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10 Best eBook Selling Platforms to Make Money Free

Are you looking for some ebook selling platforms online? If you’ve recently finished authoring your first eBook, I congratulate you, I understand how much time and effort it takes to create an eBook, especially if you did it all by yourself. You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll look at some fantastic online platforms to sell ebooks that are waiting for you!

Thankfully, there are now dozens of excellent online marketplaces where you may sell your digital books and earn money. Every year, more of these marketplaces spring up!

How to Make Money Selling Ebooks Online?

As an ebook publisher, you have a few alternatives for selling your works on ebook selling platforms.
You can set up your own website to sell your books. You could, for example, send a PDF to your readers. With a simple shopping cart or PayPal link, you’re done. When a reader visits your website, puts in an order, and receives a download link for your book, they are considered a customer.
You have complete control over the process, access to all customer data (allowing you to promote more products, services, or books), and the ability to charge higher prices as a result.
Working with a third-party site like Amazon is one of the simplest ways to ebook selling platforms. You may have previously purchased products from Amazon, such as books. There is, however, another side to this massive e-commerce enterprise.
Working with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing provides a lot of benefits, despite the fact that you will be charged a fee on your sales. In the previous year, one-fifth of Americans (21%) were estimated to be active ebook readers.

How to make a Beautiful eBook Cover and make money by ebook selling platforms?

The design of an eBook cover is frequently the first factor that users consider when picking which eBooks to buy. When designing an eBook cover, there are a few things to keep in mind. To begin, make sure the cover of your eBook accurately represents the content.

You’ll want to make sure your cover suits the content and also piques the reader’s interest, no matter what genre you’re writing in! So, what’s the best way to create great eBook covers? Don’t worry, we’ll help you out.

How to Buy eBooks Resell Rights Collection:

When you buy resell rights to a normal ebook, you gain the power to eBook Selling Platforms to others, and profit from it. MRR means you can sell resell rights to the product you’re selling, whereas RR means you can’t sell resell rights and must sell the items directly to the end-user. For example, you can change the format of an ebook by reading it into a recorder and then converting it to an audio product.

What are the best-selling ebook platforms?

There are some best sites for selling ebooks that can help you in hosting and selling your ebook, as well as handling the tedious transaction process. Some even allow you to keep 90% to 100% of the sale price. Let’s have a look at it.

eBook Selling Platforms

  1. (Recommended) Payhip is one of the places to sell ebooks online. 
  2. Sellfy (Recommended): ebook selling platforms:
  4. Kindle Direct Publish
  5. Lulu online ebook selling platforms:
  6. Tradebit- 
  7. Nook press- 

eBook Selling Platforms

1. (Recommended) Payhip is one of the places to sell ebooks online. 

Payhip is an e-commerce website where you can construct a customizable sales page for free and use tools like discount coupons, sharing buttons, an affiliate network, and variable pricing choices to sell your goods. Payhip will just keep 5% of all sales you make — it’s that simple, right?

The platform includes analytics, marketing, discount codes, affiliates, and customer administration, among other ebook selling platforms that have eBook marketing capabilities.

Setting up and hosting your digital products and downloads with Payhip will cost you nothing. For a Basic Account, as previously stated, the website charges a 5% commission per transaction cost. A Plus Plan is $29 per month and includes unlimited digital downloads, membership plans, and revenue.

2. Sellfy (Recommended): ebook selling platforms:

Sellfy is the second platform site to sell ebooks online that I recommend. Sellfy allows you to host and sell digital downloads, as well as upload and the platforms to sell ebooks, video, audio, branding kits (PSD AI files), and can sell your subscriptions.

Since 2011, Sellfy has provided e-commerce services and has worked tirelessly to provide the highest level of content and personal data safety.


This is one of the websites to sell ebooks. Authors can use the site to get a complete eCommerce solution as well as marketing tools and resources.

With the free account, you can list five items and use tools like widgets, fraud protection, and analytics. Paid memberships start at $12.99 per month and provide you the ability to sell an infinite amount of items while also allowing you to customize the page to your liking.

Writers, designers, comic book creators, music producers, and filmmakers are just a few examples. Sellfy is used by these and many other creatives on a daily basis to sell their digital items and make a career doing what they love. Sellfy is based in Riga, Latvia, and has two offices in two different countries.

4. Kindle Direct Publish

You may quickly and for free publish your ebooks on Amazon ebook selling platforms, the world’s largest online retailer. I believe that depending on your area and pricing structure, you can make between 35 percent and 70 percent royalty for your eBooks sold on the Amazon marketplace.

5. Lulu online ebook selling platforms:

Lulu provides a comprehensive guide to writing professionally formatted ebooks and converting them to EPUB or PDF. If you can’t do it yourself, Lulu is one of the best platforms to sell ebooks that offers a customized service where she will do it for you for a small cost. Your ebooks can be sold to a variety of publishers, each with its unique royalty structure.

Lulu publishes high-quality print books, but its distribution capabilities are woefully inadequate. You should be alright if you’re simply printing with them, but distributing your Lulu-printed books could be a pain.

6. Tradebit- ebook selling platforms

Tradebit is similar to Payhip in that it allows you to establish a sales page before assisting you in selling your ebooks (or any other downloadable material). You may use an eBook affiliate scheme, create a custom price, integrate social media, and sell ebooks on the best platform to sell ebooks like eBay.

Selling Your eBooks on Tradebit, The process of opening a Tradebit account and uploading a book is very easy and simple.

You will require the following to load an ebook :

  • Your book in epub format
  • Your book in pdf format
  • A book cover
  • 4 keywords
  • A blurb for your book
  • A price

7. Nook press- ebook selling platforms 

nook press

B&N Press, formerly known as NOOK Press, is a free, fast, and simple self-publishing service that allows you to publish and sell print or ebooks straight to our millions of readers. Whether you’re an experienced or first-time author, or simply want to publish a beautiful book for personal use, we’ve got you covered.

Nook Press platforms for selling ebooks that offer a paperback and hardback book printing service, with copies arriving at your door within a week after your order. Copies can cost anywhere from $2 to $88 per book, depending on your printing preferences (such as page size, cover quality, color, and more).

8. PayLoadz:

PayLoadz provides a complete Digital Goods eCommerce solution that allows anyone to sell downloaded goods online in minutes. This platform takes care of product hosting, “purchase now” buttons, safe payments, and fast digital product delivery to your clients.

You can set up an affiliate program as one of your ebook selling platforms with PayLoadz. That implies you can hire people to promote your products in exchange for a commission (a percentage of the transaction) if they successfully refer a new consumer to you.

Best Sites for Free eBooks Download:

The Internet offers many options to get free books in PDF format, but most of them are unreliable or simply illegal. There are some eBook Selling Platforms for free ebook download sites are:

1) Project Gutenberg:
2) Smashwords:
3) FeedBooks:
4) MobileRead:
5) Internet Archive Books:
6) E-Book Directory:
7) Open Library:
8) Online Books:
9) Bookboon:
10) Read Print:

How do I choose an eBook reader online for free?

You can read your favorite books on the fly with Ebook Reader. Select from a large number of popular books to download in a matter of seconds. You  need to remember five key points to choose from:

  1. Consider the reader’s screen size and resolution.
  2. Choose an eReader that has the memory size you need.
  3. Don’t forget about audiobook capability if you want to listen to books as well as read them.
  4. Your eReader’s Battery Life Is Affected By How You Use It
  5. The cost of an eReader isn’t the only consideration:

What are the Best ePub to PDF Converter Software on ebook selling platforms?

A personal e-filing system can be set up quickly and easily using epub to PDF converters. With a PDF converter, you can better manage PDF files and document content. Fortunately, you can convert all of your eBooks to a widely accepted format using a variety of best EPUB to PDF converter tools.

5 Best ePub to PDF Converter Software is:

  1. EPUB to PDF Converter
  2. Calibre
  3. The Ebook Converter
  4. CloudConver
  5. Zamzar


I hope these nine platforms will keep you occupied for the foreseeable future. If you’re asking if you can sell your eBooks on more than one platform, there’s nothing in my knowledge that says you can’t. However, to be certain, it’s a good idea to double-check the terms and conditions of websites of various platforms.

Remember that while you can use these sites, you must also work to promote your eBooks on ebook selling platforms.

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