4 Best GTracing Gaming Chair Review: A Buying Guide GT890M

GTracing Gaming Chairs – Overview:

In 2013, GTracing released its first line of gaming chairs. The company, which is based in Azusa, California, now manufactures a wide range of gaming hardware, including gaming desks, keyboards, and mice. It is best known for its line of low-cost gaming chairs, the most famous of which is the Pro-Line.

GTRacing, such as the Ace, Pro, and Music Series, is among the most common on the market today.

How to buy GTRacing gaming chairs:

GTRacing prefers consumers to buy directly because of the benefits it offers. The corporation has set up warehouse and distribution systems in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.


Here’s a short snapshot of the GTracing gaming chair’s specifications.

  • Chair height from floor to top of seat cushion: 16.9″ to 20.9″
  • Usable seat width and depth: 15” x 20”
  • Backrest height: 32.5”
  • The backrest reclines and tilts from 90 to 170 degrees.
  • 3D armrests that can pivot inwards and out
  • Two detachable lumbar and neck pillows
  • Unit weight: 50 pounds
  • Advertised max weight: 300 lbs

Features and Adjustments:

When it comes to ergonomic features, the GTracing chair performs admirably as a budget gaming chair:

  • Backrest tilting and reclining (up to 170 degrees)
  • Tilt tension control
  • Tilt can be disabled
  • Two external pillows that are actually comfortable
  • 3D armrests that pivot inwards and out

The high degree of recline has to be my favorite feature. Even better, you can always tilt the backrest after it’s reached 170 degrees, resulting in a coma-inducing rocking motion:

How Comfortable Is It – GTracing Gaming Chair?

The padding inside the seat appears to be insufficient at first sight, measuring just 3.1 inches thick. The good news is that, even after long hours of sitting in it, it is remarkably accommodating and comfortable for the average build human.

Build Quality:

It’s good for a budget chair in terms of build quality, but otherwise, it’s just average. In comparison to higher-end chairs, there are more plastic pieces, while the main components are made of metal. The swivel, tilt, and recline mechanisms all work smoothly, and the balance is excellent even when the backrest is practically horizontal to the ground.


Fortunately, each piece of the GTracing puzzle is light enough for just one person to handle, weighing in at 50 pounds. The entire procedure took me around 30 minutes to finish.

Our Verdict:

GTRacing gaming chairs – if you’re the right body size, it is an incredibly comfortable and even enjoyable chair to be in.


  • A backrest that tilts and reclines to a maximum of 170 degrees.
  • External height-adjustable pillows that are useful.
  • Armrests that pivot in and out in three dimensions.
  • On the bench, there is memory foam padding that is very comfortable.


  • Chair dimensions are not suitable for large users
  • The chair squeaks a little bit

How to buy GTRacing gaming chairs:

GTRacing prefers consumers to buy directly because of the benefits it offers. The corporation has set up warehouse and distribution systems in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

Best Four (4) GTRacing  Gaming Chair Collections:

At present, GTRacing offers four gaming chair collections:

1.The Ace Series –  is a line of high-end gaming chairs with four-dimensional armrests.

2. Pro Series – 2D armrests, deep recline, and a 2-year warranty are all included in the price of these gaming chairs.

3. Music Series – Pro Series chairs with built-in Bluetooth speakers.

4. Footrest Series – With a retractable footrest, Pro Series and living room-style gaming chairs are available.

Ace Series -GTRacing Gaming Chairs

1. Ace Series -GTRacing Gaming Chairs – Review:

GTRacing produces two types of gaming chairs: budget and luxury. The Ace Series is the company’s high-end line. Here’s an overview of each model, from the most affordable to the most expensive.

1. Ace S1 Series:

GTRacing will debut the Ace S1 Series in mid-2020. The S1 range includes five designs: three PU leather chairs and two fabric chairs.

The GTRacing Ace S1 is an improved version of the GTRacing gaming chair-Pro Series, which is extremely common. Ace chairs have more modern designs and greater armrest adjustability than the Pro Series. You may also choose to extend the warranty with Ace chairs.

Ergonomic features/Dimensions:

Functionality: Armrests with four dimensions; recline to 165 degrees; rocking and tilt stress.
Comfort: Neck and lumbar cover cushions; high-density foam padding
Foundation: XL PU-coated casters; steel frame; Class 3 gas lift
Warranty: 1 year (extendable to 5 years).

 2. Ace M1 Series – GTRacing Gaming Chairs – Review:

For a low price, the GTRacing Ace M1 offers impressive features and high-end warranty security. There are three PU leather styles to choose from, as well as one fabric style. All of the designs are elegant and traditional, making them perfect for both gamers and office staff.

The Ace M1 is one of only a few chairs under $300 that offer professional features. There are four-dimensional armrests, high-density padding, a multifunction tilt-lock, and more.


The Ace M1 has all of the regular GTRacing gaming chair features, including a back that reclines with a lever pull and a height-adjustable air-pistol cylinder. The armrests are particularly adaptable.

Build Quality:

As a result, the gaming chair feels much more comfortable, with much less give from the flimsy, suspended padding and faux leather. More significantly, unlike the Pro GT099, the Ace M1’s materials do not squeak as much.


The Ace M1 Series-GTRacing gaming chair is an excellent choice if you want a high-end pro esports chair but don’t want to spend a lot of money.


  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Inexpensive
  • Free, five-year warranty available


  • Awkward to assemble
  • Loud castors

Ergonomic features/Dimensions:

The Ace M1 chairs have the same ergonomic features as the best luxury gaming chairs in the world.

Functionality: Multifunction tilt-lock; 4D armrests; recline to 170°.
Comfort: Neck and lumbar cover cushions; high-density foam padding
Foundation: PU-coated casters; steel frame; powder-coated aluminum base; gas raise.
Warranty: 1 year (extendable to 5 years).

3. Ace L3 Series – GTRacing Gaming Chairs – Review:

The Ace L3 is a clone of the Secretlab Titan in every way. L3 chairs, for starters, have smooth, large seats with plenty of legroom. Second, they all have a depth-adjustable lumbar support built-in. Finally, all versions have a complimentary 5-year warranty extension.

Ergonomic features/Dimensions:

Functionality: Armrests with four dimensions; recline to 160 degrees; multifunction tilt-lock.
Comfort: Neck and lumbar cover cushions; high-density foam padding
Foundation: 60 mm PU-coated casters; steel frame; Class 3 gas lift
Warranty: 1 year (extendable to 5 years).

Upload a picture of your chair on social media to apply for the warranty extension. Then, to lock in your extension, send a screenshot to GTRacing help (details).

Pro Series GTRacing Gaming Chairs

2. Pro Series GTRacing Gaming Chairs – Review:

The Pro Series is GTRacing’s original gaming chair. 2D armrests, deep recline features, and compact dimensions are included in the base model.

GTRacing’s most common product line, the Pro Series, is ideally suited to slim adults of average height. These seats, like the Ace Series, have compact dimensions that are ideally suited to slender adults of medium height.

Bluetooth speakers and a retractable footrest are included in the base model. Purchasing directly from GTRacing entitles you to a free 2-year warranty extension. Purchasing from Amazon results in cheaper costs but a one-year warranty.

Ergonomic features/Dimensions:

Functionality: Armrests are 2D, and you can recline to 170 degrees
Comfort: High-density foam padding; neck and lumbar pillows
Cover material: 2-tone or tri-color PU leather trim.

Support: Steel frame, metal foundation, class 4 gas lift, and smooth-rolling casters
Warranty: 1 year (non-extendable).

Quality and Material:

PU leather and plastic coverings were used to cover this Pro Series chair. The bottom seat cushion is also an excellent width for those of us who have larger hips. The cushion’s edges don’t grip my sides closely at all, and there’s even some wiggle space.

  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy construction
  • Great back and lumbar support
  • Smooth gas lift
  • Plastic armrests – short, and a little uneven
  • Cushions don’t slide smoothly
  • Limited 1-year warranty

GT099-  Pro Series: Review:

The GTRacing Gaming Chair-Pro Series GT099, despite its low price, is a clear example of getting what you pay for. It’s a no-frills gaming chair with limited features.


Although the assembly process isn’t very complex, it is more complicated and exhausting than putting together most other gaming chairs.


After you’ve put the chair together, you’ll notice that the Pro’s design is fairly standard. The seat and back of the chair are made of thin foam padding suspended from a metal frame. Faux leather is used to cover the padding, which is both thin and slightly rough-feeling.


Finally, the GTRacing Gaming Chair-GT099: is a chair that looks great and has most of the features you’d expect from a gaming chair at a fraction of the price of its name-brand competitors. However, the cost-cutting comes at the expense of comfort and efficiency, so unless you really must have the gaming chair look, I would recommend looking elsewhere.


  • Inexpensive


  • Faux leather squeaks loudly
  • Feels cheap compared with other gaming chairs
  • Awkward assembly process

Bluetooth Music Series: GTRacing Gaming Chairs

3. Bluetooth Music Series: GTRacing Gaming Chairs – Review:

Music chairs from GTRacing are extremely common. The speakers are housed in large holes in the upper backrest. To charge the speakers, connect a USB cable from the backrest to your device.

Within a 5-meter range of your PC, a 3-hour charge will offer you 5-6 hours of music. Your device must have a built-in Bluetooth link for this to work. The amount of immersion would fascinate most people who try it.

MUSIC GAMING CHAIR: This chair was built with Bluetooth speakers in mind. Connect it to your smartphone, tablet, or another Bluetooth-enabled gadget to listen to music on the go. The two rear speakers provide outstanding stereo sound that is loud and clear.


A strong metal structure promotes a comfortable seating posture, keeping you comfortable after long hours of play or work. The thickly padded back and seat are ideal for unwinding.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: PU leather upholstery with a smooth finish. High-density foam seat cushion with thick padding. Stability and mobility are enhanced by the chair’s heavy-duty foundation and nylon smooth-rolling casters. 350-pound weight capacity

GT890M: Music Series – Review:

GTRacing is a well-known gaming equipment manufacturer that produces comfortable and functional chairs. Because of its bucket design and pillows, numerous adjustment options, and stereo Bluetooth speakers, the GT890M GTRacing gaming chair is especially common.


Material: PU Leather
Comfort: 3.5/5
Armrests: 4D
Ergonomics: Head and Lumbar Pillows
Max height: 132cm
Max weight: 300lbs
Suitable for: Gamers, streamers, podcasters-built sound: Bluetooth

Build Quality:

The whole frame is made of solid steel; when you sit in it, you feel safe, but it isn’t so heavy that you can’t move around easily. The seat and backrest are made of thick, high-quality foam. PU leather (faux leather) holds everything in place and is pleasant to the touch.

Design and Colors:

The GTRacing gaming chair comes in:

  • blue and black
  • white and black
  • red and black
  • pink and white
  • purple and black
  • black and gray

This GTRacing gaming chair is a bucket-style racing chair with an ergonomic design. This means it resembles a race car’s seat in certain ways. To help enclose and protect the body, there are raised padded lips on either side of the seat and on either side of the back area.


The GT890M is sufficiently flexible, with a nearly four-inch lift from the wheelbase. You’ll stand between 48.43 and 51.97 inches tall overall. With our computer monitor, we had no problems getting the chair level.

The armrests have the much-talked-about 4D adjustability. The armrest padding is soft but firm as if it was designed to last rather than to provide comfort.


Two pillows are detachable from GTracing. One will support your lower back, while the other will serve as a place to rest your head.


The GTRacing GT890M music series is excellent value for money if you are looking for your first gaming chair. Even if you don’t need the built-in speakers, the chair alone is worth the price.

Footrest Series: GTRacing

4. Footrest Series: GTRacing Gaming Chairs – Review:

Footrest Series models, including Music Series chairs, are improved Pro Series chairs. Fold the footrest so that it fits under your seat when you’re working upright. Retract the footrest, intensify the recline of your chair, and kick your feet up when it’s time to unwind.

Gtracing is committed to creating the best gaming chair for professional gamers.

Dimensions: 20.47 in. (L) x 21.26 in. (W) x 48.8 in. to 52 in. (H); 350 pounds is the maximum weight capacity.
Ergonomic Design: Strong metal frame with ergonomic design to facilitate a relaxed seated posture.
Multi-Function: Armrest and seat height are adjustable; reclining and rocking angles range from 90 to 170 degrees; 360-degree swivel.


Working, learning, and gaming are all made easier with the GT RACING gaming chair. It’s ideal for both home and modern offices because of its appealing racing theme.

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