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Authorized Dealer Program: 9 Best Security Dealer Programs

An Authorized Dealer Program (sometimes known as an Authorized Dealer Network) is an opt-in partner program in which retail shops interested in selling your products must first seek to become “authorized dealers” in your network.

How to Establish Authorized Dealer Program:

An authorized dealer is a person or business that has been given permission by a manufacturer to sell its products. This dealer has a franchise to represent and distribute the items of a well-known brand.

Authorized dealer programs occur in a variety of shapes and sizes; some are manufacturer-sponsored and focus on exclusive products and marketing assistance.

To become a member of any approved dealer program, you must first establish agreements with your distributors or wholesale partners, declaring that they are only permitted to resell your products to authorized dealers.

There can be leaks at any stage in the supply chain, allowing gray-market sellers or other unauthorized merchants to obtain your items and resell them in ways that harm your brand and weaken your legitimate resale partners.

Get started on your Authorized Dealer Programs today.

It’s important to realize that no matter how well-designed or implemented an Authorized Dealer Program is, it won’t be able to protect your brand from all potential dangers for itself. As a result, this type of program works best when it’s part of a bigger, more comprehensive brand protection strategy.

Establishing an Authorized Dealer Program is one approach to mitigate many of these risks to your supply chain and brand.

Here are a few ways the Authorized Dealer Program can help you protect can be game-changing for your brand.

  • It promotes your distributors to be cautious about where they sell your items.
  • It allows you to work with only the stores you are confident will properly represent your brand.
  • It makes it easier to track down the source of a rogue merchant.

Home Security Dealer Program:

1. ADT Dealer Programs:

You can join one of the ADT Authorized dealers and become one of the top leaders in the home security industry. If you want to become an ADT Authorized Provider, SafeStreets is the best place to start.

Their business approach allows you to concentrate on sales and expanding your company while they manage all backend operations.

The SafeStreets (ADT) Dealer program provides top-notch administrative support, industry-leading technology, dedicated sales platforms, CRMS, and annual events.

Apply today for SafStreet Dealer Program.

2. Brinks Authorized Dealer Partner Program:

Home Security Dealer Program

One thing kept in mind is that ADT and Brinks Home Security Authorized Dealer programs are not the same. Brinks provides next-generation sales support, allowing us to scale swiftly and focus on what they do best: selling!

You can choose from a variety of programs and sell with a global brand that is supported by the Brinks name, which has been synonymous with security for more than 160 years.

As an authorized dealer, what they will provide you:

  • Marketing support and training for your company.
  • Marketing materials with a common theme that get you in the door.
  • Promotional goods, yard signs, and clothing can all be ordered through an online store.
  • Co-op marketing funding might help you boost your sales even more.

Call Brinks to become a partner at 800.595.2059 or click here if you want to join their authorized dealer program.

3. Alarm Sub Dealer Program:

Bosch Certified Security Dealer Program:

This program is made up of the most dedicated security dealers who benefit from and support the Bosch quality and service standards. Bosch builds long-term relationships based on mutual respect, loyalty, and financial gain. BCSDs have a competitive advantage in the marketplace due to product exclusivity and special pricing.


  • Special price and product exclusivity
  • Within 90 days of purchase, there are no restocking fees.
  • Bosch product technology updates are announced in advance.
  • Co-op, tailored literature, and other business-building support initiatives are available.
  • Member website with dealer locator

By joining the (BCSD) Bosch Program, you can provide superior products to your consumers, take advantage of Bosch’s training and service, and see the positive impact the program can have on your cash flow.

Fairport, N.Y. (800)289-0096 –

4. Central Security Group Inc Dealer Program:

In exchange for the best clients installed by any dealer program, they provide rapid, accurate, and dependable service to their dealers.

  • For eligible clients, 34x cash upfront is a very competitive offer.
  • 3 payments in a short guarantee period
  • Everything is taken care of by your personal dealer coordinator.
  • This is a non-exclusive program, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Package reductions and equipment selection

Tulsa, Okla. (877) 572-2009

5. Guardian Protection Products & Authorized Dealer Program:

This is one of the industry’s longest-running Dealer programs.
When you work with Guardian Protection, you can count on them to provide you with the resources and support you need to achieve your objectives.

What They Provide:

1. Strong multiples, aggressive sales incentives, and revenue sharing opportunities are all part of competitive compensation programs.

2. Owning your own accounts and accumulating wealth are also alternatives that are financed directly through Guardian.

3. Traditional, selling-only, and bulk-buy choices are among the several go-to-market techniques available.

  • Sales training
  • Set up training
  • Yard signs, stickers, door hangers, postcards, and even custom designs are examples of marketing collateral.
  • Easy-to-use software that streamlines the sales process

To Apply for the Authorizing Guardian Protection Click here:

6. Practicesuite Authorized Dealer Program:

PracticeSuite is a cloud-based practice management and electronic health record software solution that supports front-office productivity, revenue collection, and regulatory compliance, as well as claim errors and denials.

Practicesuite reviews – Authorized Dealer Program:

  • To generate long-term revenue, promote best-in-class technology.
  • Your clients can trust and rely on Best in Class Support.
  • Take business away from every other software company.


  • Makes scheduling easy
  • User friendly
  • It works across many devices
  • Easy to navigate
  • Saves my device storage


  • Connection issues
  • Technical issues
  • Performance is slow

Apply to Become an Authorized Dealer Click here:

7. Security Info Watch Authorized Dealer Programs:, the Authorized Dealer Programs category contains news, program listings, and other information for security installation companies interested in participating in manufacturer or service provider-sponsored Dealer Programs.

8. The Vector Security Authorized Dealer Program:

Vector Security Authorized Dealer Program

This initiative allows independent alarm firms to sell our services together by sharing our unique corporate history, strong brand presence, and great financial stability.

You’ll get specialized technical and marketing support as an Authorized Dealer. You’ll also benefit from one of the most profitable and quick-funding compensation programs available.

Authorized Dealers who are ready to supply intelligent home security and automation solutions maintain an active relationship with Vector Security.

Please contact them at if you are interested in becoming an Authorized Dealer.

9. Simpson Authorized Dealer Program?

Retailers and their customers can make use of Simpson’s broad marketing capabilities through the Simpson Authorized Dealer program. If a retailer passes the Authorized Dealer program’s qualifications (see below), they are entitled to leads generated by Simpson marketing in their marketing region.

Each dealer can select between two degrees of Authorized Dealership. They are as follows:

Level 1: Professional prospects such as builders, remodelers, architects, and designers provide leads to dealers.

Level 2: In addition to professional prospects, dealers receive leads from consumers.

You will receive information about Simpson’s special deals, goods, and services if you join up as a Simpson Authorized Dealer.


To become a Simpson Authorized Dealer, you must meet four criteria. Completing these prerequisites in full will go a long way toward ensuring Simpson’s sales success.



Authorized dealer

What is the difference between a retailer and an Authorized dealer?

Authorized dealer vs Retailer: A dealer is a person who acts as a link between producers and retailers (or buyers and sellers), while a retailer is a retail sales company or salesman.

What is the Importance of an Authorized dealer certificate?

A dealership certificate is an important document that gives third-party entities exclusive rights to use the company’s intellectual property and logo to sell the company’s products and services.

The certificate includes the franchisor’s name and contact information, the franchisee’s name and contact information, an authorized signatory, and the date of enforcement.

Is an Alarm Sub Dealer Program Worth It?

An alarm dealer program that pays $1600 in advance Even if you give out free equipment, you’ll make between $1200 and $1400 for each account. That’s about the same as accumulating 5+ years of profit on a personal account.

A typical customer will stay with you for about 7 years. Are a few hundred dollars in extra earnings over the course of seven years really worth it?

What to Choose A Security Authorized Dealer Program or Home Security Affiliate?

That depends, A dealer intends to profit from the spread between the bid and ask prices while simultaneously increasing market liquidity while the affiliate just looks for a product they like, promotes it, and earns money.

Below are some best home security programs, where you can join and earn money.

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