7 Best Places in Virginia to Live for Families in 2023:

Looking for the Best places in Virginia to live! Virginia is a state with a lot of natural beauty. It is also known as Old Dominion, Mother of Presidents, Mother of States, and The Commonwealth. Look at the pictures I found to see some of the breathtakingly beautiful places I’ve seen in this state!

History is everywhere in Virginia.  As four of the first five presidents were born there, the state has an advantage over the record of eight, which is the largest of any state. Two of its most well-known tourist attractions are the presidents’ residences, Mount Vernon and Monticello. Virginia, the state with the most Civil War battle sites of any state, saw the conclusion of both the Revolution and the Civil War.

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Virginia Cities by Population

The Best places in Virginia to live Virginia cities are listed below in order of population size, from largest to smallest. The American Community Survey from 2022 provided the population information. You may cut and paste this list directly into your favorite spreadsheet program.

Rank – City –  Population
1 Virginia Beach 457,658
2 Chesapeake 247,172
3 Norfolk 238,556
4 Arlington 235,764
5 Richmond 225,676
6 Newport News 185,069
7 Alexandria 158,185
8 Hampton 136,748
9 Roanoke 99,578
10 Portsmouth 97,454

Where to live in Virginia:

Virginia’s cost of living is only 1% more expensive than the national average. So living in Virginia is cheaper than in some states (like California), more expensive than some (like Tennessee), and about the same as others (like Florida).

Given its low crime rate, first-notch healthcare system, and strong economy, it is not a surprise that Virginia is one of the greatest states in which to live. Living in the center of the American founding district and being surrounded by history is really cool.

What makes a city one of the best places to live in Virginia relies on your needs and preferences when moving somewhere new. If you’re certain of that, you can start focusing on the cities that might be the best fit for you and your family.

Best places in Virginia to live

arlington, va

1. Arlington:

Arlington is pricey due to its proximity to Washington, D.C. Rents are over double the national median of $1,306 per month, and the median home price is about $327,000 higher than the national median of $404,950.

Additionally, you can eat at the famed Liberty Tavern, shop in the Crystal City district, and see a show at the Signature Theatre. Or enjoy the D.C. skyline while walking the Mount Vernon Trail. (Theodore Roosevelt Island is a different cool park; it is located on an actual island.)

2. Virginia Beach:

Virginia Beach, the largest city on our list, is located directly on the Atlantic Ocean. The average yearly salary is roughly $13,000 more than the national norm.

In Virginia Beach city, most of the state parks and beaches are totally free. Beach activities include kayaking and dolphin-sighting tours. And even if you feel like taking a drive, explore the area and look for the distinctive, hand-painted signage that Igor, a local artist, has created.

3. Alexandria:

By the Potomac River, Alexandria and Arlington are close neighbors. But they’re very different. You may stroll the King Street Mile in Alexandria’s Old Town neighborhood, take in the local architecture, or take a water taxi to Washington, D.C.

The city’s bicycling and walking routes, which provide glimpses of its history, art, architecture, and open spaces, are likely to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. In George Washington’s Mount Vernon residence, wine is even served after dusk. How’s that for romantic?

4. Charlottesville:

A little town like Charlottesville has expensive homes! Charlottesville rents are around $170 a month more expensive than the national average. Charlottesville can be among the greatest cities to live in Virginia if your budget can tolerate the high cost of housing.

History buffs can appreciate Charlottesville too. Former presidents James Madison, James Monroe, and Thomas Jefferson all had residences that can be visited. The central campus of the nearby University of Virginia was also created by President Jefferson.

5. Bon Air:

bon air, va

Richmond, the state capital, is only a short drive from Bon Air. Also, this suburban city is doing well in terms of income and housing prices. The national median for annual incomes is around $22,000 higher, whereas the national median for housing prices is $45,000 lower.

Huguenot Park, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and Maymont, which offers activities like goat-feeding excursions in addition to a Victorian mansion, are a few intriguing locations to check out. To visit Richmond’s downtown area, the capital building, and perhaps some ghosts, you can also go on a number of walking tours.

6. Colonial Williamsburg:

Williamsburg, where the original 18th-century structures are either still intact or have been faithfully recreated on their original foundations, is one of the few locations that can accurately replicate the scene for the American Revolution. So one of the Best places in Virginia to live.  In this area, you can eat where George Washington had seafood dinners stand where Patrick Henry made his stirring speech, walk where Thomas Jefferson did, and have lunch.

7. Monticello and Charlottesville:

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello is a Palladian-style palace he created himself, inspired by a villa near Vicenza, Italy. It is considered one of the best country residences in the United States and one of the most popular presidential homes.

Charlottesville is one of the best places in Virginia to live. You may visit several of Jefferson’s inventions all about the house, which showcases yet another aspect of the multifaceted man’s abilities. The extensive historic gardens at the back of the house were also created by Jefferson. Jefferson is interred in the family cemetery below that, beneath an obelisk.

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Virginia:

One of the epicenters of the Revolution was the colonial capital of Williamsburg, which has since been renovated to resemble what it did in the 18th century. Visitors are drawn here for reasons other than history, though. See its natural treasures, such as Shenandoah National Park, Natural Bridge, and the barrier islands of Chincoteague, which are some of the best things to do in the state, and Assateague, and Luray Caverns.

Popular summer vacation destinations include long, golden beaches, and the mountains are great places to go hiking and engage in other outdoor sports. You can organize your journey to this fascinating state by consulting our list of Virginia’s top attractions.

Best places in Virginia to live and visit:

  • Luray Caverns
  • Great Falls National Park
  • Shenandoah National Park
  • Lake Drummond, Great Dismal Swamp
  • Mabry Mill, Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Fredericksburg
  • Virginia Beach
  • Blackwater Falls State Park
  • Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Shenandoah National Park
  • Great Falls, Potomac River
  • Harpers Ferry Historic Town
  • Smith Mountain Lake In Moneta
  • Manassas National Battlefield Park
  • Buckroe Beach, Hampton

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