8 Best Small Pets for Kids | Cuddling Pets That Like to Cuddle

You should conduct the same amount of study before deciding on Best Small Pets for Kids as you would if you were selecting a larger animal. Even though some of the most common pets, such as hamsters and guinea pigs, may appear identical, their requirements and interactions with people are vastly different.

While dogs and cats are frequently the most popular choice for people wishing to add a furry family member, our favorite small pets for kids can be a terrific alternative for kids who aren’t quite ready for that level of responsibility.

Your children would benefit much from small animals. For your family, many of them make easy cuddly pets, especially if the parents are committed to providing for their basic needs.

Table of Content:

  1. What to Consider When Choosing the Best Small Pets for Kids?
  2. 8 Best Small Pets for Kids You should Consider:
  3. What are the Best Small Pets for Kids Ages 4 to 15 Years?
  4. Diet and Shelter for the Six Best Small Pets for Kids:

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Small Pets for Kids:

Bring a list of the animals you’re thinking about so you can talk about them all and decide which one would make the ideal companion for your family. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Life span of the pet: When picking pets for kids, keep in mind that children might develop strong emotional attachments to their animals.

2. Space needs: Do you have enough room for your selected pet, such as enough living space or a large enough yard?

3. Health care costs: All animals need to see a veterinarian. You must confirm that your chosen pet can be treated by a veterinarian in the area.

4. Consider your child’s personality: Is your kid mature enough to handle a weaker animal? The needs of the animal and your child’s capacity to respect those needs must be taken into account.

Moreover, you should meet your pet in person so that you may get to know them better. While some pet store staff members are quite informed, Dr. Mackey advises that others are not, therefore your veterinarian is the greatest source when it comes to figuring out how much care your pet needs.

8 Best Small Pets for Kids You Should Consider:

You should conduct the same amount of study before deciding on a little pet for your children as you would if you were selecting a larger animal.

However, keep in mind that a little pet is not a panacea. It’s important to sit down and establish boundaries and guidelines concerning care because your child’s enthusiasm for the animal may wax and wane. Are you going to end up taking care of a new gerbil? In that case, get ready for this!

8 Cuddling Pets That Like to Cuddle are:

  1. Gerbils
  2. Golden Fish
  3. Rate or Mice
  4. Degu
  5. Turtle
  6. Hamster
  7. Canary & Finches
  8. Reptiles

What are the Best Pets For Toddlers:

Just as you would with any other animal, it’s crucial to know how to properly care for your toddler’s pet when looking for the Best Pets For Toddlers.

1. Chickens:
2. Leopard Geckos
3. Birds
4. Cat
5. Brine shrimp
6. Fish for Toddlers Pet:
7. Sea Monkeys
8. Parakeet
9. Chameleon

1. Are Gerbils the Best Small Pets for Kids?

Gerbils best pets for kids

They are friendly, bright, and active, yet they are best suited for kids and adults who don’t want to hold their pets. Gerbils can be fun pets for older kids, but it’s crucial that an adult is in charge of monitoring their upkeep and welfare.

This desert animal makes a wonderful pet for children. Gerbils seem similar to hamsters but are shockingly different in terms of habits and behavior. Not the least of which is the fact that because they are diurnal (active during the day), they are far more engaging for smaller children who will be asleep when hamsters come to life. However, since they enjoy digging and do require a friend or two, prepare for some mess.

Compared to other small animals, gerbils are more sensitive to their environment, and too much humidity can cause respiratory and hair issues. Consult a veterinarian if you are worried that your home is too humid for gerbils.

2. Are Fish the Best Small Pets for Kids?

For a young child, a fish might be the ideal “starting” pet, but not just any fish will do. The Siamese fighting fish is more difficult to raise than goldfish, despite the fact that they can appear like the most apparent choice (Betta fish).

Fish can’t be cuddled, but they can be incredibly calming and beautiful to watch. They’re also a great first experience for young children learning how to take care of something because they need to be fed every day, and it’s relatively simple to teach a child as young as 3 how to sprinkle the food gently on the fish’s water.

Best Small Pets for Kids:

  • Angelfish
  • Kuhli Loaches
  • Yoyo Loach
  • Dwarf Gourami
  • Mollies
  • Swordtails

Fish are a safe choice as the best small pets for kids because there is absolutely no possibility that your child or the fish will suffer any harm because many young children find the colors of fish to be completely intriguing.

You will be the one who cleans the fish tank as well. Additionally, the transfer of illnesses like salmonella, which can infect humans, is possible even though fish do carry these microbes.

3. Are Rate or Mice the Best Small Pets for Kids?

Mice are ideal for compact homes because they have minimal needs. The time commitment is minimal because the lifespan is only two to three years. Mice only live one to two years, therefore they require even less time commitment.

Mice are tiny, swiftly moving creatures that can bite when scared or handled forcefully. They would rather explore on their own than be carried up. Mice are typically not an ideal pet for young children for all of the aforementioned reasons.

They are very self-sufficient socially if you keep them in a couple or small group; just don’t put too many males together or they will fight. Mice are an excellent first pet for older kids due to their low maintenance requirements and one to two-year lifespan.

Simple tasks like finding their way out of mazes or locating things can be taught to rats. On the other hand, mice pose a little bit of a challenge. Despite being lightweight and portable, they are nonetheless very active.

Advice: However, if you purchase multiple mice at once, avoid housing adult males together as they may bite if disturbed or scared.

4. Are Degu the Best Small Pets for Kids?

Degu best pets for kids

Uncertain whether what you’re seeing is a rat, chinchilla, or hamster? The rodent, known as a degu, is a native of Chile. These critters enjoy having a lot of leisure equipment in their houses because they are quite busy. Despite enjoying handling, a degu’s tail should never be picked up or pulled. They have developed the ability to remove this appendage as a self-defense technique, which would undoubtedly be extremely frightening!

Degus are not suitable pets for families with very young children due to their inclination to bite if not handled frequently and to injure their tails when handled roughly, but they can make wonderful pets for elementary school-aged or older children if they are under adult supervision.

10 Things to Know About Degus:
  • They are diurnal. Image Credit: AStoKo, Pixabay
  • They are highly social
  • They need loads of exercise
  • They have a long lifespan
  • They are clean
  • They have sensitive tails
  • They need a particular diet
  • They form close bonds with their owners

5. Are Turtle the Best Small Pets for Kids?

Turtle best pets for kids

In the right circumstances, a pet turtle can make a wonderful first pet for a child. After initial setup, they typically require little maintenance, can be fairly fun for kids to play with, and taking care of one can be a highly instructive experience.

As a result of their inherent curiosity about the world, children are increasingly choosing turtles as the best small pets for kids. Turtles can be entertaining to take care of, fascinating to observe, and they make unusual and interesting pets.

Your turtle, everything in the area where it lives and forages, including water from containers or aquariums, should not be handled or touched by children under the age of five, the elderly, or anybody with weaker immune systems.

The red-eared slider turtle – Due to its friendliness and widespread availability, the turtle is the most common aquatic turtle that parents purchase for their kids.

6. Are Hamster the Best Small Pets for Kids?

Hamsters are small and simple to hold, but a youngster should exercise caution when handling them because they can be aggressive and active at times, especially females.

Syrian hamsters can grow up to 7 inches in length. Kids can handle them more easily than tiny hamsters because of their size. Another reason Syrian hamsters are a fantastic choice for kids is that they require less upkeep than other varieties. Popular long-haired variants of Syrian hamsters are teddy bear hamsters.

  • Average Weight: 5.3 ounces
  • Lifespan: 1-3 years

It’s recommended to buy same-sex groups of hamsters if you plan to get more than one. If the cage is kept in your child’s room, you might want to move it to another room at night for some peace and quiet.

7. Are Canary the Best Small Pets for Kids?

Kids can keep finches and canaries as pets because they don’t require a lot of handling. You will need to be ready to have numerous birds because they typically prefer to be with other people.

Small finches like the canary come in a variety of stunning colors. Since they are easy to care for and have a positive attitude, they are great first-time bird pets for kids. They are also reasonably priced and accessible at practically all pet stores.

The canaries can coexist with other species of birds or live alone, however, you should never keep a male and a male together as they might get hostile. The canary enjoys bathing, therefore it needs to drink fresh water every day. It also needs to eat a diet of mixed seeds, which can be supplemented with fruits and vegetables.

8. Are Reptiles the Best Small Pets for Kids?

Reptiles best pets for kids

They don’t take up much room, have little demands, and are cute and entertaining. You are sure to find a pet reptile that is ideal for your family with the wide variety of species and care requirements available!

Even though reptiles like lizards, snakes, and frogs are pretty low maintenance, creating the ideal environment for them can be challenging and expensive. A heat lamp should be used to maintain the ideal environment for reptiles in order for them to thrive.

A leopard gecko might be a good choice if you’re new to the reptile world because they don’t require much care. These little lizards are calm and simple to train.

Five Easiest Pet Reptiles For Kids

  1. 01 of 06. Leopard Geckos. Kids make terrific pets for leopard geckos.
  2. 03 of 06. Corn Snakes. The calm and light-weight corn snake is a snake.
  3. 04 of 06. Blue-Tongued Skink
  4. 05 of 06. Ball Pythons
  5. 06 of 06. Russian Tortoises

What are the Best Small Pets for Kids (Ages 4 to 15 Years)?

Best Small Pets for Kids (Ages 4-7)

a). Parakeets: When it comes to children’s pets, parakeets, also known as budgies, can be a good choice.

Crested Gecko: The crested gecko is a fascinating and interesting pet to think about if you feel comfortable keeping lizards in your home.

Best Small Pets for Kids (Ages 8-11)

a). Rats: Kids can participate in a variety of activities when it comes to caring for pet rats. Children may replenish water, clean the water bottle, and spot-clean the cage in addition to helping to feed their pet rats pellets and small vegetables.

b). Canaries and Finches: Canaries “may be a little skeptical. But if you keep them content, they’ll sing, and it’s lovely. Your youngster will have few opportunities to physically contact with their finches since, unlike canaries, which can be trained to perch on a finger with patience, most finches don’t like to be handled.

Best Small Pets for Kids (Ages 12-15:)

a). Rabbits can be great pets for kids, but you have to be prepared to be very involved in your rabbit’s care. They will give your youngster a devoted companion that appreciates their company. They are interested and lively.

b). Cats and dogs: Although widespread, dogs and cats require a lot of time, money, and responsibility. Children can take a very active part in taking care of cats and dogs if they are taught how to behave around them. Dogs and cats are long-term commitments because they can live for far over 10 years (some even for 20 years or longer).

c). Bearded dragons: If your child wants a reptile that they can interact with directly, bearded dragons are an excellent choice because they appreciate being handled and held.

d). corn snakes: The corn snake was praised by both veterinarians as being manageable and a suitable choice for a household willing to care for a pet snake. Since corn snakes have a lifespan of five to ten years, they require long-term commitments as well.

Diet and Shelter –  Best Small Pets for Kids:

I provide you a list of the top 11 good tiny pets for kids that will be sought by your munchkins as a recommendation for allowing your child has one. Since you’ll inevitably be the one to take care of it, there are many factors (typically lifetime) that could influence your decision.

1. Goldfish: They develop and consume food at a rapid rate. Lives up to 15 years.

Diet: As a full diet, feed your goldfish high-quality food. You can add skinned, blanched peas and freeze-dried bloodworms to their meal to augment it.

Shelter: These fish require a minimum tank size of 10 gallons (for one fish) and dechlorinated water in the filter. Building up the helpful bacteria is necessary before adding fish in order to produce a balanced environment that prevents ammonia excess.

2. Rabbit: If you want them to jump around your house, you can train them to use the litter box. require a lot of exercises whether they are inside or outside. They are the best small pets for Kids |  That Like to Cuddle

DietBunnies require a consistent diet of hay, vegetables, pellets, and water.

Shelter – Due to the lack of foot pads, an indoor cage with a firm floor is required. They’ll require a protected space to sleep.

3. Rat: Best for ages 9 and up and they Live 2-3 years.

Diet – Food blocks, fruity delights, seed mixtures, and pellets

Shelter – a sizable wired cage with a number of levels, hiding spots, and toys. need both daily and weekly heavy cleaning.

4. Turtle– Best for For kids 8 and up. They live up to 40 years.

Diet – Depending on the breed, it could be commercial pellets, worms, insects, fruits, or vegetables.

Shelter – Give the terrarium enough space to accommodate rocks for balancing, dry spots for burrowing, and shallow water for rehydrating. They require a heat lamp most of all because they are unable to control their body temperature.

5. Gecko- These are interactive creatures that you may hold and that will look about you and at you. They have lived up to 20 years.

Diet- Cockroaches are catchable, however, they will only consume live items that fit in their mouths. After all, they are polite at the table. They don’t have tiny piglets as my kids have.

Shelter- Since they are unable to control their own body temperature, they require a heat lamp that is set between 75 and 85 degrees.

6. Hamster: They will be active and noisy at night because they are true nocturnal creatures. Thankfully, they are alright if you keep them alone. Lives 2-3 years and is best for For kids 8 and up.

DietConsumes commercial pellets as well as cheese, fruit, and vegetable goodies. Remember to change the water.

ShelterA large wire cage containing toys, shredded paper, an exercise wheel, and other accessories.


What are the Easy Small Pets for Kids to Take Care Of?

Even though they may have a similar appearance, some of the most common best Small pets for kids | Cuddling Pets That Like to Cuddle, such as hamsters and guinea pigs have extremely distinct lives and interact very differently. The obvious response is fish, but have you thought about the following alternatives for your upcoming family growth?

  • Hamsters
  • Gerbils
  • Rats
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Hedgehogs
  • Chinchillas
  • Reptiles
  • Insects

Is There Any Best Pet for a 3 Year Old or Up?

Gerbils and hamsters are excellent animal companions to watch run around all day, and fish are even better if you are concerned that your young child may be able to get their fingers through a cage. Allow children to observe the animals while discussing the value of respect with them at this age.

Hamsters are one of the pets that consider the best pets for toddlers. This traditional tiny pet is simple to look after and is even litter-trainable, also one of the best small pets for kids.

What is the Best Pet for a Teenager?

Your teenagers can take on more responsibility when it comes to pets now that they are older children. What animals are the greatest for teenagers to own, then?

The best small pets for kids and the best dog breeds that will thrive in a home full of teenagers are listed below.

  • German Shepherd
  • Golden Retriever
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • Reptiles
  • Rodents
  • Bunnies

What is the Best Pet for Child with Anxiety?

Even crickets and guinea pigs share a potent trait with horses, fish, and other animals and are considered the best small pets for kids. All have been demonstrated to help individuals in reducing their anxiety and tension. Science has now established that keeping a family pet, in addition to more conventional pets like dogs and cats, helps lessen anxiety symptoms.

What are the Exotic Pets?

Exotic animals are frequently ones that are rare or have not been domesticated. Even if they are legally exotic, many birds and fish, for instance, are not regarded as such because they have not been domesticated or have undergone little change from their wild ancestors.

Best Exotic Pets:

  • 1. Fennec Fox
  • 2. Axolotl
  • 3. Cockroach
  • 4. Millipedes
  • 5. Tarantula
  • 6. Ball Pythons
  • 7. Hyacinth Macaws:
  • 8. Scorpions:
  • 9. Quaker Parakeets:
  • 10. Halloween Moon Crabs:
  • 11. Bearded Dragons:

Bottom Line – Best Small Pets for Kids

Even if your living situation doesn’t lend itself to a cat or dog, there are still many reasons you might wish to have a pet. Any pet owner can attest to the many advantages of pet ownership; psychological benefits of pet ownership for young children have been established.

Families that are on the fence about getting a pet might want to start small if this is your child’s first pet. Something smaller — and hence easier to handle, at least in certain aspects — would be the best choice for your kids’ first pet if you haven’t grown up with Bull Mastiffs their entire life.

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8 Best Small Pets for Kids | Cuddling Pets That Like to Cuddle

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