How to Create Best One Product Shopify Stores in 4 Steps?

One product Shopify stores are fantastic for business owners who wish to share a creation or an idea with a particular target market.

Best selling online products have several benefits. You’ll have more time to be imaginative and distinctive with your brand. E-stores with just one product can be just as profitable as those with vast product catalogs. It’s also easier to manage at the same time.

You will discover what a single-product web store is, why you need one, and how to operate one in this post. I’ll later demonstrate how simple it is to create a Shopify store with just one product. I’ll highlight some of the best one product Shopify store themes and examples along the road.

What Exactly Is a One Product Shopify Store:

The name speaks for itself. You create a Shopify store, sell one item, and encourage customers to buy it online. To promote their offerings without having to deal with several products, inventors and business owners build websites dedicated to just one product.

In this approach, businesses can concentrate on creating just one incredible product rather than having to operate a large e-commerce website with a small workforce and offer a variety of things.

How to run a profitable single-product internet business?

You need the correct product to sell if you want to succeed with a single-product online store. Your flagship product is the one you only sell. The item that you can sell in large quantities should serve as your flagship. There is very little likelihood that your one product Shopify store will ever succeed if you can’t sell it in droves. The following circumstances lend themselves to single-product stores:

  • You are selling digital products, which don’t cost anything to make or send.
  • You provide goods with powerful branding.
  • sell products with a specific target market, such as those desired by con artists

Instead, you may concentrate more on developing novel products for your customers, boosting the value of your product, and going viral online. Additionally, single-product e-commerce sites are growing in popularity in social networks, giving you access to more and more powerful advertising channels.

Product Types that Perform Best With a One Product Store Shopify Include:

Your brand isn’t selling variety, so it needs to sell quality. If you can create a unique product you will increase your competitive benefits.
To begin, you should stick to a few rules.

  • Your product must be superior to the competition.
  • Choose an option with ample margins.
  • Make something original.

Advantages-One Product Shopify Store:

One Product Shopify Store benefits

The following are some benefits of creating a Shopify store with just one product:

-Help to concentrate your time, effort, and human resources on creating your distinctive offering.

-Enlarge your audience The internet offers a sizable platform for you to reach a large audience with your product.

-Help in building a powerful brand. Building brand awareness and developing an advertising strategy will be simpler because you have the time to concentrate on just one product.

-Controlling the creation of a single product, The Shopify website may be simpler. Additionally, it is much simpler and thus saves a lot of time managing orders and inventories for a certain item.

Pros of selling one product:

  1. You can focus on your product
  2. You can build for a specific market
  3. Your marketing is simple
  4. You don’t have to assemble a sizable crew.
  5. They’re great for branding


There is only one significant drawback to Shopify. It only provides your customers with two payment options. They both have transaction costs.

Also, not everyone should shop at one-product Shopify stores. Listed below are some drawbacks to consider if you’re still a little unsure:

  1. You cannot cross-sell.
  2. Your marketing options are limited.
  3. You’ll earn fewer returning customers

A single-product store might not be the best option for you if you’re trying to give your clients something of a one-stop shop.

 Is a one-product store profitable?

Depending on the item. Product shops can be quite profitable if the product is distinctive and in high demand. It will be harder to turn a profit if the product is neither special nor in high demand.

Finding a product that is both distinctive and in high demand is essential for success with a one-product store. You can do this to pay your expenses and turn a profit. If you are unable to identify a product that satisfies this need, it would be advisable to concentrate on selling goods via a bigger web store.

Invent With One Product Shopify Store Ideas:

If you don’t have any ideas, you can’t construct a store! Therefore, the first step is to start being creative and to start writing down some thoughts. There are countless ways to study potential product ideas, but this brief structure can help you get started.

Searching through Amazon’s bestseller lists might assist in locating goods with a known market that are ideal for creating a brand around. Get Motivated by Kickstarter: On Kickstarter, business owners may raise money to launch their projects.

Google Trends is a fantastic resource for learning what people are looking for and spotting markets and goods that are becoming increasingly popular. Once you have a product idea, it is time to make it a reality.

4 Steps: How to Create a One Product Shopify Store?

How do you start from scratch building a Shopify single product store that works? The following are some important considerations.

  1. Know Your Product Thoroughly
  2. Plan your branding
  3. Create the Website’s Content
  4. Make One Product Only Store on Shopify

Step 1: You should sketch up a comprehensive portrait of your consumer persona for those who are unsure of what the successful product will be yet. Find out what their aches are so you can offer them relief.

Step 2: Decide on the main value of your brand right away. This is what your company promotes. So you shouldn’t alter it in the middle.

Step 3: The blog area is also essential because there is where you may write engaging posts that draw readers. Observe the ad’s content as well. Consider how interesting and unique your advertisement can be.

Step 4: Create Your One Product Shopify Store:

One Product Shopify theme

Simply create your store according to your strategy using a drag-and-drop builder, and then start promoting it.

You must identify your target market and conduct product research in order to achieve it.

  • Find your target audience
  • Execute your product research
  • Select your product and how you will market it.

Here are the steps to help you rapidly set up a Shopify store with just one item:

  • Pick one Product Shopify Theme that works for Your Business
    Build the Homepage
  • Make a Special Product Page
  • Have Social Proof on Your Shopify Store for a Single Product
  • Make your Shopify store perfect

-It’s crucial to have a fantastic theme that will draw in customers. Menu bars ought to be uncomplicated. CTA buttons need to be attentive and clear. Use high-resolution pictures and videos as well.

-The webpage ought to be eye-catching and capable of emphasizing the significant worth of your offering fast.

-Use crisp, clear product graphics and powerful CTA buttons. Additionally, since customers frequently want additional information about a product before making a purchase, appealing product descriptions are crucial.

-As it’s fairly effective, we suggest at least featuring testimonials on the homepage. During their learning process, visitors may rapidly determine how good your product or service is, which may encourage them to make additional purchases.

-Make sure your Shopify store’s single product is consistent throughout. The colors and image sizes must match and be of excellent quality. Make sure your Shopify store loads quickly and is responsive to mobile devices.

How to Select the Right Shopify Theme:

The greatest eCommerce platform for one product stores is Shopify, and there are many Shopify website themes available. Choose a theme that fits your demands for your business and product.

Tip: For ideas, check out the various themes that your favorite Shopify stores employ.

Create a homepage that is unique to your brand. Insert your website copy that describes the issue you’re attempting to tackle after uploading your logo and selecting the proper colors, images, and graphics. Create your product page now.

A minimum of five pages should be present in a single product store: the homepage, the product page, the checkout page, the contact us page, and the shipping and return policy.

One Product Shopify Store Examples:

One Product Shopify Store ecamples

If you’re considering opening a single-product dropshipping business, you need to understand why some businesses succeed and others fail. You must understand what functions, what does not function, and why. You can achieve it by browsing a selection of one product store.

Why should you look at one product Shopify store examples?

When beginning your online store, there are a few reasons you should check out samples of Shopify stores. You can receive suggestions for how to design and structure your store, what things to sell, and how to market your business by taking a look at other stores that are currently popular.

Additionally, learning from the triumphs and failures of other businesses can help you steer clear of typical pitfalls and set up your shop for long-term success. Finding a Shopify template that best represents your brand and niche is crucial, as is making sure your store is filled with eye-catching product photos and descriptive copy. Finally, to improve sales and increase visitors to your website, implement smart marketing strategies.

Ratio Coffee:

The product page provides all the relevant details including photographs when you visit it. Additionally, the product has received numerous 5-star reviews from users who claim that the product improved the flavor of their coffee.


The homepage features a sizable video banner, an enticing motto, “no limit to excess,” and two distinct CTA buttons.


Since the professional hero video features breathtaking scenes of surfers and swimmers wearing its wares, visitors will like its web presence.


Because of their clever, strategic use of images, videos, and text, this Shopify store is another fantastic illustration of a one-product brand.


This business offers eco-friendly feminine care. They have a transparent and relevant objective that can evoke empathy in any potential clients. Their website did a good job of communicating these missions and ideas.


This product for solving problems has effective marketing. The client base and problem-specific product of SNOOZ have now been expanded with the addition of a travel and baby version.


Everknead is a one-product company that sells both a hand and an abdominal massager. Another product for fixing problems is mostly targeted at senior consumers. They have integrated social proof into their entire store, which will support trust-building.


Snacks prepared from heritage seeds come in several flavor varieties in this case. It’s a different kind of design that relies on attractive high-contrast colors and wonderfully designed and executed flat cartoon animation.

Best Platforms For a Single Product E-store 2023:

In truth, there are a number of excellent solutions that enable you to maximize your goods store including one product Shopify store. I’ll go over the top three with you now.


You receive a fully hosted website engine from Shopify, along with customer support. One of the simplest Shopify stores to start up only sells one product. Additionally, this engine gives you all the tools you need to expand and scale your firm.

For Shopify stores that only sell one item as well as Shopify stores overall, a variety of extensions are available. These extensions help in increasing sales. Moreover, Shopify includes stunning built-in SEO capabilities like meta descriptions, meta tags, and reviews.

WordPress +WooCommerce:

For blogs and business websites, WordPress is the best choice. It’s the alternate best method to launch a single-product store, along with WooCommerce. You have complete control over the appearance and customer experience of your online store using WordPress.

WordPress offers you a variety of plugins, integrations, and display possibilities. With the help of this platform, you may create virtually any kind of website. An open-source WordPress e-commerce plugin is WooCommerce. You can preorder items using twenty-five different payment channels, use the easy checkout, and read customer feedback.

Downsides: WordPress and WooCommerce are still difficult for non-techies to use and offer little customer assistance. Additionally, WordPress is not a hosted option like Shopify, therefore you will need to locate a hosting yourself.


A reputable e-commerce platform that takes online trading seriously is PrestaShop. Additionally, it is open-source and offers you a number of appealing features.

Using the freemium features of PrestaShop, you can rapidly put up a simple one-product store. Multiple payment gateways and shipping options can be configured. PrestaShop’s functionality may be expanded with a variety of top-notch add-ons, enabling you to develop into a fully-fledged online store.

Downsides: When it comes to e-store design and modification, PrestaShop is not as straightforward as Shopify and WooCommerce.

 Best single product Shopify theme:

While many Shopify themes may be used to sell a single item and have several uses, themes made expressly for one-product stores are still the superior option. You can save time and work by selecting the ideal theme, which will also yield the desired outcomes.

  1. Apparelix – Clean Multipurpose Shopify Theme
  2. Single Product Vemo Shopify Theme
  3. DIER: A Sleek, Minimalist Fashion Shopify Theme
  4. Hamintec – Luxury Quality Sneakers Store is a Shopify theme.
  5. Tools & Equipment Responsive Shopify Theme

1. Apparelix – Clean Multipurpose Shopify Theme

  • main Shopify 2.0 functionality;
  • customized for blogging;
  • mosaic block constructor;
  • responsive and retina-ready;
  • cross-browser compatible;
  • coded with SEO in mind;
  • social network integrated;
  • technical support;
  • documentation, etc.

2. Single Product Vemo Shopify Theme

  • Extraordinary modern design.
  • Ajax to cart.
  • Flexible layouts.
  • SEO setup.
  • Responsive design.
  • Elementor page builder.
  • 24/7 support and much more.
Which Free Themes are Best for a One Product Dropshipping Store?

For single product stores, you can still use the free versions of Shopify themes. Several of the stores below are nonetheless profitable while using free themes.

  • Debut
  • Narrative
  • Brooklyn

The main problem with free themes is that people dropshipping from AliExpress use them so frequently that many customers recognize them and immediately associate them with a dropshipping store.

Summary: (one product Shopify store)

Online product sales have more benefits than you might have imagined. You will have enough time to add some creativity and uniqueness to your brand.

You can focus your efforts on perfecting your positioning, fine-tuning your value proposition, and optimizing your store with a one-product store to achieve conversion rates that generic stores can only hope to achieve.

Using the Shopify platform, you can create a stylish and user-friendly website with ease. So why not roll up your sleeves and start setting up your store on Shopify right away if you’ve already planned out everything, from product ideas to content strategies? The free trial can be used initially.

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