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Best Blink Camera Outdoor by Blink for Home: Easy to Set Up

With infrared night vision, Blink Camera Outdoor is a cordless battery-powered HD used for security purposes that helps you watch your home day or night. Outdoor may run for up to 2 years on 2 AA lithium batteries thanks to its long battery life. Blink is an Amazon-owned security camera firm that produces low-cost, small security cameras.

The cameras have adjustable motion detection alerts, two-way audio, and 1080p Full HD video. They also interact with Amazon’s Alexa smart home system, allowing you to see video feeds and receive motion notifications on any Echo speaker. In this article, we will know all things that you need to know before you buy this unique Blink Outdoor.

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Blink Home Security
Blink Outdoor Security Camera System
How to Set Up Blink Camera Outdoor
Blink Outdoor Camera installation

Blink Home Security:

Blink Camera Outdoor of Blink home is a home automation startup that makes battery-operated security cameras for the home. Peter Besen, Don Schlesinger, and Stephen Gordon launched the company in 2009. Immedia Semiconductor Inc was founded in 2009, however, it later changed its name to become a consumer electronics company.

Blink offers some of the most economical battery-powered HD security cameras for video surveillance recording and streaming. Although the cameras have received positive feedback, they are only one component of a comprehensive home security system. Continue reading to find out more.


  • Low-cost HD indoor and outdoor cameras
  • No contract or data costs
  • Simple DIY installation
  • Smart home device integration


  • There are no alerts or sensors,
  • Professional monitoring is not available.
  • For cloud storage, Blink Mini needs a membership.
  • Recordings are limited to 60 seconds.

What Kinds of Home Security Cameras Does Blink Provide?

Outdoor, Indoor, and Mini are the three types of cameras that Blink currently offers.

1. The Blink Camera Outdoor Camera ($99) – A cordless, battery-powered outside camera with an IP65 weather rating,

2. The Blink Indoor Camera ($79) – The Indoor Camera is a wireless, battery-powered security camera that performs the same functions as the Outdoor Camera but is white and not weather-resistant.

3. The Blink Mini ($34.99) – This connected, indoor camera is a compact, white, inside-only camera that records for 20 – 30 seconds when motion is detected.

What is Blink Security System:

You’re worried about your safety. If you’re concerned about monitoring your home in this day and age, whether inside or outside, it’s tough to beat a product like the Blink Security System. A device like the Blink Security System is impossible to beat.”

You may have complete peace of mind with the Blink security system. For what it returned to me, you’ll be eternally grateful.”

Blink Outdoor Security Camera System:

Blink Camera Outdoor

Blink’s security cameras offer outstanding value for money and came in fourth place overall in our assessments. If you are considering buying Blink Home Security Cameras then that is right for you.

Blink Camera Outdoor:

A weather-resistant, wireless camera that can be used both indoors and outside. It has a 110-degree field of view, 1080p Full HD video resolution, two-way audio, and night vision. The free Blink Home Monitoring app allows you to see a live stream.

Blink Outdoor Ideal for:

1. Those who are on a tight budget. This is our cheapest outdoor camera, and if you pick the local storage option, you won’t have to pay any monthly fees to watch your recordings.

2. Outdoor safety is important. You can safely set this camera outside in any weather thanks to its IP65 weather resistance rating.

3. Monitoring of the temperature. This camera is the only one in our review that includes a temperature sensor built-in.

4. Flexibility and DIY installation. This small camera can be installed in minutes and placed anywhere your Wi-Fi signal reaches, without the need for wiring or professional installation.

5. Privacy. You may schedule the camera system to turn on and off so that it does not record when you are at home. You can also establish privacy zones so that the camera does not record in certain places.

Blink Camera Outdoor Not to be used for:

1. Video of excellent quality. To increase clarity, the camera lacks advanced imaging functions such as HDR and color night vision.

2. Large-scale coverage. It has the smallest field of vision of all of the cameras we tested.

3. Continuous recording is possible. There is no option to record continuously. You can start a recording manually or tell it to start recording when motion is detected.

4. Security aspects that are advanced. Person identification, zoom and track, and 24/7 recording are not available.

Design and Features: Blink Camera Outdoor

The is black in color and, has an IP65 weather-resistance rating, also run on two AA batteries with 2-year battery life.

A small 2.7-by-2.7-by-1.2-inch (HWD) camera is included with the Blink Camera Outdoor system.

A tiny USB AC adapter powers the Sync Module, which has a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio for connecting to your home network and an RF radio for interacting with the camera.

You can subscribe to one of Blink’s Cloud Storage options if you wish to store video in the cloud. The Basic plan is $3 per month or $30 annually and includes 60 days of rolling storage for one camera.

Blink Outdoor Specification:

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • Integration Amazon Alexa: IFTTT
  • Notifications: Push
  • Field of View: 110 degrees
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Storage Cloud: Local

How to Buy Blink Camera Outdoor:

You can buy a Blink home security camera in 3 easy steps: 1) Select a camera 2) Select a storage method. 3) and Buy the camera.

1. Select a camera: You’ll need the Blink Outdoor if you want to use the camera outside. If you’re certain you’ll keep it indoors, a Blink indoor model will save you money.

2. Select a storage method: You have the option of storing video footage locally for free or using one of Blink’s affordable cloud storage plans.

3. Buy the camera: Blink offers its cameras directly through Amazon, where you can find discounts on several cameras or cameras that come with Echo devices. Lowes, Home Depot, and Best Buy sell the cameras as well.

How to Set Up Blink Camera Outdoor:

blink set up camera

Regardless of the operating system on your device, the Blink app and devices must be installed in the same order. Let’s get this party started!

To discover more about how to use your Blink system, how to mount your camera, or how to place your camera, click on the links below.

Follow the steps below to get started with the Blink app:

Blink Camera Outdoor:

  1. Open the Blink App and go to the bottom of the screen to Create an Account.
  2. Tap Next after selecting your nation from the drop-down box.
  3. Tap OK when you’ve confirmed your region.
  4. Select Next after entering a correct email address.
  5. After that, tap Create Account and create a password for your account.
  6. Complete the account verification process with several factors.

Tap “Verify” and enter the PIN from the email that was sent to you.

How to Set Up Blink:

The validity of PIN codes is 40 minutes.  The option to “Resend PIN Code” displays after one minute.

After that, you’ll get a screen where you can enter your phone number.

Tap “Next” after entering the phone number you want to use for device verification.

By tapping the Link Accounts option after your account has been authenticated, you will be prompted to link your new Blink account to your Amazon account.

Blink Outdoor Camera installation:

Tap the Plus sign + on the app’s home screen to add a Blink camera outdoor or indoor camera.

How to install a blink camera outdoor:

  • Select the Blink wireless camera from the drop-down menu.
  • Scanning the QR code sticker on the inside back cover
  • The camera onboarding page appears once the serial number has been identified.

When the setup of Blink Outdoor is finished and you receive a success message, tap Done.

blink outdoor camera installation

FAQ – Blink Camera Outdoor:

What is a Wireless Security Cameras System?

Wireless security systems are the next generation of security technology, offering complete protection at a lower installation cost and with easy upgrades. In a wireless security system, alarms, sensors, cameras, and various detectors are all connected to a primary control panel via radio signals.

What is mean Blink outdoor Wireless Camera?

The best part about the Blink camera outdoor is powered by a lithium battery and has a built-in wireless internet connection. This makes them far easier to use, set up, and maintain while still delivering top-of-the-line security for your house!

AA power batteries are used to power the wireless design. It has a battery life of about two years, making it a remarkably long-lasting device.

So, if you’re searching for a camera with fewer headaches, fewer cords, and maximum functionality, the Blink wireless outdoor camera is the way to go. It’s a popular camera for a reason, and it offers a slew of wire-free features like recording clips, live feeds, motion capture, and more!

How to replace batteries in Blink Camera Outdoor:

Blink makes changing the batteries in their cameras simple and straightforward; nevertheless, the procedure varies based on the device or model. To replace the batteries in your Blink camera outdoor and indoor cameras, follow these steps:

  1. You must first remove the device from any mounts or attachments before removing the rear cover (most can be easily detached from the unit).
  2. A silicone protective cover may be present above the fastening screw on some devices, which must be removed. Then loosen the screw by turning it counter-clockwise.
  3. When removing the rear cover, carefully apply pressure on one side of the device to peel the cover off. After removing the cover, you’ll notice the two AA lithium batteries that need to be replaced.
  4. Before reinserting the back cover, double-check that your new replacement batteries are in the correct orientation.
  5. After the batteries have been replaced, align the back cover with the device and secure it in place. Simply tighten the screw clockwise until it is secure, and you’re ready to go!

What is the Blink Camera Outdoor range:

All blink cameras have a maximum motion-detecting range of about 20 feet. The app sensitivity setting, camera placement, object size, infrared lighting, and object temperature are all elements that affect motion detection.

How to Mount Blink Camera Outdoor?

Blink’s small wireless cameras are simple to install and secure.

Your Blink Outdoor comes with a cone-shaped camera mount and a right-angle adapter/opening tool that matches the color of the camera body, also two screws in the box.

Remember that the best motion detection happens when movement crosses the field of view. A direct motion toward or away from the camera can be difficult to notice. Your camera settings will be more effective if you place them in the right spot.

Blink camera mounting ideas:

When putting a camera outside, it’s important to choose a location carefully. The location should be such that it completely encompasses your property and allows you to view the face of everybody who enters.

  • Here are a few places to hide your camera Outdoors:
  • Trees
  • Bushes
  • Under Roof
  • Front Door
  • On The Fence
  • Here are a few places to hide your camera indoors:
  • Bookshelves
  • Plants
  • Wall Corner
  • Behind A Picture Frame

Mounting Horizontally: 

You may need to utilize the Right-angle adapter in horizontal positions such as a ceiling or a windowsill (pictured). This adapter fits into the camera’s back opening and snaps into place.

Blink Camera Outdoor: Remove the silicone disc and store it for future use when using the adapter or mount with the camera. Now, press the adapter into the mount’s connection point. A’snap’ should be detected, indicating a secure attachment. It’s possible that you’ll need to attach the adaptor to the camera before attaching both to the mount, depending on your location.

What does the Blink 5 camera system include?

The contents of the box

Blink Outdoor, Sync Module 2, 2 1.5V non-rechargeable AA lithium metal batteries (per camera), mounting kit (per camera), USB cable, and power adapter (depending on quantity selected).

Why is my Blink Camera Outdoor not recording?

By unplugging your modem and router for 30 seconds and then plugging them back in, you can power cycle them both. After two minutes, try using your camera again after the Internet service has been restored. Reset your camera’s power. Remove the batteries for 10 seconds before reinserting them.

Is there an app for the Blink camera outdoor?

The Blink app is available on Google Play for Android users. Is it possible to use the Blink app on many devices? Yes! You may download our app and log into the same account from as many iOS and Android devices as you like, allowing everyone in the family to receive alerts and check-in at home.

Blink’s app has a lot of useful features and is easy to use. Because both the Sync Module 2 and the Outdoor camera can be linked to your Blink app by scanning the QR codes on both devices, the first setup is easy enough. after which you’ll need to input your Wi-Fi password to connect them. After that, you’re ready to go, complete with live feeds, notifications, and more.

Can you use a Blink Camera Outdoor inside?

The Blink Outdoor is a wireless, weather-resistant camera that can be used both inside and out. It costs $99 for a camera system (which includes a necessary Blink Sync Module 2 that must be plugged in indoors) and $89 for any additional cameras.

Google Home does not work with Blink Cameras or Blink camera outdoor. The devices are only compatible with Amazon Alexa devices like the Echo Show and Dot, as well as IFTTT (If This, Then That).

Blink is a line of cameras that are now part of Amazon’s services, and as a result, it can only be used with Amazon’s artificially intelligent speech assistant, Alexa, or other Alexa-enabled devices.
What cameras work with Google hub?
The video from the security cameras listed below can be streamed to your Nest display.

  1. Arlo.
  2. Atomi smart.
  3. Geeni.
  4. homee Smart Home.
  5. mydlink Smart.
  6. ioe smart.
  7. iView iHome.
  8. KAFO Smart.

The Blink Camera Outdoor is a wonderful alternative for anyone seeking an economical outdoor camera with long battery life, 1080p video, and simple installation. It comes with a USB port for local video storage, despite the fact that it requires a hub to connect to your network.

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