beautiful coastal landscape painting above your coastal console table to give the impression of another window, which will add to the room’s airy feel.

7. In Place of a Mantel:

A console table may be the ideal solution for a large, empty wall in your living room that you’re unsure how to decorate. If you have a large living room, a well-decorated console will help to accent and fill the space.

8. Auxiliary dining room accessories:

When it’s time to eat, a console table is also a perfect place to hold centerpieces and table runners. Look for a console that has big drawers or cabinets to store extra dishware.

9. As a Desk:

Keep in mind that many console tables are only 2 inches deep, so if you work with a lot of paper, a console will be insufficient.

10. As a Laundry-Folding Surface:

A console table could be just what you’ve been searching for if your laundry room is in desperate need of more surfaces.

11. In Place of a Vanity:

When paired with a wall mirror, a console can be a great alternative to a vanity. Makeup and other accessories may be stored in small drawers.

The Ultimate Decorators’ Guide: console tables

The Ultimate Decorators’ Guide:

Long console table:

Sofa tables, or the console table behind the sofa, should not be taller than the back of the sofa. Consoles can range in size from half the length to nearly the entire length of the sofa (allow at least 6 inches from either end).

Distance Between a Coffee Table and Sofa:

The coffee table should be between 14 and 18 inches from the sofa as a general rule of thumb.

For easy access, place the coffee table near to the sofa’s seat height (within 4 inches in either direction). When buying a center table, a decent rule of thumb is “the coffee table should be about 12 to 23% the size of the sofa, a little more than half the size.”

To maximize intimate interaction and everyone’s personal space, there should be no more than 10 feet and no less than 3 feet between those seated around the room.

Narrow console table:

A small sofa table can make use of the unusual spaces that appear around a sofa or couch. They are available in a variety of styles or can be produced in a variety of fashions. The tables range in complexity from a simple stand that serves as a shelf behind a couch to an incredibly detailed piece of furniture.

A slim sofa table can also be used as a slim credenza along the side of a tiny dining room or practically anywhere else when you need a low shelf or a little amount of storage that isn’t available elsewhere. Two popular styles of narrow couch tables are the Narrow Laptop Table and the Simple Table Stand.

Small console table:

These little entrance console tables are the ideal fit for space right inside your front and back doors. They’re useful, versatile, and attractive. Focus on the table’s function and the size of your doorway when selecting a small entryway console.

When you’re looking for where to buy Small Console online, you’re getting the one that’s exactly right for you, whether that’s the Queanbeyan 39.4” Console, the Cosimo 38” Solid Wood Console, or something completely new and one-of-a-kind for your house. Every day, we have thousands of great offers that don’t need a coupon.

Black console table:

By adding a complimentary furniture piece that has both fashionable and useful usage, a black console table may have a big impact on the aesthetic of your living room, workplace, hallway, or foyer.

Use a black couch table to show photos of loved ones in your living room; All Modern has the ideal console for you. A black couch table made entirely of wood is a preferable choice if you want your space to have a more rustic, organic feel.

You can choose from traditional four-leg tables to more modern cross-leg tables, depending on the impression you want to make with your new black sofa table and the furniture you plan to pair it with.

White console table:

This white console table is a functional, elegant, and necessary piece of furniture in your home. It’s a table that works well in foyers, hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. White looks wonderful with brass legs, a black marble top, wrought iron underneath, or yellow flowers painted on it.

The most common material for console tables is white wood. It’s solid and solid, and rectangular console and couch tables are the most frequent shape since they sit neatly and comfortably against a wall.

White console tables and sofa tables are really practical. In a spacious living room, place one against a wall and it becomes the focal point of the decor. If you put one behind the couch, it will fill the space by storing decorative items, photos, and flowers.

Wood console table:

A console table made of wood and metal with drawers or shelves can be used for extra storage, while one with an odd base and a glass or mirrored top can be used to show exceptional items.

Use the filter options to narrow your options to something more precise than your current filter of “Wood,” such as finding Console from 17 Stories or Hashtag Home.

Rustic console table:

This console is a fantastic addition to any living room. It’s made of solid rubberwood and manufactured wood and has a distressed look that’s just right for any home. Use it in your living room or in the hallway with some decorative pieces.

The tables in this west elm collection come in a variety of solid wood types, all of which have been meticulously built to last for years. For a finishing touch, add your favorite decorations, such as vases.

Console table with storage:

Console tables are useful for more than just keeping your keys and other quick-access goods. Consoles are ideal for storing extra linens, dinnerware, and multimedia equipment. Look for a table with a range of storage choices, such as shelves, drawers, and cabinets, to ensure that you have enough room to store both little and large goods.

Shelves: Use the bottom shelves for books, periodicals, or blankets, and the topmost shelf for indoor plants and accent pieces.

Drawers: For less noise and less wear and tear, look for drawers with a smooth gliding movement and a gentle closing mechanism.

Cabinets: Use containers or boxes to put comparable items together in your cabinets for quicker access.

Baskets: The natural texture and woven structure of the baskets provide an added layer of elegance to your room.

Glass console table:

Glass furniture is difficult to work with in general. On the one hand, translucent glass allows an item like a console table to blend in and keep the décor simple and uncomplicated. A glass console, on the other hand, is not particularly adaptable, and it does not look good with every style.

The glass console table you choose should be fashionable as well as functional, and it should be suitable for smaller areas due to the visibility provided by the glass. Throughout the series, durable metal framework and wood elements support the glass while accentuating the room’s aesthetic.

DIY console table:

When you make your own console table, you may get just the amount of counter space and storage you need. This versatile piece of furniture will look great in any space of your house.

Handmade is the most personalized (and economical) option, so we’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite ideas to get you started. This is a reasonably simple woodworking project that can be accomplished in a few evenings, depending on the project you choose.

These console plans come in a variety of styles, including farmhouse, rustic, formal, industrial, and contemporary.

Farmhouse console table:

They’re perfectly good, high-quality, functioning console tables to a farmer, and they’re fine just the way they are. Farmhouse tables are a great way to be creative and add a final personal touch to a space. To keep the outside, nature-inspired motif going, add a plant or some fresh flowers.

These kinds of Tables can be used in a variety of ways. Storage tables that are useful. Alternatively, you can use decorative accents. And it may be used all over the house. Collect your daily mail with these multipurpose tables. Keep your house keys in a safe place. Assist in the charging of phones, tablets, and computers. For soft lighting, place a pair of lamps on each side of the console table.

Modern console table:

Using a modern console as a counter and storage space adds a classy touch. Contemporary console tables are a must-have for every area, whether it’s in the living room, hallway, or even the bedroom.

Look for drawers and other storage features, in addition to a large and convenient surface area, if your contemporary console needs to be extremely utilitarian as well as aesthetically beautiful. As a result, you should make sure that a modern table is made of lasting materials, is well-crafted, and is simple to maintain.

IKEA console table:

IKEA is a Swedish multinational conglomerate with headquarters in the Netherlands that manufactures and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories, as well as other useful products and services.

IKEA has a choice of affordable console tables in various styles, sizes, and colors to suit your needs, whether you’re searching for style, function, or both. Shop our assortment to make a fashionable statement in every space of your house. If you live in Pakistan then is the second-best choice.

Outdoor console table:

Great outdoor furniture not only adds comfort and usefulness to your deck or patio but also allows you to extend your indoor spaces outside. A climate table and chairs, for example, extend your dining room outside, while soothing rockers or Adirondack chairs create a living room with a ceiling covered with blue sky.

With an indoor or outdoor console table made of teak, metal, wood, and other materials, you can add usefulness to an outdoor dining area while staying within your budget. This table can be used as a buffet or a stylish console with potted plants.

I ended up using it for the bar, snacks, plants, and storage and then bringing it inside to put the winter plants on.

TV console table:

Console tables are so adaptable that they may be utilized as a TV stand as well! They come in a wide range of types and designs. The classic console table’s narrowness may make it appear flimsy. Many consoles, on the other hand, are built to accommodate the weight of big televisions.

If a wall-mounted TV makes you nervous, floating TV stands might provide an extra layer of stability. Despite their frail appearance, They are both functional and fashionable. They make excellent TV stands and are simpler to work with.

Console table with mirror:

A console table mirror should be half to three-quarters the table’s width and 30 to 42 inches tall. A larger mirror will dwarf the table, while a higher one will throw off the vertical equilibrium by extending too far above the ceiling. The mirror’s bottom edge should be 6 inches above the tabletop.

Generally, your mirror should be hung at eye level, about 60”-65” from the floor. Place the mirror on the wall where you want it to go, centered on the wall or next to a piece of furniture.

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