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In order to guarantee that clients receive the greatest services, goods, and treatments for their pets, Banfield Pet Hospital collaborates with the top pet shop PetSmart.

So, if you’re thinking about bringing your pet to Banfield Pet Hospital, you might be curious about the services it provides and how much they charge. What I discovered during my research is as follows:

Banfield Pet Hospital Reviews:

banfield pet hospital reviews

Banfield Pet Hospital Prices are reasonable. The techs are fantastic. The veterinarians are incredibly kind and amiable. There are safety procedures that are beneficial. Services offer a good return on investment. A terrific employer with excellent benefits, but not much opportunity for employment growth if you’re trying to enter a different sector of the economy.


  • Feels like family. We treat pets like our own.
  • Work-life balance, benefits, decent pay
  • Pet discounts


  • Trust, advancement, respect
  • Very long days (10-11 hours)
  • Very limited schedule because there aren’t enough doctors

Best Banfield Pet Hospital Prices:

As of 2022, Banfield Pet Hospital will offer wellness plans that start at $37.95 per month for dogs and $26.95 per month for cats. In addition, the pet hospital network charges differently for additional treatments including medical grooming, declawing, neutering, and spaying.

Banfield Pet Hospital Prices for Vaccines:

All immunizations must be given during an office visit that also includes a physical examination of your pet and a consultation with a veterinarian. For some immunizations, booster visits to the doctor’s office may be necessary.

Banfield pet hospital vaccine prices:

  • Bordetella: $32.57
  • DAPP: $38.07
  • Bivalent Influenza: $51.55
  • Leptospirosis: $23.31
  • Lyme Disease: $41.82
  • Rabies: $27.05

Banfield Pet Hospital Prices for Dog Vaccines:

Depending on the vaccine and whether it is required for cats or dogs, different vaccines cost different amounts at Banfield Pet Hospital:

Dog vaccines range in price from $21 to $38, with the Leptospirosis 4-Way vaccination being the least expensive at about $21. The Rabies vaccine is next, at about $25.

Additionally, the Distemper Parvo DAPP vaccination costs $34 and the Canine Bordetella vaccine costs roughly $30.

Banfield Pet Hospital Prices for Cat Vaccines:

The cost of vaccinations for cats ranges from $25 to $30, with the Rabies vaccine coming in at about $25.

Other than that, the Feline Leukaemia Virus vaccination and the Feline Distemper FVRCP vaccine both cost about $30.

The veterinarians at Banfield Pet Hospital can help you choose which vaccinations are necessary for your cat, just like they can for canines.

How Much Do Banfield Pet Hospital Prices for Declawing?

Declawing an animal on demand is not a service that Banfield Pet Hospital offers because they believe it to be inhumane and do not support it.

However, the Hospital would declaw a cat if it is judged medically essential. According to online reports, the cost to declaw a cat ranges from $150 to $500.

How Much Do Banfield Pet Hospital Prices for Surgery?

Banfield Pet Hospital is equipped to provide standard operations, including dentistry, in addition to vaccinations.

The price for these services varies at Banfield Pet Hospital depending on the procedure and the animal.

For cats and dogs, the costs for general issues like dental prophylaxis range from $300 to $400.

How Much Do Banfield Pet Hospital Prices for Grooming?

The Banfield Pet Hospital can provide medical grooming but does not provide traditional grooming services. This covers nail trimming and medicinal shampoos and conditioners for bathing.

What is Included in Anesthetic procedures for Banfield Pet Hospital Prices:

Routine blood tests, IV fluids, routine anesthesia, and monitoring throughout the surgery and recovery are all parts of anesthetic procedures. Some animals could require further anesthetic or lab tests that will cost more.

Professional dental cleaning: $394.95
Neuter package (over 6 months): $488.95
Neuter package (under 6 months): $418.95
Spay package (over 6 months / over 50 pounds): $589.95
Over six months and under 50 lb. spay package: $514.95
Spay package (under 6 months): $446.95

Banfield Pet Hospital Prices and services could change. At the time of the visit, additional services could be necessary.

Banfield Hospital Prices and Discount Opportunities:

Banfield offers a $15 multiple pet discount off the annual Optimum Wellness Plan membership price. Up to 20% off of several medicines, goods, and services available at Banfield.

On the Banfield website, it is stated that “office visits are always free of charge and discounts range from 5% to 20% off depending on the plan level selected. Discounts are available on almost all Banfield services and goods that are not part of wellness plans. Therapeutic diets and products or services from PetSmart are exceptions.

How Much Does Banfield Cost Monthly?

Banfield Pet Hospital Prices for Grooming

The Banfield Pet Hospital website offers a price estimator for your location so you can find out the precise pricing of Wellness Plans close to you.

For an active care plan, you must pay $26.95 for cats and $37.95 for dogs each month.

Alternatively, you can choose an active-care plan plus $26.95 per month for cats and $46.95 per dog.

For Banfield Pet Hospital Prices, If you choose to purchase the plan as special care wellness, you will additionally be required to pay $58.95 per month for dogs and $46.95 per month for cats.

How do the Banfield Pet Prices compare to other plans?

The price of Banfield’s pet wellness programs is a little bit higher than that of certain rivals. Wagmo, for instance, offers wellness programs that start at under $20 per month and are offered as a stand-alone item rather than an add-on.

You might be able to find a wellness plan with a lower monthly cost than Banfield if you plan to cover your pet with typical accident/illness pet insurance.

What is Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plans:

Banfield Pet Hospital Prices

As we talked about Banfield pet hospital prices above here, just remember that there are three variations of the hospital’s Optimum Wellness Plan.

At Banfield Pet Hospital, there are two options: Active Care, which is for general care, and Active Care Plus, which provides additional dental services.

The third option, known as Special Care, is intended for animals at Banfield Pet Hospital who require further care or have chronic diseases.

Note that medicines and other goods and services at Banfield Pet Hospital are also subject to savings of up to 20% under Wellness Plans.

What is Banfield Pet Hospital Microchip Price?

You’ll be really happy that your pet has a microchip that a vet or shelter can scan if it disappears. It’s simple and safe to get one, and having one provides you a sense of security that removable collars and tags simply cannot match.

The microchip is a tiny cylinder, about the size of a rice grain, that is injected under your pet’s skin. The injection is quick and safe, just like a typical shot. The microchip is permanently inserted into your pet at that time. When a microchip scanner is passed over your pet, the microchip transmits a special ID number so that the scanner can read it and identify your pet.

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