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The 8 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins: Free and Paid

There are many different Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins like AffiliateWP that help you earn income online by promoting and selling products on your website. Overall, it’s a great approach to generating passive income while also increasing the earning potential of your WordPress website or blog.

In this article, we’ll show you the best of the best and give you the lowdown on how they work and how to use WordPress Amazon affiliate plugins properly. Best of all, these plugins are all free to use! Let’s get started with an overview of the five plugins we’re going to be talking about.

Table of the Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins:

  1. AffiliateWP
  2. Amazon Associate for WooCommerce
  3. Amazon Link Manager
  4. EasyAzon Pro
  5. EasyAzon Lite
  6. AAWP
  7. ThirstyAffiliates
  8. Amazon Auto Links: Amazon associates WordPress plugin
  9. Pretty Links Pro
  10. Ultimate Blocks

Why use an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins?

The Amazon Affiliate Program is a commission-based program, which means you’ll get paid a percentage of every sale you make. Website owners create an Amazon Affiliate account on the platform after signing up for Amazon affiliate marketing programs, and Amazon assigns each website owner a unique Associate ID.

You may miss key analytics that can help you enhance your affiliate program if you don’t use a dedicated WordPress plugin. You’ll have to spend more time reviewing and adding each link, and you won’t be able to tell how much money each one is bringing in.

You’ll find it more difficult to keep track of the number of affiliate links you’ve posted and the cash each one earns as you add more to your site. If you’re having trouble, do yourself a favor and install an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin for your website; it’ll make your life much easier.

You’ll need a more convenient approach to incorporating links into your pages within the WordPress admin interface as an experienced Amazon partner. Do you know how to get to the WordPress dashboard Login Admin Panel plugin? – It is the first screen you’ll see when you log in to your blog’s admin area, and it shows you a preview of the site. It’s a set of tools that give you information about your blog and allow you to assess its present state.

The 10 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins:

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Here are some of the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins to help you get started!

#1: AffiliateWP


If you’re a serious Amazon affiliate and want to maximize your income, then you need to be using AffiliateWP. This plugin is what I use to handle all of my Amazon affiliate promotions on WPBeginner.

It allows me to completely manage my Amazon Associates account in one place without having to log into their website or deal with any code. It keeps track of sales, product reviews, Google rankings for products, etc. All in real-time! Here’s an example of how it works: Whenever I publish a new post on WPBeginner that contains an Amazon product link (example), AffiliateWP will automatically insert an add-to-cart button next to it.

When visitors click on that button, they are taken directly to Amazon where they can buy whatever it is I was promoting in my post. AffiliateWP also provides extra features like dynamic banners, coupon codes, and even Facebook Pixel integration so you can get your hands dirty with email marketing if you choose to take things further.

#2 – Amazon Associate for WooCommerce:

This plugin is one of my favorites, as it integrates with WooCommerce. If you don’t know, WooCommerce is by far one of the most popular and powerful e-commerce plugins for WordPress on the market. With that said, I think having an affiliate tool integrated within your e-commerce platform is invaluable for anyone running an online store.

The Amazon Associate for WooCommerce plugin allows you to track products that have been purchased through your website, but if someone visits a product page but doesn’t buy, it will make a note of that too. You can see a full list of what data it tracks here. The best part about this plugin is once again how simple it makes things for you if you are already using WooCommerce in some way, shape, or form.

#3: Amazon Link Manager:

Amazon Link Manager is one of our personal favorites. This simple WordPress Amazon affiliate plugin can save you a lot of time and work by automatically detecting your Amazon affiliate link plugin and replacing it with a text advertisement or simply removing it altogether. It’s also useful for anyone who’s trying to make some money on Amazon, even if they don’t have an active affiliate account with us. If that sounds like you, then give Amazon Link Manager a try! (And be sure to read their support documentation before activating.)

  1. Amazon Auto Links: Even simpler than Amazon Link Manager is Amazon Auto Links. You might not believe it at first, but it only requires two clicks to start earning from every purchase made by users on your site. All you need to do is click Activate Now on its download page, create an API key for Amazon Auto Links, and add it as a parameter in your product link URL.

#4: EasyAzon Pro:

EasyAzon is an easy-to-use Amazon affiliate plugin that lets you add Amazon product links to your site with just a few clicks. If you are going to do any Amazon product linking on your site, then I highly recommend EasyAzon. It’s a free WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates that allows you to create up to 10 links and unlimited trackbacks, but if you need additional features or higher limits, it’s well worth upgrading for only $9.95!

  1. All-in-One Schema: This one is also worth checking out, even though it’s not a standard plugin by any means. It uses schema markups to help people find your Amazon affiliate links more easily and allows you to create rich snippets for other types of affiliate links (like iTunes or AdSense) as well. I don’t use it on most of my sites, but some people swear by it! If you want to check out their free version, you can do so here.
  2. Pretty Link Lite: Pretty Link Lite does exactly what its name suggests: it creates nice-looking affiliate links for easy sharing on social media and forums!

#5 – EasyAzon Lite-

Amazon Associates can use EasyAzon Lite to generate their product links. While there’s no denying that Clickbank is a good affiliate marketing plugin, it simply can’t compare with EasyAzon Lite in terms of speed and ease of use.

After you enter your Amazon ID (or create one), all you have to do is enter a keyword or an ASIN number. The extension will automatically insert an optimized link that includes your tracking ID for whatever page of your site you want it on. As far as Amazon-focused WordPress plugins go, we recommend using only EasyAzon Lite.

#6. AAWP:


Affiliate links can be placed in a variety of ways with AAWP, including hypertext links within your content, boxes with customizable product descriptions and pricing displays, and comparison tables for two or more products.

This is one of the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins that are simple to download; simply log into your WordPress dashboard and use the “upload plugin” capability to install it. The Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin should then be activated. Tip: Please consult the manual if you require additional information on the installation.

Pricing: €49/year (~$60/year, 1 site)

#7. ThirstyAffiliates:

Your Amazon affiliate URLs can be cloaked with your domain name and custom slug for free, removing the query string from the end of your links and making them appear more trustworthy to visitors. To comply with Amazon Associate’s guidelines, ThirstyAffiliates automatically uncloaks some links.

A premium subscription includes more detailed information, Google Analytics integration, and, probably most importantly, auto-linking.

Thirstyaffiliates vs Pretty links: ThirstyAffiliates is a WordPress affiliate management plugin that makes it simple to add, cloak, and manage affiliate links on your site. Pretty Links is a similar link management plugin that allows you to cloak your affiliate links so they appear clean and straightforward to your visitors.

Pricing: Free; $49/year (1 site); $99 (5 sites); $149 (10 sites)

#8. Amazon Auto Links:

Amazon Auto Links is one of the best free Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins accessible, and it’s a must-try for site owners on a budget that will add Amazon affiliate links and product feeds to your website automatically. You can also use the description, title, and ID number to filter out undesired products from your links.

You don’t have to be concerned about it, nor do you have to go through the bother of doing such repetitive duties, thanks to this Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin. You can make your template if you’re competent in HTML and CSS coding and know a little PHP. That means you’ll be able to create your layout.

This plugin allows you to include Amazon affiliate links in your posts and earn commissions with no effort.

Pricing: Free

#9. Pretty Links Pro:

Pretty Links Pro is a big upgrade that adds a variety of tools and redirection types that allow you to produce pretty links automatically, cloak links, replace keywords with pretty links throughout your blog, categorize and tag your pretty links, and much more.

Although Pretty Link is an excellent plugin for a dedicated affiliate marketer, most affiliate marketing rookies who prefer to continue with free options have limited options.

#10. Ultimate Blocks:

Ultimate Blocks is a powerful, easy-to-use Gutenberg Blocks plugin for bloggers and marketers. It enhances the WordPress editor with a variety of handy features. The table of contents in particular appeals to me.

The Ultimate Blocks plugin (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins) contains all of the necessary blocks for creating better and more engaging content with the Gutenberg editor. You can enable or disable particular blocks to keep your site light.

Some other best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins:

Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins:

AmaLinks: Another effective Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin is AmaLinks Pro. Text links, picture links, and call-to-action buttons can all be added to your content using this plugin. For a single site, the plugin costs $67 a year and includes all of the plugin’s features.

AzonPress is a WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates that is simple and easy to use. The plugin includes all of the features you’d expect from an Amazon affiliate program. You may also purchase a $299 unlimited site license.

WP Table Builder: This is a DotCamp-developed plugin that allows you to create attractive conversion-focused tables for your website. You may make some extremely cool comparison tables for your affiliate site with this plugin.


Plugins are an excellent way to customize and streamline the functionality of your WordPress website. These five Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins will help you get more sales, boost your brand’s visibility, and improve your customer experience. Whether you are just starting as an affiliate marketer or already have years of experience with affiliate marketing.

In July 2015 Amazon changed how affiliates tag items with tracking IDs; as a result, it may be easier than ever to get banned from Amazon if you don’t follow best practices when setting up your account. This post has details about what they expect now: How To Become An Amazon Affiliate Without Getting Banned.

What is mean Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin without API?

The majority of Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins require a Product Advertising API key. That key can be generated using the Amazon Associates account that the user has.

There aren’t many Amazon affiliate plugins that don’t include an API. Several plugins are available to assist users in displaying Amazon products and increasing affiliate clicks. However, in the vast majority of cases, they require an API to function.

Without using an API, the Affiliate Egg plugin employs direct parsing. This implies that you can import products using Amazon direct links as keywords. Affiliate Egg can be used alone or in conjunction with CE.

How to add an Amazon affiliate widget WordPress?

Choose a widget from the Amazon Associates page and paste it into a post or the sidebar of your WordPress blog.

Log in to your account and select the “Widgets” option. Under the widget you want to use, click the “Add to Your Web Page” button.

It’s critical to replace the old ad code on your webpage with the new ad code once you’ve finished generating a new widget.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Program:

When affiliates reach this level, they are referred to as “super affiliates.” You need some Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins. To grow an audience and increase your affiliate sales, use one of two channels: a blog or a YouTube channel.

Today, starting a blog is relatively straightforward, inexpensive, and easy. YouTube is the other platform. Just be sure to SEO-optimize your videos and put affiliate links in the description.

The first step in starting affiliate marketing is to choose a niche, so if you’re starting a blog today, you’ll be up against a lot of competition. To maximize your chances of success, narrow your focus. There are some niches where you can start your affiliate program, ie: learn WordPress by

  1. You can start a home security affiliate program
  2. You can start an ebook affiliate program
  3. You can start to sell eBooks online and Make Money
  4. You can start to earn money from the Quora Partner Program

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