Make Money with (8) Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Let’s say you want to start collaborating with Amazon and you already have a website. Finding the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin is the first step, which can be difficult given the variety of options.

The entire procedure contains a set of stages, including collecting general account information, a store ID, your website address, payment options, creating affiliate links to put on the page, and so forth. You may access Amazon affiliate features after creating an account. You can view your earnings, the frequency of link clicks, and other information.

Table of Contents:

  1. Make Money with the Best Amazon Affiliate
  2. WordPress Plugins:
  3. Free Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins:
  4. Premium Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins:
  5. List of Best Affiliate WordPress Plugins:
  6. FAQ

Make Money with the Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins:

Now that you are familiar with how to join the Amazon affiliate program, you must focus more on your website. Your website’s design enters the picture here. In order for a visitor to obtain the information they require, it should have a contemporary design and be easy to navigate.

Why use the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin?

Looking for the top Amazon affiliate plugins to increase your site’s compatibility with the Amazon Associates program and insert Amazon affiliate links more effectively?

WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates can assist you in taking into account all of these particular guidelines and showing affiliate products in appealing, conversion-friendly layouts like feature boxes or product comparison tables.

You must navigate through situations and rules that are unique, such as the following:

1. Using the Amazon Associates API is required to insert product prices and images. In contrast to other affiliate items, you cannot just type the price in the editor.

2. To optimize your commissions, send customers to their local Amazon store since the company has multiple geographic locations.

Installing the Free Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin in two Steps:

Installing the best free WordPress Amazon affiliate plugin can be done in one of two ways:

  • You can use the administrator panel
  • You can perform it manually.

The first step is quite easy, and it doesn’t take too much time if you find the necessary plugin using the official WP plugin page. You need to navigate to the “Plugins” area of the administrator panel, enter the plugin’s name in the search box, and click “Install.”

How to Manage Your Amazon Affiliate Plugins Links:

You might decide that display boxes, comparison tables, or more text-based affiliate links are the preferable options for your website. You might even create a section on your website titled “Shop” and fill it with affiliate links.

The best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin will greatly enhance your site’s attempts to monetize and skillfully present pertinent products to your users, regardless of where you choose to add links.

16 Paid & Free Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins:

Everyone who prefers WordPress CMS is an Amazon affiliate or just plans to do so will find the compilation interesting. All of the tools on the list below are compatible with the most recent WordPress releases and receive regular system updates.

The list includes only Amazon affiliate plugins that have been reviewed and authorized by Amazon affiliate marketers.

List of Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

  1. EasyAzon
  2. Amazon Shop for Dropshipping & Affiliation
  3. Amazon Link Localization
  4. Post URL in place of Amazon Links in Feed
  5. Amazon Product in a Post Plugin
  6. WP Table Builder
  7. Amazon Link
  8. Amazon Link Engine
  9. Amazon Auto Links
  10. WP Offload S3 Lite
  11. Amazon Affiliate Link Globalizer
  12. Amazon Product Feeder
  13. 2kb Amazon Affiliates Store
  14. Amazon Affiliate Reviews
  15. FS-14 Automatic Amazon Affiliate Plugin
  16. Amazon Post-Purchase

8 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins:

WP Table Builder

1. WP Table Builder:

There are five components included in the WP Table Builder: text, images, lists, buttons, and star ratings. This shows that the tables you made with WP Table Builder may have text, images, a list, a CTA button, and a star rating.

The WP Table Builder plugin provides you with total control over all of the design and customization options for your table. You can add, merge, and split cells using the feature’s powerful cell management capabilities.

The best feature of WP Table Builder is its drag-and-drop interface, which makes it incredibly simple to create gorgeous Amazon product tables.

Pricing: Free but the Pro version starts from $39

  • Comparison Tables
  • Product Boxes
  • Pros and Cons Boxes

2. AAWP:

The best WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates is AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin). For adding and managing Amazon affiliate links across your WordPress website, the plugin offers a one-stop shop. To help you effectively advertise Amazon’s affiliate items, the AAWP plugin provides robust core and advanced capabilities.

You may add hypertext links to your posts, comparison tables, product box links, widget links, and more with the help of the AAWP plugin. The AAWP plugin’s Geotargeting for affiliate links is its finest feature.

Let’s take a glance at some of the main AAWP affiliate plugin features.

Text Links: You can include names of particular products inside your article.

Single & Multiple Product Boxes: You can show one or more beautiful product boxes thanks to the plugin’s shortcodes.

Comparison Tables: You can modify the aesthetics to give it a more inviting and alluring appearance.

Widgets: You have complete customization flexibility with the plugin, so you may modify the content and styles. The prices, discounts, and items are all automatically updated, ensuring that your listing is always current.

Pricing: The annual fee of the $42 single-site license covers plugin upgrades and customer support.

  • Product Boxes
  • Comparison Tables
  • Widgets

3. Ultimate Blocks:

Instead of being a plugin specifically for Amazon affiliates, Ultimate Blocks is a must for bloggers and marketers. It increases the new WordPress Block Editor’s capability to enhance the quality of your content.

It features 18 Gutenberg blocks that can be used to help you improve your blog content for higher conversion rates.

  • Review Box
  • Amazon Button
  • Product Box
  • Star Rating
  • Pros and Cons Box

Pricing: It’s a free plugin.

4. AzonPress:

Your Amazon affiliate website can be managed quite easily with the help of the AzonPress Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, thanks to its user-friendly interface. A two-step installation process is required to set up the plugin, following which you can control all of its features.

  • Comparison Tables
  • Products Showcase
  • CTA Buttons

A major feature of AmazonPress is the way it provides helpful tools for making product comparisons. Both conventional product tables and side-by-side comparison tables can be made.

Pricing: AzonPress Pro has a single website license for $39 and an agency license for up to 20 websites for $79 each.

5. WZone (WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate)

WZone is a dependable Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin for adding affiliate connections to your WooCommerce store if your Amazon affiliate website is supported by WooCommerce. With the help of this plugin, you can quickly choose products from the Amazon marketplace and add them to your WooCommerce store. Using the term you enter, the plugin enables you to automatically add products to your WooCommerce store.

Other beneficial elements include:

  • Amazon product reviews should be displayed.
  • Support variable products.
  • support for a variety of Amazon locations.
  • Product information spins content automatically.
  • Products can be imported and synced without an API key.
  • Show badges for products that are eligible for Amazon Prime shipping on your website.

Pricing: WZone’s entry-level plan is $49 for one site. All of WZone’s premium features are included in this subscription.

  • WooCommerce Store

6. AmaLinks Pro:

Another trustworthy Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin with a similar strategy to the AAWP plugin is AmaLinks Pro. The plugin enables you to add eye-catching product displays and text- and image-based affiliate links to any WordPress posts or pages.

  • Comparison Tables
  • Products Showcase

Also, the AmaLinks Pro effortlessly interacts with Google Analytics, enabling you to keep track of every impression and click on the merchandise you’re promoting. The best feature of AmaLinks Pro is that it includes copy-and-paste showcase shortcodes for comparison tables and product showcases that can be displayed anywhere on your WordPress website.

Pricing: The annual price for a single site license plus the Table Builder Add-on for AmaLinks Pro is $67.

7. EasyAzon:


Both a free and paid version of the Easy Azon Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin is available. The quickest way to establish affiliate links from your WordPress post editor is to use Easy Azon. You can immediately link to any Amazon products by creating text and image affiliate links using the Easy Azon Pro edition.

Moreover, you can track with the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin all of the sales and conversions on your Amazon affiliate website thanks to the Easy Azon plugin’s various affiliate tracking IDs.

  • Affiliate Links

Pricing: A free plugin for The Easy Azon includes a few functions. Pricing for the Easy Azon Pro plugin for unrestricted use on personal websites starts at $47.

8. Amazon Auto Links:

Last but not least, an automated Amazon affiliate plugin is called Amazon Auto Links. Using the Amazon API and this plugin, you can quickly add Amazon products to your affiliate website. You no longer have to look for products and paste them onto your website.

  • Affiliate Links
  • URL: Provide a list of products from outside websites.
  • Product Search: To locate and list products, use the product search.
  • Add a product based on the category you selected.
  • Look up some specific products or items of your choosing.

Pricing: The plugin is completely free to use.

4 Top Premium Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins:

Premium Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

If you don’t require any advanced functionality, the free plugins will function effectively. However, you might manage numerous products across various categories or use various Amazon Associate IDs. Or perhaps you require detailed statistics to aid with your marketing. In these circumstances, it may be preferable to get a premium plugin with plenty of capability and excellent support.

1. Amazon Affiliate For WordPress:

The sidebar widgets, AMP for mobile, HTTPS/SSL, and click tracking are all supported. Additionally, it is developer-friendly and lets you flag Amazon Prime items to boost commissions.

2. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates:

You can look for products by category or keyword using the advanced search and bulk import features. The products in your store will remain up-to-date thanks to the “Synchronization Module.” The products are automatically imported after you set up a keyword.

You must link the plugin to your Amazon account after it has been installed. It works across several time zones and assists you in selecting any assortment of things from any Amazon website. Additionally, you can display availability by country on the product information page.

3. WP Table Builder:

WP Table Builder, first and foremost, features a convenient drag-and-drop method so that everyone can benefit from it. To put it another way, using WP Table Builder eliminates the need for any coding at all.

4. WooZone-Amazon Associates Bundle Pack:

Both a discount finder and a contextual advertising plugin are included. Installing the pack, configuring the plugins, and entering your Amazon Associate ID are all required. You’ll need WordPress, WooCommerce, an Amazon account for Secret Access keys, and an Amazon Affiliate account for this pack to function.

Moreover, by looking at the articles for terms used to search for related Amazon products, it automatically surfaces products that are relevant to your content. Additionally, it works particularly well for postings that are related to products and where the keywords are used contextually.

5 Free Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins:

There are several high-quality plugins for affiliate marketing in general and Amazon affiliates in particular in the WordPress plugin library. Let’s examine some of the more well-known free Amazon affiliate marketing plugins in more detail.

1. EasyAzon:

This setting can be made either globally or just for specific links. The plugin supports all websites where Amazon has an associate affiliate program, saving you time and money.

Additionally, it enables customers to add items to their cart, boosting your chances of earning a commission. If you have international consumers, you’ll probably notice an increase in revenue right away after installing this plugin.

2. Amazon Product In A Post Plugin:

By adding the Amazon Product ASIN, this plugin enables you to instantly add as many Amazon products as you’d like. Using shortcodes, you may add them to any post or page, old or new, as well as custom post kinds. You can add as many items as you like to the content of an existing post or page using shortcodes. Any reviews or descriptions you choose to include can appear next to the products.

You need an Amazon Affiliate Account and Amazon Product Advertising API credentials to use the Plugin. After installing the plugin, go to the settings page and input the API keys along with the Amazon Associate ID. You can include your buttons by using the shortcode for Amazon components.

3. AmazonSimpleAdmin:

For incorporating Amazon products into your WordPress pages, use this Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin. Using the multiple templates in the plugin, you can showcase your product in a variety of ways. You must provide your Amazon Associate ID to track commissions, and it uses the Amazon Product Advertising API to obtain product data. Additionally, you can create your own template. It supports Amazon storefronts in numerous nations, and the backend is multilingual.

Price: Free. The Pro version starts at $59.

This Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin helps you identify your target categories and add the links automatically. Blacklisting undesirable products by description, title, and ASIN allows it to filter out those items. You won’t need to manually search for products and paste affiliate links once you’ve chosen the categories you wish to be displayed.

In addition to enabling the export of advertising to external sites via feeds and providing a product-specific search, the plugin lets you personalize the display and add custom buttons. It also functions in browsers without Java support.

A multifunctional WordPress plugin called Easy Affiliate Links may be used to manage and keep affiliate links on your website. For Amazon items as well. With the program, you can monitor all clicks and manage both plain-text and cloaked affiliate links. Easy Affiliate Links takes care of the tracking for you automatically. Additionally, the plugin offers full support for both the traditional and Gutenberg editors.

Your links can be accessed in visual and HTML editors for additional modification. You can also give your links categories and import affiliate links from XML or CSV.

If your main goal is to enhance sales by referring your foreign audience to their local storefront, this Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin is completely free.

Although using the plugin does not require an account with them, you will need one to receive foreign commissions. This account ensures that each click is taken to the finest available Amazon location. You may receive thorough reports on clicks and commissions through the account as well. These reports enable you to monitor how each link performs across several criteria, including browser, device, referrer, and geographic location.

Amazon Link Engine has an advantage because it uses an algorithm to direct consumers to the best location. You can brand the links with your unique domain by creating an account.

Bonus – List of Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins:

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin Free

A WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates must manage redirections, increase conversions, produce engaging affiliate ads, and do a variety of other tasks. Below there are some more affiliate WordPress plugins as a bonus that might help you:

1. AffiliateX:

AffiliateX was developed to help affiliate marketers quickly build high-CTR affiliate blogs and significantly boost their affiliate income. Whether you are a seasoned affiliate marketer or are just starting out, AffiliateX will assist you in growing your company.

One of the best free Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins is Auto Amazon Links. Many of its features can be accessed without paying anything. For bloggers who wish to automatically display Amazon affiliate adverts or add affiliate links to their posts, this plugin is an excellent option.

The links have your Amazon Associates ID on them. Every Amazon locale is supported, and it functions in browsers that don’t support JavaScript. To display units automatically where the links should appear, put the advertisements as widgets, place shortcodes, or utilize auto-insert.

3. Affiliate Booster:

Don’t be misled by the name Affiliate Booster; any blogger can use this plugin to enhance their posts with stunning designs to increase CTR. This plugin can improve the appearance of any products you are promoting on your blog.

4. AAPro:

For people who manage e-commerce websites, AAPro is an excellent option for an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin. You may fully customize your affiliate advertising to properly match the look and feel of your website. In addition, this plugin provides insights to assist you in developing more effective business growth plans.

5. ThirstyAffiliates:

ThirstyAffiliates is a reliable all-purpose plugin to add affiliate links to your website with sufficient support features to maintain and increase your affiliate revenue on its own. It enables you to keep track of your current links, sanitize and cloak your affiliate links, localize the links for the visitors, and also keep extensive records to assist you in creating more effective conversion tactics. Therefore, for those seeking a comprehensive solution, it is a plugin that is entirely competent on its own.

For WordPress newbies who wish to begin affiliate marketing, Pretty Links is a wonderful option. If you’re planning to add a variety of products as affiliate links, some of the specialized options, like making nofollow links, can also be helpful.

7. AdSanity:

With AdSanity, several advertisements may be generated and rotated while still keeping a quick page load. The optimized plugin, widgets, and template tags give you alternatives on how you’ll exhibit your advertisements on your website. Also, it is integrated with AdSanity. If you want to increase traffic and interaction on your website, consider AdSanity as an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin.

  • HTML 5 is ready
  • Excellent support ticket system
  • It displays data on the effectiveness of your daily advertisements.


  • Just the basics: $49 per year
  • All in one: $149 per year
  • All in One for Life: $489 one-time payment


WooCommerce and WordPress eCommerce themes are excellent tools for creating an online store. Also, a well-liked method of making money through your website is affiliate marketing. By promoting your own or third-party products on your online store, you can generate income.

Sign up for an affiliate program and pick product categories you are comfortable marketing to your audience to put this strategy into action. And then use these WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates to streamline operations and get the cash registers ringing.

A Quick on Pricing for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins:

1. AAWP:

  • €49/year (~$60/year, 1 site)
  • €129/year (~$155/year, 3 sites)
  • €249/year (~$300/year, 10 sites)
  • €399 /year (~$480/year, 10 sites)

2. ThirstyAffiliates:

  • Free
  • $49/year (1 site)
  • $99 (5 sites)
  • $149 (10 sites)
  • Free
  • $49/site
  • $405/site

4. Easy Affiliate Links:

  • Free
  • $29 (1 site)
  • $119 (20 sites)

5. AzonPress:

  • $39/year (Single Site)
  • $79/year (Agency)
  • $159/year (Unlimited)

6. Pretty Links:

  • Free
  • $49/year (Beginner)
  • $99/year (Marketer)
  • $149/year (Super Affiliate)

7. Auto Amazon Links:

  • Free

8. AffiliateX:

  • Free
  • $49/year (1 site)
  • $99 (5 sites)
  • $149 (25 sites)
  • $199 (100 sites)



How Do You Know Which Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin Is Best For You?

AAWP: You will receive top-notch service from AAWP, an Amazon affiliate plugin with a wealth of features. Along with sufficient configuration choices for your affiliate link placements, this plugin also offers geolocation, local caching, and simple translation.

WZone is a specialist Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin with two thorough and efficient procedures for both conventional websites and drop shippers. This plugin may populate your dropshipping website quickly and easily by automatically generating an Amazon product carousel based on specific search phrases or categories.

EasyAzon has top-notch features like the Best Sellers function, promotional badges, geotargeting, and more that can help you enhance your conversions.

How can I get more viewers for my Amazon affiliate ads?

Use plugins like AAWP if you want to make attractive affiliate links to increase click-throughs. There are many customization options available with this plugin to alter the appearance and feel of your affiliate adverts. It has a tonne of pre-built templates, including tables, affiliate boxes, and other design elements.

How do You manage broken links on Your website?

You require an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin with dedicated redirection features, such as Pretty Links. Check out this article on the top WordPress redirect plugins if you’re looking for a specific tool to handle redirections.
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